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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday September 5th 2016, held in the Glebe Field Centre

Minutes are not published until approved at the subsequent meeting

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Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Anstead, Baugh, Brown, Clark (vice-Chair), Collison, Smith and Walsh. Cty. Cllr. Williams, AVBC Cllr. Gee and 2 members of the public.
Clerk in attendance.

Part 1 Non – confidential items

16/1396 To receive apologies for absence:

Cllrs. Bateman, Broom, Thorpe and Yorke

16/1397 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.

Cllr. Lane – planning application AVA/2016/0803 as neighbour
Cllr. Smith – planning application AVA/2016/0483 as neighbour
Cllr. Brown declared an interest in anticipation of a planning application he has been made to AVBC but which has not yet been received by PC. This application refers to 23 Church St. Fritchley (own property).

16/1398 Police matters

No police present
Contact: PCSO Christopher Bannister 3841

16/1399 Members of the public (10 minutes)

Concern was expressed that the defibrillator cabinets have locked doors. Chair explained that this was deemed necessary for security reasons and that a system would be in place to ensure that rapid access can be achieved when the defibrillators are required,

16/1400 County and Borough Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Williams continues in his efforts to get DCC to address the road safety issues around Fritchley Green.
Clerk was instructed to enquire of Cty. Cllr. Taylor whether or not any progress has been made regarding the extension of the 30 mph zone further up Main Rd. Whatstandwell. (Cty . Cllr. Taylor has subsequently informed PC that this request has been denied).
AVBC Cllr. Gee agreed to request that AVBC enforce the Construction Method Statement (if it exists!) which applies to hours of work and heavy vehicle movements around the Roes Lane building site. Chair will also write to AVBC on this matter.

16/1401 Minutes of the meeting of July 4th 2016

The Minutes were accepted and signed by Chair

16/1402 Reports

Chair continues to represent the Council regarding aspects of planning application AVA/2014/0678 – land off Coast Hill. The main concerns are that the development includes an appropriate proportion of affordable homes which are also subject to a Local Sales and Lettings agreement.

Neighbourhood Plan – a grant of up to £6697.00 has been obtained from the Community Rights Programme, this will be used to engage a consultant to assist in the drafting of the plan. Council unanimously approved additional spending of £3825 to engage the services of an expert in providing landscape evidence (prop. Cllr. Smith sec. Cllr. Anstead). It is anticipated the £1800 already in the   2016-7 PC budget for neighbourhood Plan purposes will be required to facilitate necessary statutory consultation once the draft plan has been prepared. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was thanked for its hard and effective work and for its prudent use of the available funding.

PLACE project – report from Cllrs Yorke and Clark on the current state of the RG – Clerk was instructed to ask AVBC to quote for the remedial work. Further, Cllr. Yorke reported in writing that with reference to the further development of the RG  the group raised £1000 at Crich Fete (tea tent), has applied for a grant from Derbyshire Environmental Trust, has written to Harron Homes seeking support and intends to employ a funding consultant to help with a submission to Violia Waste ( maximum £70,000)

Burial Ground – clearing of the ground to the right of the current burial area is progressing. The line of the low pressure gas main has been inspected and instructions regarding the easement are awaited (Cllr. Brown stressed the importance of accurate marking of the line of this pipe). Clerk will seek estimates for the re-seeding of the ground and the cutting of hedges. He will also seek to arrange the grubbing out of the hedge on the lower boundary.

Clerk has requested that weeds along gutters and pavements be sprayed by DCC (main roads) and AVBC other areas as appropriate (Cllr Gee agreed to raise this matter with AVBC 

16/1403 Items for Discussion

The offer of new seat for Jubilee Ground from Paul Garrud was gratefully accepted.
Approval has been granted by DCC for the erection of the donated seat at the Market Place/Coast Hill junction. Cllr. Yorke was thanked for liaising on this matter.
A grit bin will be provided at Woodside provided a suitable location is found
Unused Youth Club Equipment – staff at the Glebe will be able to put this on display before the October meeting of the PC
Clerk will continue to try to arrange for the weekly tidying of the Burial Ground, Recreation Ground and Jubilee Ground in addition to other small maintenance tasks around the Parish.
Existing Standing Orders were formally adopted

16/1404 Planning Decisions

AVA/2015/0426 land off Roes Lane – 113 dwellings
AVA/2016/0694 1, Archway Cottages - rear extension, porch, Velux windows etc.
AVA/2016/0483 off Hillcrest, Crich – 8 dwellings
AVA/2016/0731 land off Middle Lane, Whatstandwell – small 2 storey extension (change from permission previously granted for AVA/2012/0309)

16/1405 Planning Applications

No objections were raised against the following:
AVA/2016/0794 Market House, Crich – detached 2 storey dwelling
AVA/2016/0709  Fritchley Primary School – canopy
AVA/2016/0783 Wheatsheaf House, Cromford Rd. - renovate window frames and install double glazing
AVA/2016/0769 The Bungalow, School Lane – first floor extension to form 2 bedrooms, bathroom and en suite
AVA/2016/0803 Fairfield Farm, Kirkham Lane, Fritchley – construction of timber horse stables and forage storage area.

16/1406 Accounts

Balance in Current Account at 28.08.16   £50,466.53              


C. Ludlam (Clerk) 
Chq 453
Glebe Field Trust
Chq 454
British Gas
Chq 455
Chq 456

Grass Track

Chq 457
Parallel Associates (Neigh. Plan expenses)
Chq 458
K Evans (topsoil for BG)
Chq 459
HMR and C Tax and NI   
Chq 460

16/1407 Items for Information

DALC circular 14 2016

16/1408 Communications from members of the public

Email regarding continuing problem of weeds in gutters and along roadside – Clerk has reported the problem to DCC and to AVBC and requested that spraying be carried out.

Cllr. Clark reported that a resident had enquired about the replacement of a missing bus shelter at Town End. It was confirmed that AVBC is unable to provide a replacement.

Part 2 Confidential items



Monday 3rd October 2016 7.30 pm

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 EU
01773 853928