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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 3 September 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair) Cllrs Brierton, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Smith, Steppings, Thorpe and Tromans.

Clerk in attendance.

Cty. Cllr. Jackson

5 members of the public.

Apologies: AVBC Cllr. Taylor Cllrs. Bateman and Birkin

07/113 Matters raised by members of the public

Mrs. Hartshorne reminded the meeting that the footpath sign at Hollins Farm was still missing. Other missing signs include the Fritchley Fields sign on The Common opposite Chapel Lane and the one in the fields beyond the end of Coast Hill. Clerk was instructed to report these to DCC.

07/114 Police matters

P.C. Lisa Walker was welcomed by Chair. PC Walker explained that any reports of wrong-doing must be accompanied by as much information as possible and that this can all be done in confidence. Police resources are limited and any deployment must be justified and targeted. Culprits can be given an unsatisfactory behaviour contract or an ASBO ,but unless we supply names and addresses of perpetrators the Police are unlikely to be able to do anything about reported incidents.

Cllr. Steppings pleaded for a greater police presence, PC Walker would also like to see this if resources allowed.

07/115 Minutes of the meeting of 6th. August 2007

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

07/116 Matters arising from the Minutes

There was general dismay at the tone and content of Father Wheat�s response to a letter from the Parish Council referring to nuisance and noise from The Briars. A reply on behalf of the Bishop of Nottingham Diocese suggested that the problem could be dealt with at local level.

However, as there seems to be no acceptance on the part of Father Wheat that there is a problem it was resolved that the Parish Council would ask for the active involvement of the Bishop in seeking to work towards a more satisfactory relationship between users of the Briars and the local community.

Police response to a letter from the PC referring to problems caused by young people around the Market Place and Jubilee ground was dealt with in Police Matters earlier in the meeting A letter has been sent to AVBC regarding the demolition of a stone barn at Coddington Farm in contravention of a planning decision

Chair signed the order for the installation of a new light on New Rd.

The issue of Parish Warden was discussed. It was agreed that getting the tasks done was likely to be less difficult than finding someone with local knowledge and the overview and commitment to identify needs in the locality. As such qualities are associated with Parish Councillors who have donated their services to the community it was agreed to investigate dividing the Parish into areas each of which would be the responsibility of a member. Tasks would be reported to the Clerk who would arrange for them to be done in consultation with Mr. MacArther.

At the request of the Clerk and with the support of Chair it was agreed to postpone the next monthly meeting

by one week. It will now take place on Monday October 8th.

AVBC wrote to say that they would monitor the need to replace the missing litter bin at Bulling Lane. Cllr. Thorpe regarded this as unsatisfactory and agreed to take the matter up Clerk was instructed to once again write to JC Balls regarding minor repairs to the BG drive.

DCC has not responded to the Council�s request for better quality No Smoking signs for enclosed Bus Stops.

Two additions were made to the flood damage report to be sent to AVBC

Chair reported that the large brown tables have been disposed of by the Glebe. No money was obtained from them as they were in a dangerous condition.

07/117 Declarations of Interest


07/118 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson

� DCC tree inspectors will look at the Garner Lane problem.

� He has reminded DCC of the need to replace the white lines on the resurfaced Garner Lane and has enquired why some patches have been left undone.

� The problems of drains at Dimple Lane and the handrail at West Bank Ave. are still being pursued

� There is a problem with the surface of an access road serving a small community near Hill Top Cottage, Wheatcroft. This is an unadopted road and as such DCC have refused to make any improvements (even refusing to supply road planings and a roller). There was a general feeling that this is rather unfair as council vehicles such as the Mobile Library and dustcarts use the lane.

� Cllr. Smith suggested that this seemed like a suitable case for a �self-help� approach. Cllr. Tromans commented that this had been tried in the past.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe said that she was still working on the issues of green waste re-cycling and affordable housing.

07/119 Clerk�s report

The retiring Chief Constable is embarking on a major walking tour of all Police Stations in the county and is seeking sponsorship from groups and individuals in order to raise money for a variety of charities.

An invitation to a Planning Board meeting re. Coddington Top Farm has been received Members of the Parish Council Planning Committee will attend. Documents implied that the Parish Council had made no objection. This is not the case and this point will be made by PC members at the Planning meeting on 10th. September 2007.

Planning Application for the stop net at the RG has been submitted to AVBC.

Coddington Hall Farm is For Sale. This includes the land used by the Parish Council to provide allotments. Chair and Clerk are seeking to protect this allotment ground provision on behalf of the Parish.

Members were given lists of colleagues� addresses and membership of Committees.

PC chose not to make any nominations for the post of DALC President.

Ex- Cllr. Keith Bendon (Adviser on Quarry monitoring) provided, in writing, his comments on the latest Rolls Royce monitoring report on Hilt�s Quarry. As this raised some questions and concerns Clerk was instructed to refer the matter to the Environment Agency.

Members were advised of what they must do if they are willing to become signatories to Parish cheques.

The Charity Commission return relating to the RG is due.

Mineral Sites Allocation Plan which indicates future planning related to mineral extraction was circulated to members.

Chair reminded members of the need to provide details for the CACN website. Clerk was instructed to have redundant details removed.

07/120 Planning decisions

None received

07/121 Planning applications

n.b. all planning and tree work applications received by AVBC may be viewed on

Paper copies of the applications are no longer sent out by AVBC. Details may be viewed and comments made by following the prompts on the above website.

07/122 Accounts

Balances at 9 August

Current A/C �26445.28

Charity A/C �123.43

Jubilee A/C �945.83


Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest �60.62

Archway FS (Will Wragg) �120.00

Hoult�s Memorials (L.Linbourn and L. Wheatcroft) �80.00


C.H. Ludlam Clerk�s salary and expenses

�397. 68 + �32.17 chq. No. 162 429.85

M. MacArthur BG and RG caretaking + 5hrs O/T 163 141.67

AVBC Treatment of wasp nest at BG 164 55.00

P Ratcliffe preparing plans RG fence 165 65.00

Glebe Field Trust (August) 166 525.00

Viking Direct (printer supplies) 167 120.00

07/123 Circulars and publications

AVBC News Releases

Going Greener in Amber Valley and Have your say on local polling matters

Derbyshire Police Authority Annual Report

Excellence in the Community Awards

Everybody�s Talking About Climate Change

Adult Education Courses


Invitation to AGM

Election Results

Annual report

Derbyshire Constabulary �Have Your Say� report

�Safer Derbyshire� magazine

What�s on in Amber Valley September 2007

07/124 Information

Cllr. Steppings - some repair work has been done at the top of Potters Lane but this is not enough.

Cllr. Smith � Roes Lane has no �cat�s eyes and the surface is not satisfactory. This ties in with Cty Cllr. Jackson�s concerns mentioned earlier about Garner Lane.

Cllr. Tromans � Post Office has merged Wheatcroft and Plaistow Green, which now share a post code. This is causing problems as a number of properties share the same address.

Cllr. Harwood reminded the meeting about the problems of trees over-growing the pavement on Bown�s Hill. Clerk was instructed to take the matter up with DCC and (as they are in the Conservation Area) with AVBC.

Cllr. Thorpe reported that the hedges and verges on Dimple Lane are badly in need of cutting. She also said that the gullies in Church Lane Fritchley have been cleaned.

Cllr Clark reported the sad news of the death of Dr. Dawes author and former resident. He also enquired about local bye-laws to control garden fires � apparently restrictions only apply if they are producing noxious substances or causing a serious repeated nuisance.

Chair asked that allocation of Councillors to wards be put on the next agenda

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.


Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk 19th. September 2007