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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 7th July 2008, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-chair), Bateman, Birkin, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Tromans and 6 members of the public.

Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: Cllr. Thorpe, AVBC Cllr. Taylor and Cty. Cllr. Jackson

08/228 Matters raised by members of the public

Allotment holders are concerned about the delay in paying their rents and signing the Code of Conduct. Clerk explained that he was reluctant to take any action until Council has signed the legal documents. He assured tenants that they have no cause for concern.

In an answer to Mrs. Hartshorne , Chair explained that when the police are present any remarks to them should properly be put through the Chair

08/229 Police matter

PC Walker and PCSO Slater unable to attend � (off duty at time of meeting).

Residents of properties adjacent to the RG complain of young people gathering there in the evening, they are drinking alcoholic drinks and leaving litter including broken glass. This is also occurring at the Jubilee ground. Both incidents will be reported to the Police by the Clerk.

08/230 Local Authority Councillors Cty Cllr Jackson reported in writing that:

He has reported the excavations of the verge at Rose Cottage, Potters Hill to DCC Highways as stability of the bank may be compromised.

Damage to roadside railings at Potters Hill/Shuckstone Lane has been repaired

Repairs to the drains on the Market Place should prevent flooding. Ownership is a confusing matter involving DCC, AVBC and STW who now seem to have the major responsibility for the complex of drains, which cross the site.

The effluent problem on Potters Lane seems to have been solved as the result of remedial action by the property owner.

An appeal to the Planning Inspectorate re. trees at Braystones, Fritchley has failed so that the trees may remain as they are.

DCC Highway have inspected the surface of Wheatsheaf Lane, it will be submitted for the Reconstruction and Re-surfacing Scheme 2009/10 subject to priority and funding.

He has again complained to DCC Highways re.drainage in School Lane. All- Roads have been instructed to take remedial action.

He will continue to monitor the situation Culland Farm at the junction of Garner Lane and Roes Lane is diversifying and offering livery. This has resulted in an increase in horse and vehicular movement in the vicinity. Cllr. Jackson has requested the siting of �Horse Rider� signs at either side of the farm entrance

A Rights of Way officer has been asked to inspect the blocked footpath at Coddington Top Farm

A complaint re.loose road dressing on the pavement on Bowns Hill and at the top of Roes Lane has been reported to DCC.

A resident of Jefferies Lane has been struggling without a cooker for 2 months since it was condemned. Cllr. Jackson has sought help from AVHA and Social Services.

He is meeting with DCC and the Community Rail partnership to resolve problems caused to Whatstandwell residents by changes in the train timetables

The Community Speed Watch Scheme organised by Belper police has trained Parish Councillors and residents in Heage to use a hand- held speed camera. This will be tried in other areas if it is a success.

Cllr. Bateman wished to inform Cty. Cllr. Jackson that the drainage on School Lane is much improved but that DCC, in re-surfacing the Market Place, had covered the manhole cover!

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe reported in writing that:

She has been working with Social Services to help two elderly residents who are in need and who are entitled to help.

She has been trying to establish the situation regarding an apparent order for new street name plates. Cllr. Bateman informed the meeting that he had requested the plates in his capacity as a resident not as a member of the Parish Council. Clerk has established that �hundreds� of such requests are received annually and as funds are limited there are no guarantees that any particular job will rise to the top of the priority list. (Chair took this opportunity to remind Councillors that it is essential that they make it very clear when they are acting in an official capacity and when they are acting as a private citizen) Councillors may only act in an �official capacity� when given a mandate to do so by the Council. Cllr. Tromans felt that any proposals to increase signage should be carefully considered in the light of impact on the visual environment.

Landscape services have cut verges in Fritchley and the road has been swept. Residents have expressed their thanks.

The new post box in Fritchley was temporarily positioned in a very unsuitable place on The Green. It has now been removed so that Fritchley still has no central post box.

Two large, ornate gates have been stolen from a property in Fritchley this is the third time this property has been targeted

The trees at Braystones can remain following a decision by the Planning Inspector.

Many residents have expressed approval of the new planters around the Parish.

AVBC Cllr. Taylor reported in writing that:

Various verges around the Crich area have been cut.

She has taken advice on the case of Mr. Bostock from the Standards board and from AVBC legal officers.

Clerk thanked AVBC Cllr. Taylor for her help in getting formal approval to release section 106 money to the Parish Council for the RG fence

08/230 Minutes of the meeting of 2nd. June 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

08/231 Matters arising from the Minutes

The Transport Committee agreed to meet on the 28th July at 7.30p.m. in the Glebe. The Parish Council is keen to retain an operational telephone box on The Market Place. The monthly contribution to The Glebefield Centre is to be increased in line with inflation. Cllr. Clark proposed and Cllr. Steppings seconded a motion to increase the sum by 4 per cent. This was agreed with one abstention. This payment is to be backdated to April 2008. It was agreed that the following representations be made to the consultation process regarding the future of the old Stevenson�s site. a) A traffic management system at Bullbridge, e.g. traffic lights, will be required. b) Impact on schools, doctors and other factors within the local infrastructure will need to be addressed. c) The Council trusts that problems related to contamination and flood risk will be resolved. d) A new access from the Ambergate/Ripley road would be a major improvement. e) Council would prefer a mix of residential, light commercial and shops. f) Council would like to see the inclusion of recreational and community facilities. LIFT (are to be invited to give a presentation at the next meeting re. the new surgery on the Glebe site at Crich. The most recent letter from Mrs. Hartshorne had been circulated to all members. Chair explained that she had answered all Mrs. Hartshorne�s letters as fully as she could and she felt that no further action or discussion would be of value. Cllrs. Brierton, Tromans, Clark and Steppings all spoke in support of Chair�s position. Cllr. Bateman regretted that employment had been forced away from the area and wondered whether questions had been fully answered. Cllr. Steppings proposed that the matter be closed and should not be subject to further discussion. This motion was seconded by Cllr. Brierton and carried by 8 votes to 2. The Jubilee Ground wall has still not been repaired. A new walling contractor will be sought in an effort to get this task completed. The Council was disappointed that DCC are not willing to provide a footpath between Stand Lane and Town End. Council feels that such a footpath would enhance road safety and encourage even more visitors to The Stand which is a significant memorial and landmark. Clerk was instructed to contact the Commanding Officer of the Mercian Regiment in order to ask for his help and to ascertain whether or not it would be possible to create a footpath across the corner of a field which Council believe is owned by the Regiment. DCC have refused to create a mini one-way system at the junction of Chadwick Nick Lane and The Common. Clerk was instructed to submit a modified request to DCC. Clerk will pursue the plan to provide dog-waste bins on The Common, Chadwick Nick Lane and the Burial Ground. Chair reminded the meeting of her concern over the A-boards at Crich tea-rooms. After some discussion it was accepted that these did not cause an obstruction. 08/232 Declarations of Interest Chair � matters relating to finance for The Glebe Cllr. Steppings � matters relating to Potters Hill 08/233 Clerk�s report No electors had requested an election to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council. This will now be filled by co-option, the position to be advertised on the notice boards and the website. The order for the Recreation Ground fence has been placed following assurances from AVBC that the cost will be met in full from Section 106 funds. Council is awaiting the legal documents so that the agreement between Parish Council and Mr. Ken Briddon can be finalised. Clerk has purchased a laptop computer and expressed his thanks to the Council for this equipment which is already proving very useful. Clerk asked for help in identifying Parish-owned land. This was deferred until a future meeting. DCC has acknowledged letters relating to requests for speed limits in Whatstandwell and weeds overgrowing the road on Cromford Road. Clerk was instructed to pursue the purchase of a second-hand, fire-proof cabinet for Parish documents. Clerk presented a draft of a notice which he proposed to place in the Burial Ground, the purpose of this being to warn visitors of the potential dangers of leaning/falling headstones. It was agreed that Clerk should purchase such a sign. The provision and storage of tools at the Burial Ground for use by the caretaker was again discussed. Council has real concerns over security and it was suggested that hiring equipment, as and when required, may well be a more feasible option. 08/233 Mr. A. Bostock An email from Mr. Bostock detailing an incident in which the Police visited his home was read out by Chair at Mr. Bostock�s request. Chair reported that she had sought the advice of Paul Benski (AVBC solicitor) as to whether or not it would be legal or proper for the Parish Council to make representations to the Police as to their conduct. There seems to be no hard and fast guidance but it is probably prudent for Council members to make their own personal response should they wish to do so. Mr. Benski was not concerned that the police involvement in this matter could make evidence for the forthcoming appeal to the High Court unavailable � he was confident that AVBC could obtain a Court Order against the Police requiring them to produce the evidence should that be necessary. A debate then led to a vote being taken on the issue of writing to the Police to express the Council view on how Mr. Bostock was treated. 2 members voted in favour of a formal response and 7 against with 1 abstention, it was therefore resolved that the Parish Council would not write to the police on this matter. The majority view being that council did not have a full set of facts from both sides of the case and that the matter was outside the council�s remit. 08/234 Planning decisions Permission was granted for all the following applications: AVA/2008/0528 The Old Bakery � change to office space AVA/2008/0512 5 Top Hagg Lane � single storey extension TRE/2008/0272 4 Hilltop, Fritchley � work on holly, privet and hawthorn trees AVA/2008/0497 17 St. Michaels Close - extension to garage AVA/2008/0355 Land at The Yews, The Common, Crich - replacement of cottage and attached barn with new dwelling AVA/2008/0419 The Homestead, Glenn Road, Whatstandwell - construction of conservatory AVA/2008/0465 The Little Cottage ,The Dimple Fritchley � extension to holiday accommodation 08/235 Planning applications AVA/2008/0795 land adj. To Greenacres, Chadwick Nick Lane - extend garden decking (retrospective) No objection AVA/2008/ 0797 106, The Common - 2 storey extension to rear No objection AVA/2008/0803 Market House Market Place Crich � 3 new terraced dwellings + 2 double garages No objection but the high density of buildings already in the vicinity and the need for a stone construction was noted AVA/2008/0812 Tramway Museum � replacement of existing demountable building for use as First aid station No objection AVA/2008/0816 Orchard Cottage Allen Lane Fritchley � first floor extensions No objection AVA/2008/0741 2 Chapel Street, Fritchley � 2-storey rear extension No objection AVA/2008/0723 The Dovecotes, Bowns Hill, Crich � replacement of existing leaded windows, casement and front door No objection AVA/2008/0692 The Bakery, Market Place � bakery retail outlet and cafe in part of premises (Please see decisions list.) No objection but concern was expressed the deliveries would need to be brought to the front door which is at a very narrow part of the road AVA/2008/0685 Land adjacent to 9 Surgery Lane, Crich � change of use from garage/workshop to residential (resubmission) No objection but some concern over parking AVA/2008/0684 Penfold House, Cromford Road, Crich � 2-storey side extension and creation of 2 parking spaces. No objection AVA/2008/0683 Butts Cottage, Wakebridge � replacement of polytunnel with shed (retrospective) Objection- this is an eye-sore which should be removed. It is out of scale and out of keeping with the surroundings. AVA/2008/0660 Barn Close Farm, Lynam Road, Fritchley � conversion of redundant farm buildings to three dwellings (re-submission) No objection but some concern over the siting of the access. 08/236 Accounts � Bank Accounts Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.06.08 37285.36 Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C at 30.05.08 946.62 Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C at 10.06.08 123.43 Income � Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest 67.26 Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C interest 0.08 Hoults and E Cope (BG) 100.00 Expenses � Chq. No. C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary (�410.41) + expenses incl. purchase of laptop (�480.58) 896.73 252 M.MacArthur (BG and RG caretaking) + 7 hours o/t 166.31 253 Glebe Trust (July 2008) 525.00 254 DALC Annual subscription 537.50 255 Grass Track (BG and RG mowing May) 364.84 256 Belper Skip Hire (BG skip) 94.00 257 DCC New Road light 1684.11 258 Brian Wood (internal audit) 45.77 259 BT and Broadband 112.45 260 Cllr. M. Lane (Chair�s expenses) 104.50 261 Cllr. R. Brierton (Pilgrimage wreath) 15.50 262 M. MacArthur repairing fence at Jubilee Ground O/T 15.95 263 Plantscape � planters around the Parish and their maintenance during the Summer 810.75 264 Grass Track ) BG and RG mowing June 364 .84 265 It was agreed to increase the contribution to the Glebe Field Centre by 4% backdated to April 2008. The monthly contribution will now be �546.00. 08/237 Circulars and publications Derwent Valley Mills Partnership � minutes of last meeting b-line (Derbyshire Student Card magazine) Archaeology and Conservation in Derbyshire (magazine) Charity Commission Annual Return form 08/238 Communications from parishioners Email from Mr.Bostock re an appeal against a planning decision by AVBC Letter alleging that Parish Council removed notices from the Notice board and from 2 telegraph posts. After some discussion it was agreed that space for community notices would be allocated on the new Parish noticeboards. Telephone call asking that undergrowth be cleared at boundary of Hollies Ct. and the Recreation Ground Letter from Mrs. Sanderson re. Speed limits at Whatstandwell. Dates on which Sims Bibles will be distributed to local schools from Rev. Brooks Email from Mr. Bostock giving details of the visit of the Police to his home and their subsequent action. Letter reporting concern over dog fouling. Letter requesting dog and litter bins at the Burial Ground. 08/239 Information from Councillors Chair � plans for the new surgery behind the Glebe will be submitted in September and are likely to be �fast-tracked�. There will be a 3 month consultation period and it is hoped to start construction in March 2009 with the intention of the building being in use by the autumn. It was agreed to invite the developers to give a brief presentation at the August meeting. She also reported that she was sad to note the death of Elfed Royles a respected former Parish Clerk. Cllr. Harwood attended his funeral. Cllr. Bateman � Scouts have cleared rubbish from Chase Woods. Clerk will write a letter of appreciation. Litter bin at Bulling Lane has still not been replaced There is a triangle of weeds at the Snowdrop Valley/Common junction Cllr. Harwood � water still collects at the Market Place build-out Cllr. Brierton represented the Council at the Regimental Pilgrimage Cllr. Fudge � the Police Community Consultative Committee has been wound up and is to be subsumed into another Police/Community forum. Cllr. Tromans gave details of a blocked footpath at Wheatcroft. Clerk will report this to DCC Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 11.00 pm. NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 4th August 2008 Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk 28th July 2008