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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 7 August 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Smith, Thorpe, and Tromans, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and one member of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Brierton, Salt, Steppings, and Whitney.

06/108 Public participation
A parishioner asked questions about AVBC�s household waste policy to which Cllr Thorpe replied.

06/109 Minutes of the meeting of 3 July 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair after one spelling correction.

06/110 Matters arising from the Minutes
06/77 Police had acknowledged Council�s letter renouncing Parish Council use of flyers for cars parked on pavements but had not said anything further about their own role.
06/80 Clerk agreed that the Minute was ambiguous: the burial ground grit bin had been damaged by fire well before the recent resurfacing.
06/87 Clerk had made no progress with Yorkshire Bank on higher interest bearing accounts due to difficulties in communication about which he had complained to the bank�s head office.
06/107 Chapel Lane had been sprayed with weedkiller by Grass Track.

06/111 Declarations of interest
Cllr Harwood declared an interest in planning application 2006/0837 and Cllr Smith an interest in 2006/0905.

06/112 Police matters
No PC attended. Inspector Brown had rung Clerk and Cllr Thorpe two weeks previously. Cllr Thorpe was content with Police action on Fritchley matters. PC Gibbs had been appointed Rural Liaison Officer. Clerk advised that PCSOs could be used by or shared between parishes if their costs were paid.
RESOLVED: to write to Inspector Brown about use of PCSOs.

06/113 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson was pursuing the matter of emergency vehicle access signage in Fritchley. The problem along Potters Lane, Wheatcroft, was blocked drains not surface water runoff from fields. He had walked round Fritchley and noted instances of inconsiderate parking. He suggested that the Clerk inquire of the RNIB for assistance with cars parked on pavements. He proposed a meeting with DCC Highways on all local highways issues. Chair and Cllr Thorpe offered to attend for the Council.
  Borough Cllr Thorpe had secured from DCC some accompanied horses warning signs for Dimple Lane, Fritchley but DCC had refused a request for such signs at Potters Lane as the sightlines were considered adequate there. She had taken up a complaint by the Parish tree wardens with AVBC officers. She asked the Clerk to write to Ripley Town Council about litter up Bullbridge Hill between the Canal inn and Allen Lane. She said that AVBC planning officers were minded to approve The Briars application 2006/0291. She was to ask for a site visit, probably on 18 September, and had support of DCC Highways. Cllr Harris asked that AVBC ensure the Council�s voice was heard.
RESOLVED: to write to AVBC Chief Executive and Head of Borough Development to ensure the Council was heard in this matter.

Clerk�s report
06/114 Accompanied Horses warning signs Cllr Thorpe had secured signs for Dimple Lane (see previous item).
06/115 Allotments Mr A Waterfall no longer had time to act as allotment manager and had suggested handing over to Mr R Harvey of Whatstandwell and Mr R Tatam of Fritchley. He also requested the Council to thank retiring allotment holder Mr S Haywood for over 25 years work. Clerk said that after uncertainty over ownership last year the rent had not been paid. He therefore presented two years� rent for payment. He had asked the landowner to advise of any change of ownership. He noted continued high level of interest in allotment holding at the ground.
RESOLVED: to appoint Mr Harvey allotment manager and Mr Tatam deputy manager.
RESOLVED: to write to Mr Haywood thanking him for his exemplary work over many years.
06/116 AVBC Parishes Liaison meeting The date was 7 September 7 pm at Ripley. Chair and Cllr Goodhead offered to attend and Clerk would try to go too. Clerk was required to inform DALC of topics for discussion.
RESOLVED: Clerk to register a few topics for discussion including grit bin provision and planning procedures.
06/117 The Briars Chair reported on a meeting on 28 July attended by Chair, Cllr Bendon, Cllr Salt, Mrs Fudge, and Fr Wheat at The Briars. Fr Wheat accepted the need for better communications on the activities there and would write something for the winter edition of CACN, possibly jointly with the Chair. Fr Wheat denied there were any plans for further expansion, contrary to what was stated in planning application 2006/0291. Cllr Harris requested that the whole Council be given a chance to go to The Briars. Some members also thought that supervision outside the grounds was inadequate.
RESOLVED: to request Fr Wheat to suggest a date when the Council could go to The Briars.
06/118 Burial ground deputy In connection with the next item, Clerk proposed that a deputy be appointed in cases of notified absence of the Clerk for more than three days at a time.
RESOLVED: to appoint Cllr Hardwood as deputy burial clerk and notify all necessary funeral directors and masons.
06/119 Clerk�s absence Clerk notifed the Council of his absences on holiday 20�30 August and 4�9 October.
06/120 Dog fouling stickers Clerk presented the three designs by the Infant School for stickers (see 06/10 of May).
06/121 Fritchley School Chair said that DCC advised that the Council could not override the School on use of the playing field. The Governors were going to agree hours of use. Mr Fantom had been asked to repair damage to gate.
06/122 Hilts Quarry Rolls Royce and the EA would attend the Council on 4 September. The monitoring results for 2006 1st quarter were available. RR offered an open day in �late September� for the Council to inspect the site.
RESOLVED: to write to RR about discrepancies noted by Cllr Bendon in the 1st quarter results and request RR state the procedure for sampling boreholes.
RESOLVED: to suggest 4 September as the open day, and refer the matter to that day�s meeting if not accepted.
06/123 Licensing Act 2003 Clerk advised that Parish Council were now �interested parties� under the Act.

06/124 Planning appeal
Land at Coddington Top Farm, Whatstandwell (Burnett).
RESOLVED: Clerk to write to Planning Inspectorate: �Crich Parish Council supports the enforcement action taken by Amber Valley Borough Council in this matter.�

06/125 Planning decisions
2006/0503 1 Tors Spring (Hawkins): alteration + heightening of garden fence + erection of garden shed. Granted

06/126 Planning applications
2006/0801 27 Weaver Close, Crich (Whittaker): 1 storey rear extension. �No objections.�
2006/0805 1 Folds Yard, Crich (Philo): 1 storey rear extension. �No objections.�
2006/0810 Laburnum Cottage, Bennetts Lane, Crich (Worboys):
rear extension + car standing area. �No objections in principle though we ask AVBC to consider the highway implications of this proposal.�
2006/0836 Coddington Farm (Northcott): barn conversion to dependant relative (amended). �The Parish Council opposes this application for the same reasons as it opposed 2006/0278. It is not in keeping with the surrounding farmland ambience, involving the heavy alteration of the traditional appearance of an established agricultural building to a housing unit more appropriate to an already developed setting. No dependent relative is named on the application, nor any description given of what �dependency� means and why it is applicable in this case. The application as designed would not for example suit a person with deteriorating mobility and seems to be for a multi-occupancy holiday let or outright sale. The Council is also concerned with overdevelopment at this location and notes that AVA/2005/0610 already permits a large 2 storey extension to Coddington Farm, not yet begun.�
2006/0837 Market Place (Hub3 Ltd): change of use from antique shop to accountancy office. �No objections.�
2006/0841 Holly Cottage, Whatstandwell (Procter): garden room. �No objections.�
2006/0892 Fairfield Farm, Fritchley (Treanor): outline for 1 dwelling. �According to the Adopted Amber Valley Local Plan 2006 Policy H3 allows development subject to conditions within the built framework of certain urban areas and villages including Fritchley. This site is not within the built framework and is therefore not permitted under H3. Policy H5 states that outside the built framework of settlements, planning permission will not be granted for housing development unless the proposals meet certain conditions. For new development the relevant condition is condition 3: �new development which can be shown to be necessary for the operation of a rural based activity and where a countryside location is essential.� Crich Parish Council therefore opposes this application insofar as it does not comply with Policy H5. The applicant has not specified any use for the dwelling. Until a use is specified we believe that no outline permission can be given.�
2006/0905 1 Roes Court, Crich (Gorbould): detached garage + extension for porch. �No objections.�
2006/0908 Amberley, 51 The Common, Crich (Jacob): 1st floor extension to bungalow (amended). �No objections.�

06/127 July Curr. �19648.33; Jubilee �945.39; Charity �116.80
Income   �   
06/128 Yorkshire Bank current a/c int 30/6   36.61
06/129 Yorkshire Bank Jubilee a/c int 30/6   00.11
06/130 Hoults Memorials memorial 13/7   40.00
06/131 HM Revenue & Customs VAT refund 14/7   2008.18
06/132 Trafford Lowe interment 24/7   120.00
06/133 J Beresford & Sons memorials 24/7   108.00
06/134 Archway FS interment 24/7   30.00
06/135 M D A Coultas Clerk�s salary + exp 045 643.50
06/136 M MacArthur BG/PG caretaking July 046 123.33
06/137 Crich Glebe Field Trust July contribution 047 500.00
06/138 Derwent Waste Management Ltd BG skip 048 76.38
06/139 Ross Fletcher Websitel 049 399.50
06/140 Viking Direct printer ink 050 133.88
06/141 Grass Track July maintenance 051 337.81
06/142 Parkwood Social Fund No 2 FP clearance 052 75.00
06/143 Mrs J Hawksley allotment rent 2005/6/7 053 140.00

Members expressed concern as to the cost effectiveness of continuing with the website and asked that an item be placed on the September agenda.

06/144 Circulars and publications
AVBC Minutes submitted in July
Friends of the Derwent Valley Line: Minutes of 1st AGM 4 July

06/145 Information
Cllr Smith said that a No Ball Games sign had been put up at The Beeches, Crich.
Cllr Bendon had been approached by Chasecliff Farm about a road sign warning of farm animals and would ask DCC about appropriate signs.
Cllr Harris said that vehicles had taken to tooting along Dimple Lane and wondered how it could be discouraged.
Cllr Tromans said that Parkwood Centre had done a fine job clearing footpaths 29 and 34 at Wheatcroft.
Cllr Thorpe asked that the longstanding listing for blackspot lighting at the Fritchley end of FP 73 be addressed.
Cllr Goodhead had received a resident�s request for a No Ball Games sign at the top of New Road. He advised that the Clerk consult Cllr Smith who had successfully procured the sign at The Beeches.
Cllr Harwood said that streetlight 21705 on Coasthill was always on and should be reported to DCC.
Clerk said that the Friends of the Derwent Valley Line had �adopted� Whatstandwell Station. The brick shelter was to be demolished and replaced by a new shelter type as erected at Belper Station.

Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.30 pm.