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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 4th July 2011, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-Chair), Bateman, Baugh*, Bown, Broom, Clark*, Harwood, Slaney*, Steppings*, Thorpe, Wells*, Cty Cllr. Jackson, AVBC Cllr. Gee and 12 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

1. *Chair welcomed five new members to the Council following their co-option
2. A representative of Severn Trent Water and their Consulting Engineer gave a presentation on the proposals for the new Ambergate reservoir located on Chadwick Nick Lane. The reservoir which was built over 100 years ago serves 600,000 people and must be refurbished. This is a major project which will last over 3 years and which will generate significant construction traffic. There will be extensive public consultation and the actual planning application will not be made until early 2012.
3. Amber Valley Housing � proposal to build 15 affordable homes on land adjacent to the Glebe.

Nick Willder of AVHL described how the previously withdrawn application would be re-submitted after amendment. A lively debate ensued during which all shades of opinion were aired. There was a general acceptance of the need for affordable housing in order to keep the community balanced and healthy but opinions differed on the suitability of the proposed site. Members agreed on the paramount importance of AVHL carrying out a meaningful and well publicised public consultation.

A number of members of the public attended the meeting to voice and demonstrate their objection to the proposed scheme.



11/668 Matters raised by members of the public


11/669 Declarations of Interest


11/670 Police matters

No poloice present

11/671 Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr Jackson reported that:-
He has an on-going interest in seeing that the problems with the resurfaced pavements on the Market Place is resolved
He has organised the provision of more white-lining outside Crich Carr School along with the provision of high visibility vests for the pupils

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe (see written report).

11/672 Minutes of the Meeting of 6th June 2011

These were approved and signed by Chair

11/673 Matters arising

Winter service � Clerk has written a detailed letter to Cty Cllr Simon Spencer (Cabinet Member for Highways) explaining the Parish Council position on grit provision and seeking clarification of the future role of DCC. Clerk has been in contact with Neil Wainwright of DCC Highways as has Chair. Please see below**
Poor pavement re-surfacing at Market Place � DCC has agreed that the surface is unsightly and that it will need to be repaired.

Public Toilets.
AVBC have given an assurance that the toilets are opened and closed by their contractor as follows: - �every morning before 6.30 am � every evening between 4pm and 6 pm�. They have agreed to monitor this situation.
The future of the toilets when AVBC gives them up - AVBC seems unable to give full details of the real costs the Parish Council would have to face if it were to take on ownership of the toilets. Further, there are uncorroborated stories regarding AVBC striking deals with local public houses/ businesses to encourage them to make their toilets available to the public. Amid this confusion the general feeling of the Parish Council was that AVBC should sort the matter out and should face the responsibility of maintaining an important amenity within the community.

Beech trees at the RG � Midland Tree Surgeons have presented their report. The trees are nearing the end of their natural life and are diseased. The general feeling of Members was that the trees should be felled and new trees should be planted in their place. It is acknowledged that the trees are a feature of the area but their condition and their proximity to dwellings and the public play area makes the decision to remove them inevitable but regrettable. Clerk was asked to obtain 2 further quotes for the work
The application for a Licence to Cultivate Roadside Verge (ref. traffic island at Bulling Lane) has been granted subject to conditions which will be studied by Chair before acceptance by the Council

The questionnaire ref. �Part-night Street Lighting� has been completed and sent to DCC along with a request for more information regarding the likely impact on road safety, crime etc.

Access rights over the Drying Ground � the Parish Council claims ownership of the land and denies access rights over it. Even if the land were �common land� the only right of access is for �air and exercise�. Chair agreed to follow up the need to register the Parish Council ownership of the land.

11/674 Clerks Report

The internally audited accounts were approved by Members at a special meeting on Monday 13th June and were signed by Chair and the Responsible Officer. These have now been sent to the Audit Commission.

Planting of Jubilee Trees � The Jubilee Woods Project. Council would like to participate and may be able to co-ordinate this with replanting at the Recreation Ground. Chair agreed to publicise the availability of these trees via her article in the Crich Area Community News.
Youth Club constitution (Chair) � this was accepted apart from minor modifications which Chair agreed to discuss with Lyn Godfrey. These include an acknowledgement by the Youth Club Committee of the need to provide appropriate insurance, Risk Assessment and CRB checking of helpers.

Recreation Ground Safety Report (Chair). No immediate action is required but it will be necessary to carry out some remedial work.

Members were allocated to committees (see separate sheet) and a Working Group on Winter Service was set up**.

Japanese Knotweed at the Recreation Ground � it is against the law to allow this invasive weed to spread onto other properties. Clerk has asked DCC to deal with the problem on behalf of the Parish Council. Cllr Slaney thought that the weed had been introduced by illegal dumping.

Details of the Councillor Contact information for publication was accepted by members.

11/675 Planning Decisions

AVA/2011/0375 Windsor House Market Place � change of opening time to 17.30 each day PERMITTED
AVA/2011/0311 Causeway Farm, Plaistow Green Building of chalet accommodation WITHDRAWN

11/676 Planning Applications

All members are encouraged to view these on the AVBC website if possible

AVA/2011/0566 17, The Common - 2 storey rear extension NO OBJECTION
AVA/2011/0518 Crich Medical Centre � illuminated sign NO OBJECTION provided that the light is not left on overnight
AVA/2011/0502 7 Hindersitch Lane, Whatstandwell � adding first floor to existing porch/utility NO OBJECTION

Members commented that the new site is less easy to use than the old one � Clerk will report this to AVBC

11/677 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at � 10 Jun 2011 �41593.96
C. Ludlam (Clerk) Salary + expenses �648.75 Chq 685
Glebe Field Trust �598.50 Chq 686
Chairs allowance �120.00 Chq 687
Brian Wood (internal audit) �51.75 Chq 688
Midland Tree Surgeons (Survey at Beeches) �480.00 Chq 689
BT Internet �23.98 Chq 690
Viking direct (inks) �31.31 Chq 691
HMR and C Tax and NI 1st qtr �416.71 Chq 692
Len Spencer (RG and BG caretaker) �311.83 Chq 693
Grass Track �395.30 Chq 694
Glebe Field Trust (YC rent) �34.95 Chq 695

11/678 Information Received

Crich Parish Council, in common with other councils in the area, has been asked to support Ripley Town Council in its fight to save Ripley Town Hall for Town Council use. Clerk was instructed to seek information as to any plans AVBC has with regard to the future use and ownership of the building

11/679 Communications from Parishioners

Email ref. Japanese Knotweed at RG


Chair thanked everyone for their attendance

NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday Sept 5th 2011

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
15 June 2011
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928