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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 7th September 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton, Bateman, Birkin, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood,Steppings, Tromans, Thorpe and three members of the public. Clerk in attendance.



09/413 Matters raised by members of the public

Mrs. Hartshorne asked about the promised replacement goal posts at the RG. Clerk informed the meeting that they were on order and likely to be erected before the next meeting. It was pointed out by Mrs. Hartshorne that the posts removed from the RG on safety grounds were actually the property of Kings Arms FC. However, as they were deemed unsafe and as the Parish Council was providing new posts at some considerable cost, it was hoped that the removal of the posts would not be regarded as a contentious issue.
It was also reported that lead had been stolen from the church roof. This matter will be raised at the next meeting of the Safe Neighbourhood Panel.

09/414 Declarations of interest

Chair and Cllrs. Clark, Thorpe and Bown � Planning application at Ladybird Cottage, The Dimple, Fritchley (personal).

09/415 Police matters

No police were present. However, Chair was pleased to report that PCSO Donna Shaw had returned to her duties. Offences committed in the area over the past month included: a distraction burglary, burglary at an empty property, a cat shot with an air rifle, a drunk on the Market Place, youths drinking at the Market Place, young children causing a nuisance at New Road, damage to windows at The Derwent Hotel and a theft from a vehicle.
Councillors expressed dismay at the fact that the driver causing damage to a wall at Bullbridge had received no punishment and that police had taken no action against the driver of the lorry which caused damage to walls and signs in the Wheatcroft area.
Cllr. Tromans felt that members of the public would not report matters to the police if there was no response and Cllr Steppings expressed concern over the quality and quantity of policing in the area. Cllr. Bateman however, felt that police activity had been stepped up and cited the provision of the mobile response team on weekend evenings.

09/416 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson as Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport is launching a campaign to �Improve Derbyshire Roads�
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe: Has provided very useful information about the ownership of graves with unstable headstones; has worked on the problem of a lack of goalposts at the RG; has contacted DCC regarding damage caused by a lorry in the Wheatcroft area as reported by Cllr. Tromans at the last meeting. (See also her written report).

09/417 Minutes of the meeting of 3rd August 2009

The minutes were approved and signed by Chair after a small amendment.

09/418 Matters arising from the Minutes

Grit Bins (Cllr. Bown) � Chair thanked Cllr. Bown for his work in surveying the current provision and future needs. Clerk was instructed to order new and replacement bins and bin filling as identified in the report.
It was agreed that the �Information from members of the Parish Council� agenda item should be abandoned and that matters requiring early action should be reported directly to the Clerk by telephone or preferably email. Other matters should be reported to the Clerk as items for the next agenda.
RG issues:

  • Fence (Ward Fencing could fit intermediate wooden posts and rubbers to insulate the wire panels from the metal posts at a cost of �2600 +vat). Members expressed concern over the cost and felt that the company should accept some responsibility for erecting a structure that was unfit for purpose and about which there are some quality concerns e.g. tension of the wire panels and loose bolts. Cllr. Thorpe believed that AVBC had a similar problem with a similar fence and it was agreed that Cllr. Thorpe and Clerk would seek to work in conjunction with AVBC on this matter.
  • Proposed path � after some discussion it was agreed that such a path was not necessary.
  • Council is happy about Kings Head FC using the RG for league matches but will require a fixture list and a formal application for permission before the beginning of each season.

Identification of locations for �Unsuitable for Large Vehicles� signs on local lanes: members were asked to identify appropriate locations but Cllr. Brierton informed the meeting that the Crich area was already subject to a 7.5 tonne restriction. Clerk to take this up with DCC.
Youth Club Insurance: Clerk has contacted Zurich Insurance and awaits a reply. Chair reported that two of the volunteer helpers had now been given CRB clearance and that she will be meeting PCSO Donna Shaw to discuss the way forward.
A motion to remove August Parish Council Meeting from the schedule (proposed by Cllr.Thorpe and seconded by Cllr. Brierton) was passed unanimously. This will require: a) a change to Standing Orders and b) a group of four Councillors to meet with the Clerk at the beginning of August to sign cheques.

09/419 Clerk�s Report

Letter from Dr Ward regarding the delay in building the new Health Centre (copies already circulated).Chair reported that she had already written to the Primary Care Trust expressing disappointment at the delay. Clerk was instructed to write a similar letter to local Members of Parliament.
Council is unable to send a representative to the unveiling of the Sherwood Foresters Western Front Memorial at Tyne Cot Cemetery. Clerk was asked to convey this to the Mercian Regiment.
Parish Council Liaison Meeting � agenda detail was passed to Chair who will be attending.
Rights of Way Minor Maintenance agreement � Clerk reminded the meeting of the need to identify a footpath project to make use of this grant of approximately �560.
The Parish Council is now a member of the Derbyshire Rural Community Council.
Minutes of the DALC AGM of September 2008 and the DALC Annual Report have been received. Chair had attended the DALC AGM 2009 and reported that subscriptions will rise by 2%.
Community Response Plan for Civil Emergencies. (This runs to some 30 pages and Council will need to decide how to proceed!) Cllr Clark kindly offered to study the requirements of the document on behalf of the Council.
The War Memorial has now been refurbished.
Grants/donations from the Parish Council � Clerk has published details of the scheme on Parish notice boards and on the CACN website.
BT invoice saga � Clerk explained that inaccurate invoices had been received resulting in the payment process getting out of synchronisation with the due payment date as a result of which he had to pay one invoice himself in order to maintain the service.
Cllr. Tromans reported her concerns over the state of footpaths 24 and 34 both of which are so wet in places that they need boardwalks. Clerk will contact DCC Rights of Way.
Operation Relentless � this scheme is administered by DCC using Government money. Young offenders are brought into the community to carry out good works e.g. graffiti removal. They will be supervised by the police/probation service and councils can ask for their help with identified projects.
BT wishes to know if the PC would like to adopt the telephone boxes at Crich Market Place and Fritchley Green for �1 (their records for the past 12 months show very low usage of these kiosks. After some debate about possible uses for the boxes (e.g. information points) it was agreed to ask the Crich Heritage Partnership if they wished to take on responsibility for them.
Councillors were asked to provide updated personal information for the website.

09/420 Special Projects Group

No formal report.

09/421 Planning decisions

AVA/2009/0617 Market House, Market Place, Crich � new dwelling-PERMITTED
AVA/2009/0634 Tramway Museum � various works PERMITTED
AVA/2009/0629 � 6 Coast Hill �kitchen toilet and garage extension � PERMITTED

09/422 Planning applications

The appeal by The Briars against the planning decision made by AVBC (APP/M1005/A/09/2108737/NWF) has been responded to in writing, asserting the view of the Parish Council Planning Committee that the proposed collapsible bollard system would not be fit for purpose and would compromise safety. Please note the original planning application was AVA/2006/0291.
AVA/2009/0685 3 Front St. Fritchley �extension, conservatory and porch
AVA/2009/0685 Whitehouse farm, Plaistow Green Rd. �Change of use of barn to domestic accommodation
AVA/2009/0744 Ladybird Cottage, The Dimple, Fritchley � replace existing garage
AVA/2009/0746 Nether Nook, Chapel Lane, Crich � addition of parapets and stone quoins to scheme AVA/2008/1331 (already approved)
AVA/2009/0783 The Old Chapel Sun Lane Crich � change of use from m/cycle workshop to residential � concern regarding parking and the impact of builder�s vehicles was noted.

09/423 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.08.09 � 36507.20
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C 0.00 (funds transferred to Current Account)
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C� 130.14
C. H. Ludlam salary + expenses� 508.70 chq 403
Glebe Field Trust� 570.00 chq404
Hoults Memorials (War Memorial refurbishment) �1098.25 chq 405
BT �42.54 chq 406
L Spencer �260.95 chq 407

09/424 Circulars and publications

Car parking in Amber Valley
Sustainable Communities

09/425 Communications from members of the public

A. Mackinnon of Bowmer Lane had written in support of the deployment of a speed monitoring sign.

09/426 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Clarke informed the meeting that Mr. Ward of Parkhead does an excellent job of caring for the historic well near his home. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Ward thanking him for his work. He also reported that someone has been cutting trees down at Robin Hood and that he has reported this to AVBC Landscape Services.
Cllr. Harwood asked that the pavements and gutters at Cromford Rd. and Town End be cleaned.
Cllr. Brierton reported that a number of people had expressed concern over the state of the horses in a field adjacent to the road at Town End (Clerk has also had reports of this). He explained that the RSPCA were aware of the problem which is exacerbated by the poor state of the field which contains thistles and ragwort and needs �topping�.
Cllr. Tromans reported that the signs for Dark Lane and Pit Lane were still missing, further, these lanes are overgrown � Clerk will pursue DCC over these matters.
Cllr. Bateman said that the footpath between Dowie Way and Wheatsheaf Lane is overgrown and that there is litter under the arch opposite the entrance to the Glebe. He also asked for maps showing Parish boundaries. Clerk explained that DCC and AVBC are very reluctant to provide multiple copies of maps as they are subject to copyright.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.20 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm Monday October 5th 2009

Clive Ludlam, Parish Clerk (15th September, 2009)