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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 4 September 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Smith, Steppings, Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and four members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Salt, Thorpe, and Tromans.

06/146 Public participation
(a) Noisy metal covering in road at top of Snowdrop Valley
(b) Poor condition of grit bin at entrance to Dark Lane
(c) Market Place troughs need clearing of plant and tree growth

06/147 Minutes of the meeting of 7 August 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair.

06/148 Police matters
PC Turner attended. Reports were given of damage to the playground fence and to the public conveniences on Bowns Hill. Concern was expressed about security at the former abattoir site off The Common.

06/149 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson had attended a site meeting at Sandy Lane in connection with the extension of the 30 mph limit. He had arranged to meet officers of DCC Highways on site at Fritchley in the evening of 11 October regarding parking and vehicular access problems. Chair and Cllr Thorpe would also attend. He had received submissions against the continued use of Crich Quarry on expiry of the current permissions. Cllr Jackson then left the meeting.

06/150 Hilts Quarry EA/RR presentation
Representatives from the Environment Agency and Rolls Royce Marine attended the meeting to report on Fritchley sough readings (EA) and environmental monitoring and site restoration at Hilts Quarry (RR) and took questions from members and the public. Members had earlier in the afternoon visited the site at the invitation of Rolls Royce.

06/151 Matters arising from the Minutes
06/87 Cllr Whitney asked on establishment of a 90 day notice account. Clerk said that the August meeting had deferred this due to possible requirement of liquid funds for the build out at Crich Market Place.
06/88 Cllr Steppings asked on the timetable for siting of new grit bins. Clerk replied around 6 weeks.
06/107 Clerk said that DCC had carried out highway repairs to the north end of Shuckstone Lane and had entered Wheatsheaf Lane onto the rolling programme for resurfacing subject to available funds.
06/113 Cllr Steppings asked on the current state of play with DCC regarding water along Potters Lane. Clerk said that he would ask Cllr Jackson.
06/116 Clerk said that items had been submitted for the AVBC Parishes� Liaison meeting on 7 September and that the DALC AGM agenda had been altered as the guest speaker could not attend.
06/120 Cllr Hardwood said that the new dog fouling stickers did not stick very well.
06/145 Cllr Bendon said that Chasecliff Farm wanted a �duck� sign from DCC to warn of farm poultry in the road.
06/145 Cllr Goodhead said that Clerk had written about a No Ball Games sign for New Road to AVBC. Cllr Harris advised also asking PC Gibbs about this.

Clerk�s report
06/152 Allotments Clerk reported on uncertain situation with ownership of the allotments. The allotment holders had presented a petition for provision of allotments should the site be lost. Clerk advised that AVBC be asked what could be done under the relevant Acts to secure the continued use of the present site.
RESOLVED: to ask AVBC on legal procedures available to secure use of the present allotment site.
06/153 Briars Fr Wheat had agreed to meet members (only) of the Council on 7 October at 10.30 am at The Briars.
06/154 Crich News licensing application Cllr Smith and others were concerned at a new licensing application from Crich News for provision of retail sale of alcohol.
RESOLVED: Clerk and Chair to write letter of objection on grounds of harm to young persons and excessive hours.
06/155 DALC training Clerk advised of a DALC Planning evening at Ripley Town Hall on 4 October and a Training day at Hulland Ward on 21 October.
RESOLVED: to fund attendance at �10 each on 4 October for Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Lane, and Smith.
06/156 Grit bins DCC had approved siting of 3 new grit bins and Clerk had asked AVBC to install them.
06/157 Playground fence damage The fence had been damaged in mid August. Clerk after consulting Chair had arranged for repair at once although the sum was over the permitted limit for emergency spending.
RESOLVED: the Council approved this action and passed the cheque for payment for �425 to Wild�s Landscaping.
06/158 Sandy Lane 30 mph speed limit Clerk showed plan of DCC�s proposed extension up to the recycling site.
RESOLVED: to support the extension of limit as shown.
06/159 Website Clerk recapped on discussion at the August meeting as it had not been an Agenda item.
RESOLVED: to monitor the site�s use for 3 months from August then decide on its future.

06/160 Planning appeal decision
Woodhay Baulk Barn enforcement notice. Appeal allowed and notice quashed

06/161 Planning decisions
2005/0061 Ann Croft, Plaistow Green (Williamson): outline for erection of farmhouse. Granted
2006/0733 Eden End Cottage, Whatstandwell (Delin): loft conversion + new porch. Granted
2006/0748 2 The Common, Crich (Tomlinson): conversion of garage to kitchen. Granted
2006/0801 27 Weaver Close, Crich (Whittaker): 1 storey rear extension. Granted
2006/0805 1 Folds Yard, Crich (Philo): 1 storey rear extension. Granted
2006/0810 Laburnum Cottage, Bennetts Lane, Crich (Worboys): rear extension + car standing area. Granted
2006/0837 Shop on Market Place, Crich (Hub3Ltd): change of use from shop to accountancy office. Granted
2006/0841 Holly Cottage, Whatstandwell (Proctor): garden room. Granted

06/162 Planning applications
2006/0940 Apple Tree Cottage, Fritchley (Slater): replacement conservatory. �No objections.�
2006/0985 Woodside Cottage, Whatstandwell (Beeston): replacement of windows (listed building). �No objections.�
2006/0999 Land at The Yews, The Common, Crich (Jerram): new dwelling. �No objections.�
2006/1030 10 Dale Close, Fritchley (Greenhough): extensions to bungalow + replacement garage. �No objections.�
2006/1050 The Yews, The Common (Jerram): 1 + 2 storey ext + alterations. �No objections.�
2006/1053 31 Coasthill, Crich (Beresford): 2 storey rear ext + conservatory + porch. �No objections.�

06/163 Market Place build out
DCC had agreed to a build out at the Bowns Hill side of the Market Place if funded by the Parish Council. DCC were to provide an estimated costs but had not yet done so.
RESOLVED: to exhibit the plans of the build out in the Crich Bakery window.

06/164 July Curr. �20638.62; Jubilee �945.39; Charity �116.80
Income   �   
06/165 Yorkshire Bank curr. a/c interest 31/7   28.00
06/166 Hoults Memorials memorial 20/8   20.00
06/167 Archway FS interment 20/8   120.00
06/168 Midlands Coop interment 4/9   40.00
06/169 M D A Coultas Clerk�s salary August 054 565.56
06/170 M MacArthur BG/PG caretaking August 055 123.33
06/171 Crich Glebe Field Trust August 056 500.00
06/172 Grass Track August maintenance 057 337.81
06/173 Wild�s Landscaping repairs to playground fence 058 425.00
06/174 Derwent Waste Management Ltd BG skip 059 76.38

06/175 Circulars and publications
Alfreton Police & Community Consultative Group Minutes 19 July
DALC AGM Agenda 9 Sep 2006 + Minutes of 2005 + DALC Annual Report 2005/6
Derbyshire Constabulary Annual Report 2005/6
ENCAMS � Litter and the law

06/176 Information
Cllr Goodhead reminded the Council of a current Police campaign on use of seat belts.
Cllr Bendon requested asking DCC to remove or reset the kerbstones at the Sandy Lane recycling site as they were projecting several inches in places above the road level due to use of the facility. Cllr Bendon had also asked for a geologist to attend the next Crich Quarry liaison meeting to give advice on rockfalls.
Cllr Brierton requested clearance work on part of FP 55 to Whatstandwell from Coasthill. He also said there was only one sign at the entrance to St Michael�s Close off Cromford Road, Crich and requested AVBC be asked to provide a second sign on the opposite side of the entrance.
Chair reported uneven surface with developing potholes outside the shops at Crich Market Place.

Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9.48 pm.