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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on Monday, 2 August 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich.

Present: Cllr. Goodhead, in the Chair, Cllrs. Lane, Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Harwood & Thorpe; DCC representative

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Hartshorne, Salt & Whitney

6068 Declarations of Interest:

The Chair suspended Standing Orders to allow Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham, DCC representative to speak. He reported on his actions following the letter from Cllr. Lucas, Cabinet Member, in reply to the Crich Parish Council vote of no confidence in DCC Highways. The Leader of the Minority Party had spoken to Cllr. Lucas; subsequently, Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham had a personal conversation with Cllr. Lucas who said he was not looking for an apology, was surprised at the timing of the criticism, and repeated that future contact was to be made through Officers or County

Cllr. Harris referred to the initial meeting between the then Chair, and others, with DCC Leader, on 1 April 2004. DCC to be asked if a report on suggestions to tackle problems outlined, and notes of site meeting on 14 June 2004 had been forwarded to Leader. Cllr. Harris wished to record his continued concerns, as no material progress has been made; he acknowledged the issues are difficult, but should be addressed before fatalities occur. Cllr. Cooke, who further wished to state he was not prepared to apologise for the motion of no confidence, endorsed this

6070 Planning Applications:
(a) RSW-AVA/2004/0805 Change of use, business to residential, Post Office Cottage, Chapel Street, Fritchley; no comment.
(b) PAW-AVA/2004/0820 Demolish existing garage, construct two storey rear extension to side elevation & conservatory, fire escape to rear elevation, Luessa, 8 Coast Hill, Crich. Noted inclusion of fire escape, and queried if this is in preparation for a Bed & Breakfast business.
(c) RTH-AVA/2004/0849 Replace existing metal windows with wooden, The Mount, 1 Bowns Hill, Crich; no comment.
(d) LB-AVA/2004/0872 New dwelling, Atherstone, Coast Hill, Crich; no comment.
(e) PAW-AVA/2004/0876 Erection steel palisade fencing & access gates, school field, Fritchley CE Primary School; no comment.
(f) LB-AVA/2004/0910 Double garage with storeroom & workshop below, Holly Cottage, Top Lane, Whatstandwell; no comment

6071 Accounts:
000884 Crich Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000885 Powa Pak, Cross restoration work �2,643.75
000886 Key Services, grounds maintenance �555.59
000887 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75
000889 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary & expenses �93.84
000890 Parish Clerk, salary, June 2004 �362.00
000891 CRAMP, driving �388.20
000892 Crich Glebe Field Centre, photocopying �15.78
000893 Parish Warden expenses �73.77
Resolved not to pay DCC account of �1,026.00, for traffic management during repairs to Cross; DCC to be requested to provide itemised account.

The Chair again suspended Standing Orders, to allow Cllr. Harris to speak. Cllr. Harris explained that he had been informed, as a resident, of work being carried out to provide access to Hilts Quarry for large vehicles; this was at short notice. Cllr. Harris had obtained a letter from Rolls-Royce, headed Restoration of Hilts Quarry, to be distributed to Councillors, also environmental monitoring results for the second quarter of 2004. Cllr. Lane had also obtained the latter documentation, as a member of the local liaison committee. Cllr. Harris anticipates there will be the movement of large, heavy vehicles through the village, with consequent parking problems. Cllr. Cooke suggested that Rolls-Royce be requested to allow a group of Councillors to monitor progress; Mr Skinner to be contacted to provide dates for such visits, and all Councillors informed.