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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 5th July 2010, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Bown, Harwood, Thorpe and Tromans. Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 4 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cllrs. Brierton, Clark, Steppings, AVBC Cllr. Taylor.

10/540 Matters raised by members of the public

Becky Pennyfather introduced herself as a representative of the Tramway Museum where she has been a volunteer for many years. She expressed the hope that the Parish Council and the Museum can work together on issues of mutual interest citing the future of the quarry and of local Fire Service provision as current examples. Chair and Cllr. Bateman welcomed the idea of closer links between the two organisations.

10/541 Declarations of interest


10/542 Police matters

No police present.

Chair took the opportunity to remind parishioners that it is important to report incidents directly to the Police at the time with as much information as possible.

10/543 Local Authority Councillors

Cty.Cllr. Jackson reported that a number of �high tech� speed monitoring initiatives are being used in the county. These include portable solar powered message boards. A road safety roadshow aimed particularly at motor cyclists was held at Matlock Bath on Sunday last.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe presented a written report.

10/544 Minutes of the meeting of June 7th 2010

These were signed by Chair.

10/545 Matters arising from the Minutes

Community Response Plan � in the absence of Cllr. Clark this was deferred to the September meeting
Allotments � Cllrs. Steppings and Tromans agreed to offer to meet Mr and Mrs Critchlow
Clerk will pursue the contractor regarding groundwork�s
Cllr. Bateman spoke in support of the contention that The Briars had now complied with planning requirements related to the car park. In response to reports that young people resident at the Centre sometimes cause a noise nuisance he said that this was no more than a natural consequence of having such an organisation in the locality

10/546 Clerk�s Report

Kings Arms FC has asked if it can use the RG for matches in the forthcoming season. Permission was granted.
Crich Fete (17th July) � Clerk has asked for the grass to be cut and for litter to be cleared.
Various trimming and strimming issues have been reported to DCC and AVBC as requested at the last meeting (Bowns Hill, Cromford Rd., Wheatsheaf Lane, Dark Lane and Wheatcroft Lane)
TPO 361/2010 - a tree preservation order has been placed on two trees to the rear of the Glebe (map available).
The flower displays are in place. Clerk will ask for one of the boxes outside Crch Carr School to be repositioned as it may impede the sight line at the junction.
As there will be no formal meeting in August, it was agreed that Clerk will provide cheques for signature and arrangements will be made to enable signatories to sign them. The meeting agreed that the Planning committee would convey comments on Planning Applications to the Clerk who will pass these to AVBC as appropriate.
Speeding in the Parish � Chair introduced the idea of purchasing a radar gun for the use of trained parishioners (the cost is likely to be about �350 + training + insurance). Clerk to investigate both this idea and the idea of purchasing a mobile �30 mph� sign such as the one at Old Road, Heage and Kilbourn Rd. Belper.
The Vicar reports that Sims Bibles will be handed out as follows:
Crich Carr Wednesday 21st July at 9.00am
Crich Junior � Thursday 22nd July at 10.30 am
Fritchley School � Friday 23rd July at 2.00 pm
Councillors are welcome to attend and the Vicar thanks the Council for
financial support.


10/547 Finance Committee Report

In the absence of Cllr. Clark it was agreed to defer this to the September meeting.

10/548 Planning decisions

AVA/2010/0457 � 4 Hodder Close. Loft conversion with dormers PERMITTED
AVA/2010/0381 � 3 new bungalows on land to the north-east of 27, Coast Hill REFUSED

10/549 Planning applications

AVA/2010/0570 � The Old Bakehouse, Market Place. Change of use to residential - NO OBJECTION
AVA/2010/0573 � The Briars. Regularisation of car park surfacing - OBJECTION on the grounds that the application relates to works which are subject to an enforcement order.
AVA/2010/0585 � Grey Roof, Front St., Fritchley. First floor extension including 2 dormers and a new pitched roof - OBJECTION on the grounds that the proposed extension is �top heavy� and as such is out of proportion with the existing building.

10/550 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.06.2010 �39819.71


C. H. Ludlam salary + expenses �482.36 Chqe 542
Glebe Field Trust �570.00 Chqe 543
Cllr. M. Lane (Chair�s allowance) �120.00 Chqe 544
Grass Track RG and BG in May �375.79 Chqe 545
Trust Security Systems Ltd. (Fire extinguisher) �92.83 Chqe 546
BT phone �16.53 Chqe 547
BT internet �46.97 Chqe 548
L.Godfrey (sports equip for Youth Club) �12.50 Chqe 549
Plantscape (plants and planters) �1821.25 Chqe 550
HMR and C (Tax and NI) �375.95 Chqe 551
Glebe Field Trust YC rent �34.95 Chqe 552
Grass Track (June) �375.95 Chqe 553
Keith Evans (top soil for BG) �60.00 Chqe 554

10/551Circulars and publications


10/552 Communications from members of the public

Request for permission for a bench to be placed in the BG in memory of Mavis and Robert Harrison � this was agreed in principle, details to be agreed.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday Sept 6th 2010
Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
15 July 2010
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928