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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 1 August 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Cooke, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Thorpe, and Tromans, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson (for 05/128 only), and 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Whitney.

05/128 Matters raised by Cty Cllr Jackson and the public
(a) Amber Hill/New Road emergency vehicle access difficulty. Cllr Jackson said that DCC considered the width adequate. Cllr Salt had raised the matter at the Police Consultative Committee with no comments. Clerk said that Derbyshire Fire Service had visited the site and were concerned. Take to next meeting.
(b) Missing bus shelter(s). Cllr Jackson said that one at The Common and not two as some thought had been moved by AVBC because it was damaged.
(c) Cllr Jackson expressed finally his concern over expansion at The Briars.
(d) Parking near the Church for services. Chair said that parking as such was legal but any obstruction should be reported to the Police.
(e) AVBC new refuse collection procedures. Clerk to write to AVBC on the various comments.

05/129 Minutes of the meeting of 4 July 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair.

05/130 Matters arising from the Minutes

05/131 Declaration of interest
Cllr Tromans declared a prejudicial interest in Planning item AVA/2005/0797 and left the meeting while this was being discussed.

05/132 Woodside Farm
Chair informed the Council that Counsel�s recommendation was not to make an application for judicial review. In response to an earlier request from a member of the public for access to Counsel�s opinion, Chair ruled that this could be made only if the Council resolved not to pursue judicial review.
RESOLVED: not to apply for judicial review.
RESOLVED: to lend support to Mark Henson in the suit of maladministration that he was laying before the Local Government Ombudsman and in particular to waive the confidentiality of Counsel�s opinion.
The Council then discussed writing to the Press.
RESOLVED: not to write anything straight away but to reconsider in September.

05/133 Planning decisions
AVA/2005/0456 1 Bowns Hill, Crich: listed building consent for AVA/2005/0630 (below). Granted
AVA/2005/0459 138 The Common, Crich: 1 storey extension to form garage + kitchen extension. Granted
AVA/2005/0500 7 Hodder Close, Crich: new garage. Granted
AVA/2005/0511 Sunnyside, Briars Lane, Crich: extension + alteration to form 2 bedrooms etc. Granted
AVA/2005/0574 2 The Common, Crich: division of property into 2 dwellings. Granted
AVA/2005/0629 2 Amber Hill, Crich: loft conversion + replacement gable window to rear etc. Granted
AVA/2005/0630 1 Bowns Hill, Crich: new garage + replace conservatory with entrance porch etc. Granted
AVA/2005/0637 80 The Common, Crich: kitchen/conservatory ext + highway access. Withdrawn

05/134 Planning applications
AVA/2005/0764 6 Culland View, Crich: new conservatory. �No objections.�
AVA/2005/0797 Ivy Bank House, Wheatcroft: erection of balcony + decorative clock. �Crich Parish Council has no objection in principle but requests AVBC to specify materials suitable for the conservation area.�
AVA/2005/0813 Land at Sandy Lane, Crich: dwelling with garage. �Crich Parish Council objects to this proposal on grounds of highway safety. This part of Sandy Lane is firstly narrow, secondly has extremely limited sightlines, and thirdly has cars parked most of the time opposite the proposed entrance to this site.�

Chair described the growing practice of applicants withdrawing controversial applications then resubmitting them with only minor amendment and getting them approved because objectors to the original application do not realize that they have to register their objections afresh.

05/135 Licensing decisions
Rock and Blues Custom Show 28�30 July, Pentrich: lap dancing. Refused
Derwent Hotel 17 July and 20 August: brass band concert. Granted

05/136 Internal audit and Annual Return
Clerk reported that Brian Wood, internal auditor, had approved the 2004/5 accounts with no qualifying remarks. Clerk then presented to Council the Statement of Assurance in the Annual Return to the Audit Commission.
RESOLVED: Chair and Clerk to sign the Statement of Assurance.

05/137 Balances 10 July Current �31710.65; Jubilee �944.59; Charity �112.52
05/138 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (30.6) �47.95
05/139 Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c interest (30.6) �00.09
05/140 M F Ludlam re: interment (17.6) �36.00
05/141 Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c tax refund (25.7) �00.29
05/142 E Cope & Sons re: ashes memorial (27.7) �36.00
05/143 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary July �529.55 941 �529.55
05/144 M Macarthur re: BG caretaking July 942 �86.67
05/145 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: July contribution 943 �440.00
05/146 Derwent Waste Management re: BG skip 944 �70.50
05/147 Brian Wood re: internal audit 945 �30.25
05/148 Key Services re: grass cutting July 946 �519.52
05/149 Ross Fletcher re: website updating 947 �282.00
05/150 N & G Tomlinson re: tree surgery 948 �280.00

05/151 Circulars and publications from other authorities
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service: Draft Integrated Risk Management Action Plan 2006/7
Derbyshire Police Authority: Policing Plan for Derbyshire 2005/6
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Minutes 5 July

Cllr Thorpe was looking into a grit bin for Chadwick Nick Lane. She had also been asked about a possible increase in parking on Fritchley Drying Ground grassed area, to which the general feeling was negative.
Cllr Harwood expressed concern at Market Place litter; Dowie Way footpath to Wheatsheaf Lane; and lack of Key Services verge cutting on Bowns Hill.
Cllr Brierton would light the Beacon at 9 pm on 13 August as part of VJ Day 60th anniversary celebrations.
Cllr Goodhead reported riding of light powered bikes on the Recreation Ground one Sunday.
Cllr Salt reported a hole in the pavement near the Red Lion at Fritchley.
Cllr Cooke had a quote from a special needs conservation group of �25 a day for footpath clearance work and would work out a priority list.
Cllr Tromans said that the Police could not at the moment attend Council meetings due to staff shortage.
Cllr Bendon was to attend a meeting at The Briars about noise level of music.
Chair reported on various matters raised by parishioners.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9.20 pm.