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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 6th July 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (Vice-Chair), Bateman, Bown, Clark, Harwood, Steppings, Tromans and Thorpe. Cty. Cllr. Jackson, AVBC Cllr. Taylor and four members of the public. Clerk in attendance. e.


Cllr. Fudger

09/385 Matters raised by members of the public

Mrs. Hartshorne drew the attention of the meeting to the provision and positioning of new grit bins on Hollins Lane. The meeting agreed that a review of provision of grit bins needs to be undertaken without delay so that we are prepared for winter weather. Cllr. Bown agreed to undertake such a survey on behalf of the Council. His report will form the basis of an order for new and replacement bins and the filling of empty bins.
Alex, leader of Crich Scout Group, thanked the Parish Council for the financial aid received and gave a brief description of the buoyant state of scouting in Crich. There are 22 Beavers, 21 Cubs and 12 Scouts. They have recently undertaken a clearing project on Crich Chase and the Cubs are taking part in �The Big Tidy Up�. Crich Scouts have recently had a grant to re-wire the hut and to improve toilet and kitchen facilities. This will make the hut a useful facility for the wider community in Crich.

09/386 Declarations of interest


09/387 Police matters

PC Wilbourne reported that three crimes had been committed in Crich during the past month. These included the theft of lead and copper from the roof of The Jovial Dutchman and vandalism to three cars in the Bulling Lane/Market Place/Common area. He also publicised a 6-a-side football tournament for 14-17 year-olds being organised by the Safe Neighbourhood Team. Proceeds will go to the Rainbow Charity.

Chair asked if the police could keep an eye on the Fritchley School playing field sports pavilion which has been vandalised. PC Wilbourne said he would visit the school and investigate the matter.

Cllr. Bateman reported his concern regarding under-age drinking on The Market Place and speeding on The Common and Bowns Hill. PC Wilbourne said that such incidents should be reported at the time on 0345 12 33 33 3 (the new telephone number of Derbyshire Police HQ). This would give the opportunity of a response from the �Nuisance and Disorder Van� which patrols on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Unfortunately, PCSO Donna Shaw has been unwell and, as a result, has been on leave for some time. The Parish Council send her best wishes for a speedy recovery.

09/388 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson was congratulated on being appointed Deputy Leader of Derbyshire County Council and Cabinet Member for Transport.
He reported that:
He will be revealing a new way of dealing with highway problems.
A Flood Fair will be held at South Wingfield on July 20, 2009.
Purchase of the house for Crich Carr School is looking promising.
A road safety project for the A6 through Whatstandwell, especially aimed at young motorcyclists, will culminate in an event at Matlock Bath on August 23, 2009.
In his capacity at DCC, he has a mandate for Quiet Lanes.
The drainage problem at Potters Hill is an AVBC public health problem, not a DCC highways problem. Cllr. Steppings reported that a temporary solution has been put in place but urged that a long-term solution be found.
He hopes that it will be possible to construct a footpath from Town End to The Stand using part of the field owned by The Mercian Regiment.
Cllr. Bateman reminded Cty. Cllr. Jackson of the need for a footpath between The Cliff Inn and Wakebridge. He also thanked Cty. Cllr. Jackson for his help in securing the drainage pipes for Leashaw Farm.
AVBC Cllr.Thorpe presented a written report. She has been pursuing the problems on the recreation field near Fritchley Primary School (including the state of the sports pavilion) with various bodies � this matter was raised originally by Cllr. Bown. She continues to pursue the drainage issues on The Dimple and fly-posting throughout the area. She referred to an overhanging tree at Amber View Road, Fritchley, which is forcing pedestrians into the road. This will be reported to DCC. She also gave an update on the planning situation at the Lockwood Site at Sawmills � this does have an impact on some residents in Fritchley who are affected by the flood-lighting on site.

AVBC Cllr.Taylor was present and was asked to take up the following issues with AVBC:
Use of caravans on a field at Dimple Lane (caravans can only be used on a field which has not been granted planning permission for a maximum of 28days per year)
Fly posting around the parish
Litter around the Market Place and along The Common
Uncleaned gutters along The Common

Cllr. Taylor was also asked to support the Parish council in seeking the help of AVBC Landscape Services in finding a solution to the noise problem caused by the Recreation Ground fence.

09/389 Minutes of the meeting of 1st June 2009

The minutes were approved and signed by Chair after amending a reference to a footpath at �The Briars� to one at �Brian�s Steps�.

09/390 Matters arising from the Minutes

Chair has written to Mrs. Marsden and Mr Critchlow regarding their complaints about the Parish Allotments. There has been no response to her letter.

DCC have been asked to consider the installation of a light on Wheatsheaf Lane. This has been referred to Chris Green who is in charge of the lighting department at DCC.
Ward Fencing has submitted an estimate for �1550 + vat for the installation of extra posts to stiffen up the RG fence in order to reduce noise. A long debate ensued and concern about the impact of the fence on neighbours was expressed. Clerk was instructed to seek the help of AVBC in finding a solution to the noise created by balls striking the fence especially as they a) granted planning permission b) specified the materials and construction and c) granted planning permission for the development of houses on Holly Bank Court knowing of the proximity to a long-established recreation ground and the problems which may result from this.
Len Spencer has erected the new noticeboards and planted the flower beds as suggested.

AVBC Environmental Services have been asked to attend to the following:
Dirty and vandalised toilets at the Market Place.
Damaged goalposts, overhanging trees and graffiti at the Recreation Ground.
Damaged seats at Wheatcroft.
A request for litter bins at Stones Lane, Snowdrop Valley and between The Cliff Inn and the Tramway Museum.
Letter of congratulations on their 40th.anniversary sent to Fr. Wheat at The Briars.
Letter sent to Tramway Museum offering co-operation and support from the Parish Council.
Letter received from Mr. Marsh apologising for his passionate comments about the allotments. Mr. Marsh has kindly offered to liaise with the Parish council over allotment matters. The Parish Council expressed its appreciation of Mr. Marsh�s offer.

Chair said she had read the most recent copy of The Playing Field which is the newsletter of Derbyshire Rural Community Council (DRCC) and found that it contained useful information about grants for play areas and youth shelters. Her recommendation that Crich Parish Council should join DRCC was accepted.

Chair reported on developments regarding the Youth Club. Two of the original five volunteers have dropped out. Of the remaining three, one more dropped out at the form-filling stage. This left two, one of whom as now been CRB checked whilst that on the other volunteer has not yet been completed. Chair felt that it is not likely that the Club will commence activities until September (Youth Clubs generally close down during school holidays anyway). Cllr. Bateman was unhappy with the delay and felt that the young people are losing interest. He wanted to invite them to the next Council meeting for an official update. Cllr. Batemen will liaise with the young people and Clerk will place a statement regarding the current situation on Parish noticeboards for their information. Cllr. Clark felt that two supervisors were too few and Chair agreed to ask PC Wilbourne to reactivate the recruitment process.

09/391 Clerk�s Report

Clerk reported that would be away from 7th July until 20th July, 2009, but will access e-mails and the answer phone. Local undertakers will be informed of his absence.
Unstable gravestones � Clerk and Cllr. Brierton will identify unstable gravestones and inform the relatives by letter. A notice will be put up in the graveyard informing people that any unstable graves will be laid flat after fourteen days from the issue of the letters.
Martin Coleman of Environmental Services at DCC has been in touch with various local farmers regarding the state of footpaths with particular reference to overhanging hedges and trees. He has asked, on behalf of farmers, that the Parish Council is made aware of the fact that public are not sticking to footpaths and are choosing their own routes across land. He is keen to promote good working relationships between the public, the Council and farmers. Parish Council agreed that use of footpaths required co-operation. Farmers should make sure that the route is clear and the public should keep to the path. Chair will refer to this matter in her contribution to the next Community News letter.
Martin Coleman has also asked that the farmer carries out repairs to the kissing gate on Footpath 63 and has asked the estimator to inspect the handrail on Footpath 55. The impression is that the hand rail will be replaced in the fullness of time but there is a heavy work load.
The BT Broadband contract has been modified.
The safety report on the play equipment has been received (copy enclosed). Council agreed to ask AVBC to carry out any remedial repairs where necessary.
Letters of appreciation have been sent to Robin Harvey and Bob Tatam following their resignation as allotment supervisors.

DALC has issued the following advice, �The County Council recommends that Parish Councils do not grit any areas which they do not own or for which they do not have responsibility.� This may be a good time to remind members of the importance of identifying the need for replacement or additional grit bins before too long.
Youth Club Insurance � Clerk will apply for an extension of the current insurance policy when he is clear about details of the organisation and assets of the Youth Club.
Additional planters for the Parish � it was agreed that no additional planters should be purchased this year but the situation will be reviewed for next spring.
AVBC will be asked to re-erect the goal posts on the Recreation Ground and to remove any graffiti from the play equipment and the electricity box at the far end of the ground. Grass Track will be asked to ensure that the Recreation Ground is in good order for the forthcoming Village F�te.

09/392 Special Projects Group (see written report)

Cllr. Clark kindly provided a written report (attached). Clerk was asked to continue pursuing the provision of a Parish Boundary map for all members without breaching copyright laws.
Cllr. Bateman offered to convene a meeting of the Transport Committee with a view to increasing car parking provision in The Market Place area.
Council sanctioned approaching local traders with a view providing small, decorative Christmas trees, as well as hanging baskets, for display on their properties at appropriate times of year. The idea being that this is jointly funded with the Parish Council.
Cllr. Clark reported that the sub-committee had met with a representative of Ashover Parish Council and were very impressed by their �Parish Plan� � a statement of the Council�s intentions for the development of their parish. This concept was well received but it was acknowledged that it would take time to accomplish properly. Cllr. Clark also reported on the comprehensive way Ashover Parish Council had revised signage around their village. Cllr. Tromans sounded a note of caution regarding the over-development of signage which she considered had happened in Ashover.
Cllr. Bateman wanted the Parish Council to promote a �corporate image� complete with a suitable badge/logo/symbol, probably incorporating the Stand and quarry face. Cllr. Brierton reminded the meeting that this already exists and is borne on Chair�s chain of office.
Cllr. Bateman also reported that he had been in contact with English Heritage who are interested in supporting the provision of information boards in the Parish. (These would probably cost �150 each.)

09/393 Planning decisions

TRE/2009/0408: Crown lift beech tree and Scots pine at 1 Hillcrest, Crich - PERMITTED
TRE/2009/0416: Cut down Robina tree and replace at Fairfield, Bobbin Mill Hill - PERMITTED
AVA/2009/0362: Change of use of Jovial Dutchman - PERMITTED
AVA/2009/0381: Double garage and change of agricultural use to garden at Thorndale Cottage, The
Dimple, Fritchley - PERMITTED

09/394 Planning applications

AVA/2009/0539 change of use of agricultural land to sports field at Crich Carr School � NO
AVA/2009/0535 change of use of garage to holiday let accommodation at Cliffside House, Wakebridge. � NO OBJECTION but the comment was made that the proliferation of holiday accommodation should not be encouraged when affordable housing is a greater need.
AVA/20090479 restoration of lower floor to form self-contained domestic accommodation at Middle Cottage Robin Hood, Whatstandwell � NO OBJECTION
AVA/2009/0569 agricultural building for livestock at Dial Farm, The Common � NO OBJECTION.

09/395 Accounts

Bank Accounts at10.06..09

Yorkshire Bank current A/C � 37845.998
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C * �947.41
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C � 128.78

* Chair reminded the meeting of the need to transfer the balance of the Jubilee Account to the Current Account as the Jubilee Account is no longer active and it was agreed that the recent repairs to the wall at the Jubilee Ground be paid for from the Jubilee Account. (It has actually been paid from the Current Account so this move will rectify the situation and close the Jubilee Account.

Expenditure .

C. H. Ludlam salary + expenses� 445.03 chq 380
Glebe Field Trust� 570.003 chq 381
M. Lane (Chair�s expenses)� 120.003 chq 382
AVBC inspection of play equipment �46.003 chq 383
BT �phone and Broadband �12.563 chq 384
BT �phone and Broadband �31.033 chq 385
L. Spencer BG and RG caretaking� 220.483 chq 386
Grass Track �367.79 3 chq387
Belper Skip Hire Ltd. �80.50 3 chq388
Viking Direct (inks and envelopes) �69.06 3 chq389
C.H.Ludlam postage and laptop security system �57.18 3 chq390
HMRC Tax and NI 1st qtr�. 323.03 chq1 391
Grass Track (inv 3116 and 3142)� 442.543 chq 392

09/396 Circulars and publications

Derwent Valley Mills Partnership minutes of March meeting.
East Midlands Regional Plan (disc).

09/397 Communications from members of the public

Trevor Beamond of Whatstandwell has sent an e-mail expressing his concern over traffic safety at The Common. He suggests that the triangle junction at The Common/Chadwicknick Lane be made into a one-way system. His ideas are consistent with those of the Parish Council and will be conveyed to DCC.
A letter from Mrs. Allen regarding the Recreation Ground fence noise problem was received sympathetically by members who expressed a wish to reduce the level of annoyance as soon as possible. Clerk will pursue this with Amber Valley Borough Council Landscape Services and Borough Development and will enlist the help of AVBC Cllr. Taylor.
A letter from Mr and Mrs Shortland requesting help with funding their daughter�s participation, at national level, in the equestrian sport of Vaulting. The Parish Council congratulated Miss Shortland on her achievements and wished her well for the future but regretted that it is unable to provide financial support for individuals. (Grants/donations are made to organisations which serve groups of residents of the parish. The total amount of grant/donation made to organisations in a given year should not exceed a sum equal to �5.83 x number of electors {about 3.200})
E-mail re Tors footpath � this problem has already been reported to DCC Rights of Way and has been referred to Cty. Cllr. Jackson.
Training course � �Responding to Planning Applications� in the Imperial Rooms, Matlock, on Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

09/398 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Steppings said that the road sign at Pit Lane is missing. He also requested that the Tramway Museum be asked to remove signs publicising events once the event has taken place. He further commented that the quality and structure of these signs often made them unsightly and not in keeping with the usual high standard associated with the Tramway Museum.
Cllr. Bateman asked that John Slaney, who is a chartered engineer who has worked all over the world and has ideas about development of The Market Place, should be invited on to the Transport Committee in a consultancy r�le. He also asked that the small tree on the traffic island at the junction of Bulling Lane and Coast Hill be replaced.
Cllr. Bown asked for a clear up of litter and gutters on The Common (Cllr. Thorpe said she would refer this to AVBC.). He also referred to car parking problems on Fritchley Lane and was encouraged to report these to the Police.
Cllr. Harwood again reported the overgrown state of the rough ground above The Jovial Dutchman.
Chair reported that she had represented the Parish Council at The Pilgrimage and that she had received an invitation to attend the unveiling of the new memorial at Ypres on 23 October, 2009. (Parish Council have made a contribution to the fund.) Any member able to attend was asked to contact the Clerk. Chair also said that she had attended the Rolls Royce Local Liaison Committee meeting. There has been no evidence of break-ins at Hilts Quarry but there is evidence of fly-tipping which may not be recent. The monitoring gives no cause for concern but it is noted that the methane levels are slightly above the trigger point. (Methane is a common product of normal waste disposal sites and does not have sinister connotations.)

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.30pm.
NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm Monday. August 3, 2009

Clive Ludlam, Parish Clerk (15th July, 2009)