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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 6 August 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair) Cllrs Brierton, Birkin, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Smith, Steppings,

Thorpe and Tromans. Clerk in attendance.

Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 2 members of the public.

Apologies: AVBC Cllr. Taylor

Chair welcomed new Councillors Mrs. Nellie Birkin and Mr. Peter Clark

07/100 Matters raised by members of the public

A member of the public reported the need to cut the verges at the junction of Hollies Lane and Wild Lane. Cllr Thorpe offered to refer the matter to AVBC and /or DCC as appropriate.

07/101 Police matters

No police representation.

The damage to a large glass panel in the back of the Market Place bus shelter was noted. This belongs to DCC and has been made safe but not yet repaired. This damage may be related to other problems involving bad behaviour and possible drug dealing and abuse on the Market Place and in the region of the Jubilee garden. Clerk was instructed to write to police A Division asking for help with this problem. Cty. Cllr. Jackson expressed his concern and offered to help in finding a solution to this growing problem.

07/102 Minutes of the meeting of 9 July 2007

With minor amendments the minutes were signed by the Chair.

07/103 Matters arising from the Minutes

Mr Stephen Bateman who had indicated by letter that he would be prepared to join the Council as a coopted member. In a brief presentation he gave some details of his background and explained his interest in and willingness to serve the Parish community. He was elected nem con and welcomed as a member by the Chair.

New members of the Council signed Acceptance of Office forms and Declaration of Interest forms.

The Council agreed to adopt the revised Code of Conduct with the exception of those items that are not mandatory for Parish Councils (para. 7, para. 10 sub-para. 2, (c)( i) (ii), para. 11 and para. 12 sub-para. 2.

Cllr. Clark has agreed to represent the Parish Council on the Glebe Management Committee. Cllr. Bateman has joined the Finance Committee and Cllr. Brierton will act as the Quarry Liaison Representative with ex-Cllr. Bendon acting as an adviser.

AVBC have agreed to move the grit bin further up Church Street, Fritchley to a more useful location.

AVBC does not have a specific programme for the elimination of ragwort. Landowners are required to remove it from locations where it may be accessed by vulnerable species such as horses. Cty. Cllr. Jackson said he was reporting his concerns over ragwort and Japanese knotweed to DCC.

JC Balls have not responded to PC request to make good small defects in the BG drive.

Chair reported that The Glebe will dispose of the large brown tables belonging to the PC but no longer of use.

07/104 Declarations of Interest


07/105 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson presented a map of the locality and asked for Councillors� help in identifying the location of broken drains, blocked gullies, etc. Members were asked to inform the Clerk so that he could mark these on the map.

Cty. Cllr. Jackson explained the complexities of erecting a handrail at West Bank Drive where the land is owned partly by DCC and partly by Amber Valley Housing. He is attempting to resolve this matter so that the handrail can be put in place.

Cty. Cllr. Jackson is also following up his concerns regarding overhanging trees in Garner Lane and the failure of surface water drains on Dimple Lane for which instruction forms have been issued but no work has begun. He also agreed to take up the matter of overhanging trees on Bowns Hill, which lie within the conservation area and are probably a matter for DCC.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe and Cty. Cllr. Jackson have reported a problem with a fallen tree on Roes Lane. Cllr. Thorpe also informed the meeting that AVBC is looking at the possibility of providing green waste bins to add to the current re-cycling options. She also explained the enormous problems associated with the recent Pentrich Rock �n� Blues Festival and apologized to parishioners for any inconvenience caused by the indiscriminate parking and blocking of roads. Cllr. Smith expressed her alarm at the problems which would have been caused had emergency vehicles needed to access certain parts of Fritchley, South Wingfield and Pentrich during that weekend.

07/106 Clerk�s report

Graffiti at the RG was reported to the police (crime no. 47319-07). Clerk reported that Mr. MacArthur had worked hard to remove it before the day of the Carnival.

The Rolls Royce report on the safety of Hilt�s Quarry was generally satisfactory but it was agreed to pass it to ex Cllr. Bendon for further consideration.

Clerk presented a list of tasks needing to be covered in his absence/holiday periods. It was agreed that a sub-committee would consider the best way to ensure that appropriate cover was provided at these times.

Cllr. Thorpe suggested asking advice from DALC.

The Rural Mobile Police Station will resume visits. A list of times and dates has been posted in the Parish.

The Parish Council does not own any of the bus shelters within the area. �No Smoking� signs have been posted in the two semi-enclosed ones (Market Place and Surgery Lane). DCC to be asked for improved signs.

Clerk presented estimates for an extra street light in New Road. It was resolved to ask DCC to install a light between numbers 31 and 32 subject to consultation.

The Parish Council has received an invitation from Peak District Rural Housing Association to attend their seminar in September at which the topic is �Affordable Homes�. Chair accepted this invitation.

The planning application for a protective fence behind the goalmouth on the recreation ground has been sent to AVBC.

The issue of apparent breaches of planning permissions regarding a stone barn at Coddington Farm was discussed. Council agreed to write to AVBC expressing its concern that any breaches of planning regulations within the Parish are dealt with swiftly and appropriately before projects have gone too far.

07/107 Planning decisions

AVA/2007/0485 Coddington Hall Farm (Chambers/Hawksley) re-submission of AVA/2006/1524 demolition of redundant farm buildings and conversion of stone barn into 2 residential units Granted

AVA/2007/0549 20 Chase View Crich (Riley) outline applcn.for new dwelling Granted

AVA/2007/0741 102, The Common Crich (Butler) Replace existing garage and shed with new det. Garage and store Granted

AVA/2007/0757 Crossways Coddington Lane W�standwell (Jackson) demolish existing and rebuild 3 storey det. dwelling Withdrawn

AVA/2007/0770 7 Cromford Rd. Crich (Lucas) change of use from highway land to residential curtilage, demolition of old wall and construction of new. Granted

AVA/2007/0793 24 New Rd. Crich (Stephen) Loft conv. And alterations withdrawn

07/108 Planning applications

n.b. all planning and tree work applications received by AVBC over the preceding 7 days may be viewed


AVA/2007/0929 Snowdrop Cottage 4, Amber View Rd. Fritchley (Vincent) Shed and greenhouse in rear garden No objection

07/109 Accounts

Balances 9th. Aug Current �26950.14 Jubilee �945.83 Charity �121.85


Yorkshire Bank Current A/C interest May 2007 �62.36

Yorkshire Bank Current A/C interest June 2007 �56.22

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C interest June 2007 � 0.11

DCC Minor maintenance grant (footpaths etc.) �565.00

Archway FS (M.Petts) �70.00

Beecroft Memorials (JB Swift) �40.00

Archway FS (J Bowmer) �120.00

AVBC repayment of amt taken twice for election fees �311.55

Hoults Memorials (JV Smith) �80.00

Archway FS (V Julian and M Hall) �150.00

JF Sayles rent for grass at rear of BG �12.00

Expenditure June 2007

CH Ludlam re: Clerk�s salary �397.68+ �22.99 expenses July 2007 chq. No153


M Macarthur re: BG/PG caretaking June + 4 hrs o/t

(graffiti cleaning) chq. No.154 �147.02

Crich Glebe Field Trust re: June contribution chq. No. 155 �525.00

Grass Track (grounds maintenance June) chq. No.156 �364.84

Lexis Nexis (Local Council Administration textbook) �53.45

Belper Skip Hire (formerly Derwent Waste) chq. no.158 �82.25

Brian Wood (internal audit 9.7.2007) chq. No.159 �41.50

AVBC planning applcn. RG fence chq. No.160 �67.50

Grass Track (grounds maintenance July) chq. No.161 �364.84

07/110 Circulars and publications

Posters re. Climate Change

East Midlands Airport � Community investment report 2007

What�s on in Amber Valley August 2007

DCC Excellence in the Community Awards 2007

B-line magazine

Derwent Valley Mills Partnership next meeting September 19th 2007 2.00 pm AVBC offices Ripley.

Copies of their newsletter issue 7 have also been received.

07/111 Information

It was drawn to the attention of the meeting that Coddington Hall Farm is for sale with surrounding land.

Clerk was instructed to establish whether the allotment ground was included in this sale as this has implications for the Parish Council which is required to provide allotment ground if there is a demonstrable need (which there clearly is). This ground has been used by the Parish for about 90 years and it is hoped that some way can be found to continue its use in this way.

Cllrs. Smith and Harrison attended an Amber Valley Housing seminar on affordable housing and would be happy to report back to AVHL any ideas to help with the development of a strategy for the future.

Cllr. Smith said she was aware of a planning application regarding the future of Bole Hill Quarry, Wingerworth which may be of interest.

Cllr. Fudge reported her concerns regarding noise and disturbance to local residents caused by activities at The Briars going on late into the night. She has passed details, including a diary of events, to AVBC Environmental Health. Her research has shown that 5,000 people per year use the facility, which, unlike similar venues belonging to the church, is not in an isolated location. Other members of the Parish Council questioned whether The Briars was designed to serve such a large number of people and expressed concern about the quality of its relationship with the local community. Clerk was instructed to write a letter expressing concerns over this matter to Father Wheat at The Briars and to the Bishop of the Nottingham Diocese.

Cllr. Birkin said that she hopes to start a Residents� Group in Crich. She will liaise with Amber Valley Housing and will arrange publicity.

Cllr. Bateman asked that the litter bin at the bottom of Bulling Lane be replaced .

Cllr. Steppings was happy to report that the main drains outside Dove Cottage on Potter�s Lane have been repaired.

Having attended the inaugural meeting, Cllr. Lane reported that the Patient Participation Group at Crich surgery has now got off the ground and that she and Cllr. Thorpe will continue to be involved. She also presented an e-mail from AVBC asking for details of properties flooded during the recent wet weather.

The post of Parish Warden will be discussed at the next meeting (Cllr. Thorpe presented some useful documentation on the subject).

07/112 Letters from Parishioners

Mr. Gibbs informed the meeting of his concern over the continued failure of BT to repair the telephone box at New Rd. and over the state of the old mile-post near the Cliff Inn. Chair added her concern about the state of a mile-post on The Common.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.50 pm.

Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk 19th. August 2007