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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 11th June 2012, held in the Glebe Field Centre.


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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Bateman, Bown, Broom, Clark, Harwood, Slaney, Thorpe and Wells. Cty. Cllr. Jackson, AVBC Cllr. Gee and 11 members of the public. Clerk in attendancee.

Nick Willder of Futures Homescapes informed the meeting that a planning application for affordable homes at the rear of The Glebe will be made later in the year. Resolved: Parish Council will consider the application in the usual way when it is submitted. The applicant will file details on the CACN website and there will be a blog to facilitate comments residents may wish to make. Mr. Willder confirmed that the Parish Council will be involved in drawing up the “Local Lettings Policy”. The plans will be available for inspection during office hours.


Part 1 Non � confidential items

12/795 Apologies:

� Cllrs. Brierton, Baugh and Steppings

12/796 Declarations of Interest


12/797 Police matters

(Contact is:� )
The police were not represented at the meeting

12/798 Matters raised by members of the public

In response to matters raised by members of the public it was Resolved that:

Cllr Wells would continue to pursue DCC regarding the surface and drainage on Hollins Lane
Clerk would seek clarification from Plantscape regarding delivery of the free-standing planters for the Market Place and Fritchley Green
Clerk would ask DCC to cut the roadside verges on Dimple Lane

12/799 Reports from County and Borough Councillors

�Cty. Cllr. Jackson confirmed that he is pursuing the problems related to invasive plants and the continuing delay in improving the pavement surfaces around the Market Place.

Progress is being made with the “Jubilee View” project.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe presented a short report

AVBC Cllr Gee expressed his concern that the public toilets on the Market Place will be closed by the end of September.

Resolved: Cllr. Gee to ask AVBC to provide a breakdown of real running costs to enable the Parish Council to evaluate the feasibility of keeping the toilets open.

12/800 Minutes of the Meeting of 14th May 2012

Minutes of the meeting of 14th May were confirmed and signed by Chair

12/801 Matters arising

Standing Orders � Chair has already studied and revised these on behalf of the Council. Cllrs Bown and Thorpe agreed to work with Chair to provide a final version for ratification by full council
“Neighbourhood Planning” � Resolved: Cllr. Broom to arrange� a meeting with Guy Martin possibly on July 2nd.
�Localism training event on 23rd July at Trowell as per DALC circular 25/2012 Resolved: Cllrs. Broom and Wells to attend.)
Beacon lighting for the Jubilee. This was a very popular event attended by about 1300 people. Thanks were recorded to Cllr Brierton, Cty Cllr Jackson and AVBC Cllr. Gee for their help in preparing the beacon. Resolved: Letters of thanks be sent to Mrs. J. Sayles and the monument warden and his wife for their help on the night.

12/802 Clerk's Report

Parish Budget � the Finance committee met before the Council meeting and agreed a budget. Clerk will publish details.
Savings account dedicated to the proposed development of the Burial Ground. Resolved: a Business Term Deposit Account at Yorkshire Bank to be set up. ��5,000 will be deposited initially.
Improving the play equipment at the Recreation Ground � it was agreed that the equipment was getting a little “tired” Resolved: to await the outcome of the impending safety report and to continue to seek financial support from Severn Trent in relation to the Ambergate Reservoir project.
Future of the Youth Club. Sadly, the leader (Lyn Godfrey) who is pivotal to the organisation is unable to continue in her role after the end of the summer Term. Resolved: the Parish Council to help in the process of trying to recruit a replacement.
Loyalty Scheme for Crich traders � while deemed to be a laudable scheme it was felt that it was not appropriate for the Parish Council to be involved.


12/803 Planning Decisions

The following applications were all permitted:
AVA/2012/0252 9, Church St. Fritchley � dormer windows
AVA/2012/0312 7, Tors Spring time extension on previously approved application AVA/2009/0118
AVA/2012/0319 Eden Bank Farm Cottage, Middle Lane, Whatstandwell � rear dormer and replacement garage
AVA/2012/0234 The Old Engine Shed, Dimple Lane, Crich � railway storage shed

12/804 Planning Applications

AVA/2012/0497 Victoria House, Market Place � conversion of offices into 5 studio apartments - Objection on the grounds that no parking is provided so that the proposed development would exacerbate the existing Market Place congestion problems.
AVA/2012/0387 Crich Baptist Church - Listed building consent to alter roof guttering � No objection
AVA/2012/0469 29, Hodder Close 2 storey extension � No objection
AVA/2012/0527 � Damson Trees, Shaw Hill ’s, Whatstandwell - Objection on the grounds that the accommodation has increased and the parking decreased


12/805 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 9th May 2012������������ 41,538.71 ����������������������������������


C H Ludlam (clerks salary)��497.89� chq 829�����������������������������������������������������
Glebe Field Trust���628.43� chq� 830
Grass Track�� 407.16� chq� 831
C. Ludlam (expenses)���19.99�� chq 832
L. Spencer���� 254.58�� chq� 833
Glebe Field Trust YC rent��� 49.16 chq�� 834
BT Internet����24.70�� chq�835
BT Phone �9.98� chq 836

Plantscape��1860.00� chq 837���


12/806 Information

Winter service scheme questionnaire received from DCC. Resolved: Winter Service Group to complete and return the questionnaire.

12/807 Communications from Parishioners

Enquiry regarding the storage of wrecked vehicles at the Fire Station � this matter should be referred to Derbyshire Fire and rescue HQ.
Enquiry regarding the Parish Council plans for the Jubilee celebration.
Email regarding beacon lighting ceremony � Chair to reply
Information from DALC ref. training opportunities � please see Clerk if Members wish to attend.
Draft New Standard Regime � Code of Conduct for Parish Councils. � referred to July meeting
Request to erect signs on Parish land from Butterley Gang road project � Archaeological society to be informed the Parish Council owns the land on behalf of the community and will make a decision based on maintaining the best interests of that community.

Part 2 Confidential items



NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday14 July 2012

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928