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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday, 6 September 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr. Goodhead, in the Chair, Cllrs. Lane, Bendon, Harwood, Smith & Whitney, also a member of the public

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Hartshorne, Salt & Thorpe

The Chair welcomed Mrs Smith, joining the Parish Council following a un-contested election. Mrs Smith expressed thanks for help she had already received, and paid tribute to the former Cllr. Daniel, who had resigned his seat. Mrs Smith further acknowledged an error, which had occurred in a publication, and explained she already had Committee experience.

6073 Matters Raised by the Public:
The member of the public wished to place on record her opinion that the vote of No Confidence in DCC Highways had been carried out in a democratic manner, based on long term evidence, and with the interests of parishioners at heart

6074 Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office:
Mrs C M Smith signed a declaration of acceptance of office.

6075 Minutes:
The minutes of the meeting of 5 July had been circulated. With Minutes 6057, (minute 6074) to read TRANSCO and Minute 6067, Cromford Road to read Cliff Side, resolved these be signed as a true record.

6076 Minutes:
The minutes of the meeting of 2 August 2004 had been circulated. Resolved that these be signed as a true record.

6077 Declarations of Interest:
Cllr. Goodhead declared an interest in agenda item 13, as a member of the Glebe Field Centre Management Committee

6078 Speaker:
Mr J Dickinson, Amber Valley Housing Strategy Officer:
The meeting was reminded that in February 2003 AVBC houses were made over to Amber Valley Housing Ltd. The work of the latter organisation includes making a profile of housing needs; there is a right to buy, the demand for social rented housing continues, with the vast majority of eligible people not being able to afford to purchase. Mr Dickinson explained the different forms of financing, and provided census information for Crich; it was not thought there was any local authority owned land in the parish. Provision for affordable housing is seen within the context of developments, dispersed within, rather than a discrete portion. It can be possible to covenant such homes, but current very high prices make this unviable.

6079 Matters arising from the Minutes, 5 July 2004:
Minute 6054
Work has been carried out to clear land at Roes Lane.

Minute 6057 Quiet Lanes, letter from Chair of Youlgrave Parish Council detailed progress in that parish, thanks to be expressed, and an update requested. DCC to be asked to comment on that initiative; Cllr. Lane to investigate, including reference to CPRE web site.

Minute 6063 Cllr. Bendon expressed concern that the Environment Agency does not have the statutory powers to impose monitoring conditions on Rolls-Royce regarding water quality. Cllr. Lane to check if EA has agreed to carry out testing. DCC, footway, Bobbin Mill Hill, Fritchley was not repaired because of lack of funds. Minute 6067 Drains, Dimple Lane & Lynam Road, DCC has cleaned recently, but will check again.

Minute 6071 DCC has provided details of traffic management work at the Cross; resolved to await response from MIB.

6080 Matters arising from the Minutes, 2 August 2004:
Cllr. Bendon reported that Councillors had visited Hilts Quarry.

6081 Police Matters:
Inspector Lish, Station Inspector, Alfreton and Traffic Warden Stevenson attended the meeting. Mr Stevenson reported on observations, which had been made at Fritchley, the location of parking difficulties. He had produced a report, with four options to address the problem; the Parish Council to consider these at a future date. Inspector Lish to check on the proposed use of the Mobile Police Station as described in the Derbyshire Policing Plan 2004-2005.

6082 Reports:
Regular Glebe Field Centre activities continue, with another themed lunch to be held next week. Most visits in the CRAMP programme are oversubscribed, so random selections are held.

Burial Ground Committee had met to consider memorial safety, a demonstration by a commercial firm has been organised on 20 September. Zurich Insurance to be requested to explain what it requires concerning memorial testing. Only one quotation has been received for the drive repair; following correspondence with Ms Mallaber, MP, further contact has been made with TRANSCO, which would be prepared to negotiate concerning pipe diversion, but as a regulated industry could not provide a free service. Some chippings continue to be in place around cremation tablets; amended Burial Ground rules are to be provided for the �responsible person�, following every interment.

6083 Crich Cross:
Reported that current replacement cost would be �22,000.00, plus expenses for removal of damaged structure, and associated road closure. Proposed by Cllr. Lane & seconded by Cllr. Whitney that the Parish Council should take responsibility by insuring the structure; it is not necessary to increase Public Liability cover.

6084 Amendment of Burial Ground Fees:
Proposed by Cllr. Whitney & seconded by Cllr. Bendon that the Council ratify the resolution of the Burial Ground Committee to increase fees. Resolved that fees in relation to headstones should be reviewed again, when more information about costs of memorial safety testing was available.

6085 Contribution to Glebe Field Trust Ltd:
A letter from the Manager of the Glebe Field Centre explained that charges had recently been increased by 10%, and requested the Parish Council consider an increase in its annual contribution. Cllr. Lane referred to a meeting of the Trustees, Management Committee and Councillors, when funding at the inception of the project had been explained, and requested details of this original agreement, and portions of contributions be obtained, in order to inform debate.

6086 Correspondence from Parishioners:
A resident had written to express concern about the new safety surface at the Recreation Ground Play Area, and related incidents of injuries to children. AVBC had been contacted, confirmed the area complies with relevant Health & Safety standards. Zurich to be requested to advise if it would agree to direct contact with resident.

6087 Correspondence from Other Authorities:
(a) DCC is not prepared to mark its grit bins with contact numbers
(b) DCC Local Transport Plan, fourth annual progress report received
� DCC Speed Campaign, details of 2004 posters, being displayed at places with highest accident record received
(d) DCC had requested comments on bus waiting areas, and had responded that there had been re-tendering, and problems in the Market Place were being considered
(e) AVBC has provided an Historic Buildings grant of �75.00, for Cross repair
(f)AVBC Amber Valley & Erewash Walking Festival 2004 information received
(g) AVBC confirm it will organise the uplifting of bags of waste, collected by the Parish Warden, without charge
(h) AVBC Notification that appeal against refusal of planning permission, development Woodside Farm Crich, will be held on14 June 2005, received
(i) AVBC Minutes of Council & Committee meetings received
(j) AVBC Corporate Performance Plan 2004-05 & Strategic Statement 2002-05 received
(k) AVBC Arts newsletter received
(l)AVBC noted Ms C M Smith has been elected as a Parish Councillor for Crich Ward of Crich Parish, as a result of an uncontested election
(m) AVBC, renewal, public entertainment licence, Kings Arms, The Common Crich, noted
(n) Derbyshire Police Authority, Policing Plan 2004-05 received
(o) Inspector Lish introduced himself as new Alfreton Section Inspector
(p) Mrs Wellby to represent the Parish Council at Chief Constable�s Evening on 23 September
(q) DALC circulars received
� Countryside Agency, organisational changes noted
(s) Mr Gibbons queries on footpath marker and milepost noted
(t) Crich Heritage Partnership invitation to meeting on 20 October to be re-presented at October meeting
(u) Proddow Mackay letter of claim re Recreation Ground Play Equipment, forwarded to Zurich Insurance
(v) DCC TravelWise Derbyshire 2004 campaign posters received
(w) DCC new Countryside Code leaflets received
(x) AVBC Community Safety Audit 2004 draft for consultation received, Councillors to be invited to prioritise items to be considered
(y) AVBC Notification that appeal against refusal of planning permission, erection of dwelling, land adjacent to 10 Amber View Road, Crich,
(z) AVBC Minutes of Council & Committee meetings received, including Planning Board consideration of existing use for haulage business at Plaistow House Farm, Plaistow Green
(ai) DALC, Apologies for absence to be tendered for AGM on 18 September
(bi)Office of Deputy Prime Minister, consultation on Code of Conduct for Local Government employees & Review of restrictions on political activities of Local Government employees received
(ci) Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site annual monitoring report 2003-04 received
(di) AVBC renewal, public entertainment licence, Glebe Field Trust Ltd. noted
(ei) Fritchley CE Primary School, Governors, request for donation towards Barchester Scheme, referred to Finance Committee

6088 Decisions on Planning Applications:
(a) AVA/2004/0537 Extensions to dwelling Atherstone, Coast Hill, Crich; withdrawn for reconsideration
(b) AVA/2004/0492 Conversion of garage to kitchen, new rear extension, Random Lodge, Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; granted
(c) AVA/2004/0541 Two storey extension, rear Wainwrights Cottage, Dimple Lane, Crich; granted
(d) AVA/2004/0634 Conversion of gallery to dwelling & change of use, Crich Pottery, Market Place, Crich; granted
(e) AVA/2004/0675 Outline, erection dwelling land adjacent 10 Amber View Road, Fritchley; refused
(f) AVA/2004/0805 Change of use, business to residential, Post Office Cottage, Fritchley; granted
(g) AVA/2004/0820 Demolish garage, construct two storey extension & conservatory, Luessa, 8 Coast Hill, Crich; granted
(h) AVA/2004/0876 Erection steel fencing within existing school fields, Fritchley CE Primary School; granted
(i) TRE/2004/0049 Fell ash & sycamore trees, prune sycamore, 2 Mount Pleasant, Top Lane Whatstandwell; no Tree Preservation Order
(j) TRE/2004/0053 Remove leylandii & one cherry tree, 4 Amber View Road, Fritchley; no Tree Preservation Order
(k) TRE/2004/0060 Remove two leylandii, The Cottage, Front Street, Fritchley; no Tree Preservation Order
(l) TRE/2004/0063 Tree Preservation Order 293/2003, pruning 1 sycamore, 1 cherry, 1 pine, 1 birch & 2 beech trees; Atherstone, Coast Hill, Crich, consent granted with conditions

6089 Planning Applications:
(a) RTH-AVA/2004/0718 Single storey extension, additional working space, Crich Hair Studio, Market Place, Crich, amendments to design; previous comment to be repeated
(b) PAW-AVA/2004/1001 Construction of garage & two storey rear extension, Brooke Cottage, 2 Kirkham Lane, Fritchley; no comment
(c) SW-AVA/2004/1022 Wooden stable block, Wheatcroft House, Wheatcroft Lane, Wheatcroft; no comment
(d) TRE/2004/0060 Remove two leylandii trees, The Cottage, Front Street, Fritchley; referred to Tree Wardens
(e) TRE/2004/0063 Pruning one sycamore, one cherry, one pine, one birch, two beech trees, Atherstone, Coast Hill, Crich; referred to Tree Wardens
(f) TRE/2004/0072 Remove rowan & oak tree, Cheriton House, Thurlow Booth, Whatstandwell; referred to Tree Wardens
(g) TRE/2004/0070 Fell birch & maple trees, Riverside Cottage, Chapel Street, Fritchley; referred to Tree Wardens
(h) TRE/2004/0076 Crown reduce eastern side of tree by 1.5m, Cross Cottage, Roes Lane, Crich; referred to Tree Wardens
Confirmed that Tree Wardens have authority to pass their observations directly to AVBC.

6090 Accounts:
000894 Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000895 Key Services, Grounds Maintenance �815.77
000896 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary & expenses �93.84
000897 DCC, Road & Street Works fee; resolved not to pay, pending response from MIB �125.00
000898 Parish Warden, expenses �18.80
000899 Parish Clerk, salary, July 2004 �362.00
000900 Glebe Field Trust, CRAMP �346.95
000361 Glebe Field Trust, photocopying �22.80
000362 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75
000363 Strimmer repair �21.00
000364 Mr B Wood, internal audit �32.00

The annual internal audit had been successfully carried out, with the observation that the end of year balance was much reduced.

6091 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Bendon brought to the attention of the meeting the unclean state of Bowns Hill & Roes Lane; AVBC to be asked what action it takes regarding vehicles parked on roads which are to be swept. Standing Orders were suspended in order that a member of the public could advise the meeting that the landowner is responsible for vegetation overhanging a bridle path.

Cllr. Harwood is carrying out the weekly visual inspection of the Play Equipment, during the absence of the Parish Warden, and reported the metal gates slam loudly, AVBC to be asked if there is a safety problem.

Cllr. Lane had been asked advice regarding an alleged accident on a wall adjacent to the Recreation Ground, the situation of previous similar concerns. AVBC to be requested to inspect the site, and if it considers there is a safety problem, to arrange for the wall to be built up and re-charge the owner. She reported Cllr. Thorpe had informed her that a resident of Fritchley had written to her, in a tone critical of the Parish Council, concerning DCC and traffic matters. Cllr. Lane asked if there were any duties of the Parish Warden, which should be delegated, and suggested AVBC should be informed of the absence.

Cllr. Goodhead had been asked for help regarding possible problems with domesticated members of the weasel family kept as pets, but this is not a matter within the remit of the Parish Council.

AVBC will be carrying out work at the balancing ponds, Church Meadows. It will not replace bus shelters, but Parish Council can apply for 50/50 funding, with DCC.

DCC Street light at Allen Lane has been erected, but is not yet functioning.

There had been a verbal request for seating near the Recreation Ground play area, reported there is already a bench.

Cllr. Thorpe had reported the grit bin she had arranged to have resited to Kirkham Lane, Fritchley was unfit for use, and wished the Parish Council to consider purchase of a replacement.

Reported the Countryside Agency had requested a completition report on the Jubilee project; Professor Eggleston had been requested for help.