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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday 9 July 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair) Cllrs Brierton, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Smith, Steppings and Thorpe. Clerk in attendance,
Cty Cllr Jackson and 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Clark and Tromans. AVBC Cllr. Taylor

07/087 Police matters
The police were not represented . Clerk reported that Insp. Brown had asked that any police related problems be referred to him in the first instance
. 07/088 Matters raised by members of the public
Mr. Goodhead asked that the trees on Bown�s Hill which overhang the pavement be cut back. This is in the conservation area and permission will be needed.
07/089 Minutes of the meeting of 14. June 2007
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair.
07/090 Matters arising from the Minutes
Chair had studied the Code of Conduct for local councils and proposed that it should be adopted at the next meeting.
It was resolved that Mrs. Nellie Birkin of South Wingfield be co-opted onto the Parish Council.
Finance Committee have studied the Glebe Field Centre profit and loss account.
JC Balls have been asked to make minor repairs to the BurialGround drive.
The proposed safety fencing behind the goal on the Recreation Ground will need planning permission. Cllr. Thorpe offered to help the Clerk with this.
Chair has received a reply to her letter to AVBC regarding the enforcement order on Coddington Top Farm
DCC have agreed to put white lines across the junctions of Tors Spring Rd. and The Briars drive where they meet The Common.
Crich Quarry footpath is now officially open.
Quotations are being sought from DCC with a view to placing a new light on New Road.
It was agreed that the heavy, brown wooden tables owned by the Parish Council and referred to at the last meeting can be sold. Any monies raised should come to the Parish Council.
Councillor Peter Clark has agreed to join the Finance Committee. A vacancy exists as representative on the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee.

07/091 Declarations of Interest

07/092 Audit
Accounts for 2006/7, having been approved by the internal auditor, were signed by Chair in preparation for sending them to the Audit Commission.

07/093 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr. Jackson reported that:-
His worst fears regarding Lindbrook Farm on Lindway Lane were realised during the recent, heavy rains when the property was flooded. The occupant, an elderly lady, had to move out. This is the result of DCC Environmental Services failing to deal with the broken drains and cracked culverts in the adjacent road. Cty. Cllr. Jackson provided photographic evidence.

He had addressed a full meeting of DCC regarding the state of rural roads and the lack of programmed maintenance and a pro-active approach to repairs. He presented a large amount of evidence to illustrate the fact that rural roads are seriously neglected and that there is no immediate prospect of an improvement in the situation, quoting a 20-25 year backlog of work. DCC�s explanation was �lack of money�.
He is investigating complaints of lorry movements at restricted times, of parking problems on New Road and Amber Hill and the on-going Fritchley parking problem.
The two new bus shelters for The Common are definitely coming. He expressed concern over the presence of young people on the Market Place who appear to him to have been abusing substances.
The trees overhanging the road at Garner Lane have been reported.
He is pursuing the installation of hand rails at West Bank.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe reported that:
The new Waste Re-cycling Management Team is looking the possibility of re-cycling garden waste and plastics. She also reported that the re-cycling team are working effectively and that mown areas in the Parish are looking well maintained.

07/094Clerk�s report
Chadwick Nick Lane will be closed from 9th � 13th July for a distance of 300 metres from its junction with Sandy Lane for water main maintenance.
Licence to use land at Crich Fritchley Primary School as a playing field will cost �120 per annum from January 2008.
There will be an hourly service on the Derwent Valley Line from December 2008. Next meeting of the FDVL Committee will take place on Tuesday, 10th July, 2007.
Bus shelters, which are 50 per cent enclosed, must have No Smoking signs. These are provided free of charge by DCC to be put in place by the Parish Council. As a matter of information, none of the bus shelters in the Parish actually belongs to the Parish Council.
Alfreton Police Consultative Group Meeting will take place on 5th September, 2007, not 4th July.
Electrical equipment in the Clerk�s office will be PATS tested at a small cost when the rest of the equipment in the Glebe Centre is tested.
The Parish Council declined the opportunity to vote in elections to AVBC�s Standards Committee and the Executive Committee of DALC as none of the candidates was known to councillors.
The Burial Ground caretaker can arrange to fill in sunken graves as identified by relatives.
Chair agreed to attend a meeting of Crich Medical Practice Patient Participation Group on Wednesday, 18th July, 2007.

07/095 Planning decisions
14.05.07 2007/0576 2, Mansion Cottages Market Place Crich (Parkin and Collis) replace existing single storey ext with 2 storey extension Refused
20.04.07 2007/ 0488 Leashaw Farm Robin Hood Whatstandwell (Slaney) Provision of 4 stables. Re- introduction of livery as further diversification of farm business Granted
12.04.07 2007/0443 The Willows Glen Rd. Whatstandwell (Wild) Replacement of flat roofed dormer by pitched roofs Granted
30.03.07 2007/0377 16 Chapel Lane Crich ( Ottewell ) ext to existing bungalow ( resubmission) Refused
08.03.07. 2007/0285 Land at Sandy Lane (Markeaton Construction) Proposed new dwelling (re-submission) Granted
25.04.07 2007/0512 Plaistow House Farm (Hartshorne) change of use to agricultural/engineering repairs Refused
22.05.07 2007/0639 10, Dale Close Fritchley (Greenhough) amendments to previously approved (AVA/2006/1030) utility, hall, conservatory and bedroom ext. replace existing garage with new. Granted
23.05.07 2007/0653 15, Coast Hill Crich (Bowmer) Hall ext. to front and French doors to rear Granted

07/096 Planning applications
Carried over from last meeting AVA 2007/0680 (Bailey) Coddington Top Farm. Objection on grounds of the difficult access, the problem being exacerbated by increased lorry traffic associated with the horse business. Also the proposed modifications seem to be insignificant.
12.06.07 2007/0739 The Cottages Sun Lane Crich (Harrison) Form new driveway through existing garage widening of existing ,front doors and creation of new rear opening. No objection, but access could be difficult. However this is not insurmountable.
12.06.07 2007/0741 102 The Common Crich (Butler) Ext to dwelling. Removal of existing garage and shed and constr. of new det. garage and store. No objection but it does in fact adjoin a public highway
13.06.2007/0757 Crossways Coddington Lane W�standwell (Jackson) demolish existing and rebuild 3 storey det. dwelling No objection provided height is deemed appropriate and natural stone is used. This is a narrow lane and provision should be made for parking of builder�s vehicles.
20.06.07 2007/0770 7, Cromford Rd. Crich (Lucas) Change of use from highway land to Residential curtilage. Demolition of wall and erection of new wall to enclose new curtilage. No objection but Grit Bin will need re-siting appropriately
18.06.07 2007/0134 Braystones Front St Fritchley (Clarke and others) Complaint re. height of trees. PC satisfied that AVBC tree officer is looking at this case very carefully.
19.06.07 2007/0149 Wylam Cott. School Lane Crich (Emery) various tree works. No objections
20.06.07 2007/0787 Sunnyside Briars Lane Crich (Crowfoot and Armstrong) Single storey ext to Bungalow (previously approved under AVA 2005/0511) and internal alterations to change use of single bungalow into 2 dwellings No objections.
21.06 07 2007/0793 24 New Rd Crich (Stephen) loft conv. and alterations. Objection � privacy issues and visual impact on neighbours skyline view
22.06 07 2007/0803 10 Dale Close Fritchley (Greenhough) Raised and flattened area of rear garden to replace neglected rockery. No objections
CD6/0607/65 Internal Alterations, installation of mezzanine floor, roof lights and windows to provide more teaching space Crich Carr CE Primary School No objections

There was a long discussion about the issue of enforcement of Planning Controls. This is a matter for the Borough Council not the Parish Council. However the Parish Council did state that it fully supported the rights of parishioners to be protected by Planning Regulations and indeed, by the law. The Parish Council records it�s concern that there have been allegations of threats of violence in connection with one Planning Application.

07/097 Accounts
Balances 9th July Current �27,868.87; Jubilee � 945.72 Charity �121.85
Archway FS (Thorneycroft) �120.00
Beresford Memorials (Newman) �40.00
Archway FS (Linbourn and Smith) �200.00
Expenditure June 2007
CH Ludlam re: Clerk�s salary June �413.59 chq. No.144 �413.59
CH Ludlam expenses June 2007 chq. No. 145 �29.77
M Macarthur re: BG/PG caretaking June + 6hrs o/t
(flower bed and path clearing) chq. No.146 �147.02
Crich Glebe Field Trust re: June contribution chq. No. 147 �525.00
BT phone June 6 2007 chq. No. 148 �89.73
Inland Rev. and N. Ins. (first quarter) chq. No. 149 �256. 92
Belper book-keeping Agency (payroll) chq. No. 150 �86.00
Derwent Waste (skips) chq. No. 151 �82.25
Chair�s Allowance chq, No. 152 �120.00

07/098 Circulars and publications
What�s on in Amber Valley July 2007
Amber Valley Arts Newsletter Summer 2007
Belper Food Festival Sunday 15 July

07/099 Information
Cllr. Smith reported that she had attended the funeral of drummer Tommy Wright who had died on active service. She wondered if there was any county-wide protocol regarding the lowering of flags on such sad occasions.
Chair reported that she had attended the annual pilgrimage to Crich Stand War Memorial on 1st July, 2007. Cllr. Smith thanked Chair for attending and took the opportunity of commenting on the lack of care for injured soldiers.
Chair reported the presence of a good deal of ragwort, especially at Town End and around the Scout Hut. (AVBC do spray weeds in these areas but there is no specific ragwort control programme).
Chair asked that the grit bin on Church Street, Fritchley, be moved further up the hill where it would be more use.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.50 pm.

CLIVE LUDLAM, Clerk, 14th July 2007

The Glebe Centre, Crich 01773 853928