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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 4 July 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Cooke, Goodhead, Harwood, Smith, Tromans, and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and 6 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Harris, Salt, and Thorpe.

05/89 Matters raised by the public
(a) Briars Youth Centre planning application (see Planning below)
(b) Amber Hill/New Road emergency vehicle access difficulty (Clerk to ask for site meeting)
(c) Provision of changing rooms at Recreation Ground (see below)
(d) Representations on planning enforcement at Woodhay Baulk Barn (Clerk had already written to AVBC in support of enforcement)
(e) Children playing ball on the Market Place (Cllr Bendon to talk to children)
(f) AVBC new refuse collection procedures
(g) Missing FP 73 sign at The Common (to be done by DCC shortly)
(h) Thanks for new grit bin Carr Lane

05/90 Minutes of the meeting of 6 June 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair.

05/91 Declaration of interest
Cllr Smith declared an interest in Planning item AVA/2005/0636. The new Planning Committee had however already replied to AVBC with �No objection� so the item was not further discussed.

05/92 Police matters
No PC attended. Clerk said that the mobile Police van was to come to Crich once a month for an indefinite period instead of once a fortnight. Cllr Tromans described a gun incident in Wheatcroft where armed police were called in and firearms taken away.
RESOLVED: Clerk to write to the Police about this incident.

05/93 Environment Agency
Mr Colin Hardman from the Environment Agency spoke on Hilts Quarry sampling procedures and answered questions (public participation was allowed by the Chair).

Clerk�s report
05/94 Burial ground access purchase Clerk said this was close to completion provided the vendor�s map was made clearer. He requested the Council�s authority for the Chair and himself to sign documents on behalf of the Council, and if necessary that cheques for professional fees be signed by three signatories before the next Council meeting.
RESOLVED: Chair and Clerk to be purchase document signatories.
RESOLVED: necessary cheques for fees could be signed by three cheque signatories outside of Council meetings.
05/95 Chadwick Nick Lane DCC had cut verges here on 24 June after a request from Cllr Thorpe.
05/96 Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Clerk reported on a meeting in Belper on 22 June. There would be various publicity activities in the autumn some of which could involve local schoolchildren.
05/97 Recreation ground: Portakabin for sports changing room Crich Rangers FC had asked for a Portakabin changing room on the Recreation ground. Clerk asked AVBC who said this would need planning permission and would probably only be granted for a temporary period.
RESOLVED: Clerk to ask Crich Rangers to draw up plans for consideration.
05/98 Recreation ground: cycle barrier request Clerk had been asked by two residents for a cycle barrier to prevent cyclists coming off the recreation area at speed into the footpath leading off the Market Place.
RESOLVED: Clerk to find out costs of erection of a simple two piece metal barrier.
05/99 Zurich Municipal: playground injury April 2004 After a site inspection Zurich Municipal was satisfied that Crich Parish Council was not liable in this matter.

05/100 Woodside Farm
Chair had prepared documents for sending to Counsel.

05/101 Standing Orders
Clerk proposed one further amendment to make reference to the new Planning Committee.
RESOLVED: to adopt the Standing Orders with this amendment.

05/102 Burial Ground Committee report
The Council considered the Committee�s report.
RESOLVED: to approve the purchase of tools for the new caretaker.
RESOLVED: to ask suitable contractors to quote for widening the footpath to 3 metres (10 feet) to carry vehicles.

05/103 Finance Committee report
The Council considered the Committee�s report.
RSEOLVED: to adopt Financial Regulations drafted by the Clerk and amended by the Committee.
RESOLVED: to increase rent for land at Parish Quarry to �20 p.a. and for field adjoining burial ground to �12 p.a.

05/104 Transport Committee report
The Council considered the Committee�s report. The Council noted that letters had been sent to AVBC on the Local Plan multi-user route (including Dimple Lane); to DCC on flooding in Wheatsheaf Lane; to BT on repainting payphones in Crich and Whatstandwell; and to Aggregate Industries on Milltown Quarry, Ashover.
RESOLVED: Committee to arrange a joint transport meeting with South Wingfield PC.
RESOLVED: to approve the transport questionnaire prepared by Cllrs Cooke and Bendon.

05/105 Lighting
Clerk met Chris Green of DCC on 30 June to look at three areas: footpath at top of New Road, junction of FP 73 with The Common, and Chatsworth Avenue. Mr Green also said that the Allen Lane programme had been for up to four new lamps and only one had so far been installed. Clerk agreed to drop the FP 73 proposal. Mr Green said he would send costings for New Road (two lights) and Chatsworth Avenue (up to three lights), and resubmit his plans for Allen Lane. Clerk added that the light by the footbridge over the line at Whatstandwell Station was working.

05/106 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson spoke on: division of 2 The Common (AVA/2005/0574); quarry plans; raised pavements at bus stops; and replacement of bus shelters. Chair gave a summary of a letter from Cllr Thorpe on her Borough activities.

05/107 Planning: clarification of Committee powers
The new Committee had already replied to AVBC on several applications and sought clarification that this was the intention of the Council (Minute 05/65).
RESOLVED: that the Planning Committee should only reply to AVBC if all members were in agreement.
RESOLVED: that Cllr Smith be appointed a reserve member of the Committee in case of absence of a member.

05/108 Planning decisions
(DCC) CD6/0205/189 Crich Junior School: palisade fencing (to be repainted dark green). Granted

05/109 Planning applications
(DCC) CW6/1104/158 Severn Trent Water: rural sewage treatment works. Dimple Lane. Withdrawn
AVA/2005/0610 Coddington Farm (Maycock): 2 storey extension. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0614 6 Amber View Road, Fritchley (Gibson): 2 velux windows (retrospective). �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0629 2 Amber Hill, Crich (Pearse): loft conversion + new gable window. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0630 1 Bowns Hill, Crich (Briggs): new garage + replace conservatory with timber entrance porch + renew existing porch. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0636 2 Hill Crest, Crich (Cheevers + Reynolds): 2 storey extension + garden room. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0637 80 The Common, Crich (Bridger): kitchen/conservatory ext + access + drive. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0651 The Briars Youth Centre, Crich: improved vehicular access + parking. �The Council objects to this proposal on grounds of (a) increased traffic and (b) increased noise. It also appears to be part of a scheme of enlargement of the Youth Centre which the Council would also oppose.�
AVA/2005/0678 Colliery House, Pit Lane (Gratton): change of use of barn to dwelling. �The Council has no objections as long as it is just for the originally proposed extension on the ground floor only.�
AVA/2005/0698 Ann Croft, Plaistow (Williamson): erection of farmhouse. �The Council has no objection on planning grounds. We did however object to 2005/0061 which was the outline permission.�

05/110 Licensing applications
Rock and Blues Custom Show 28�30 July, Pentrich: lap dancing. �The Council objects to this application as contrary to AVBC�s draft lap dancing policy which has a presumption of refusal of permission outside town centres.�
Derwent Hotel 17 July and 20 August: brass band concert. �No objection.�



05/111 Balances 10 June Current �34017.66; Jubilee �944.59; Charity �112.52
05/112 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (31.5) �53.85
05/113 F Sayles re: rent of land (7.6) �6.00
05/114 A Smith re: garage ground rent (15.6) �52.00
05/115 Archway Funeral Service re: interment (15.6) �24.00
05/116 T Daniel re: rent of land (30.6) �10.00
05/117 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary June �529.55 + �114.94 exp. less tax/NIC 934 �571.19
05/118 M Macarthur re: BG caretaking June 935 �86.67
05/119 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: refreshments 13 Jan �18 + June contribution 936 �458.00
05/120 Derwent Waste Management re: BG skip 937 �70.50
05/121 BT re: office phone 938 �104.69
05/122 Post Office Ltd re: Inland Revenue PAYE/NIC April�June 939 �118.11
05/123 M D A Coultas re: BG advert expenses 940 �122.01

05/124 Correspondence from other authorities

05/125 Cllr Brierton was considering a request from Crich Tramway Museum to light the beacon on VJ Day (15 August).
05/126 Cllr Bendon said that Rolls Royce sample results should go to the Clerk as well as the Chair.
05/127 Chair reported on her attendance at the Annual Pilgrimage to the Sherwood Foresters memorial on 3 July.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.40 pm.