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Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 4 October 2004, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr. Lane, in the Chair, Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith & Whitney, also 5 members of the public.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Cooke, Goodhead, Hartshorne & Thorpe

6092 Matters raised by the Public:

6093 Minutes:
The Minutes of the meeting of 6 September 2004 had been circulated. Paragraph 6090 to read Cheque number 000897 DCC Road & Street Works fee; resolved not to pay, pending response from MIB. With this amendment proposed by Cllr. Brierton and seconded by Cllr Whitney that these be signed as a true record.

6094 Declarations of Interest:
None. Reference made to Standing Order 58 concerning recording of Declarations of Interest. DALC suggested Members complete a form (copies distributed), detailing Interest, when this is relevant.

6095 Dr Shearer, GP Practice:
It was stressed that the Practice is very interested to receive comments from the Parish Council, and members of the public. There is no progress to report concerning possible new buildings in Crich, the Parish Council to write to Amber Valley Primary Care Trust (PCT) expressing concern at lack of development of the project. In a recent audit completed across Amber Valley, the Practice had scored well, but lack of space and poor parking identified as problems. The PCT is conducting a patient satisfaction survey across the area, completion of this was urged. Dr Shearer explained that there is the intention that a Practice Development Plan, dealing with one year, and longer-term issues will be produced.

6096 Matters arising from the Minutes:
Minute 6078, Mr Dickinson, Amber Valley Housing to be requested to provide �Profiles� of Fritchley and Whatstandwell, in addition to the one for Crich, already presented.

Minute 6079 Quiet Lanes, DCC has not changed its stance; Cllr. Lane has carried out research, designation of Dimple Lane would involve considerable work, and support from the community; resolved to arrange a meeting of the Transport Committee to consider the initiative. Cllr. Lane reported the Environment Agency (EA) had recently taken water samples; EA to be asked for the official position on monitoring emissions from the tip, Rolls Royce continue to test on a �voluntary� basis. Minute 6085, no further information, concerning initial contribution shares, to Glebe Field Centre had been received; Cllr. Harris, representative on the Management Committee, reported it would be currently inappropriate to take further action. Resolved to request statement of accounts for year ended September 2003, and draft statement for year recently ended.

Minute 6087 (x) Cllr. Smith had written response to AVBC Community Safety Audit 2004; to be distributed and considered as an agenda item in November. Minute 6091 AVBC states Bowns Hill and the higher part of Roes Lane are part of the weekly cleansing route, and manually swept twice per year; further detail to be requested. AVBC has confirmed the gate to the Play Area does not constitute a safety hazard, swing bolt has been replaced. AVBC to be requested again to take action regarding wall adjoining Recreation Ground. It is not known if the new light at Allen Lane is yet functioning. The Parish Warden has been certified as unfit for work for a further six weeks.

6097 Police Matters:
A Police vehicle had been sighted, parked in the Market Place, during the evening of Monday, 27 September 2004.

6098 Reports:
Glebe Field Centre: report distributed, discussions are to be held with Amber Valley PCT about joint funding, an AVBC Environmental Health inspection of H & S Policies and Risk Assessments had been successfully completed.

Meeting had been held with Key Services re Grounds Maintenance work carried out in the parish; details of tasks in each of the four areas had been discussed.

Cllr. Bendon reported on a meeting of the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee. DCC had received a complaint from Dethick, Lea & Holloway Parish Council about lorries using a route through that parish, resulting in re-routing through Crich and Whatstandwell, past three schools. DCC to be informed that when such matters are being considered the Parish Council would welcome liaison, Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham to be requested to support this, and provide information.

6099 Parking at Fritchley:
The report provided by the Traffic Wardens for Inspector Lish had been circulated. After discussion proposed by Cllr. Whitney & seconded by Cllr Brierton that the Police should put in place arrangements to implement Option Four, �That double yellow lines be installed along both sides (Crich Road to Church Street)�. With the request that until this takes place, action should be taken to ensure safe passage for all vehicles.

7000 Parish Burial Ground:
Information on Burial Ground memorial safety from Zurich Municipal and Health & Safety Executive to be provided for all Councillors. Resolved to request quotation for memorial testing, proposed by Cllr Harris & seconded by Cllr. Brierton that initially unsafe stones be laid down, further action to be considered when the scale of the problem is known. In future work in the Burial Ground is to be carried out to National Association of Monumental Mason standards. Only one quotation has been received to carry out work to resurface the drive from the highway to the Burial Ground car park, proposed by Cllr. Whitney & seconded by Cllr. Bendon that this quotation is accepted, but that the work should commence immediately after 1 April 2005.

7001 Grit Bins:
Cllr Thorpe had informed Parish Council that grit bin moved to Kirkham Lane, Fritchley had completely collapsed. Proposed by Cllr. Salt & seconded by Cllr. Brierton that an order for replacement be made. In the absence of a Parish Warden, Members were requested to check on the state of readiness of grit bins in their area of the parish.

7002 Correspondence from Parishioners:
A resident had sustained a fall on Bennetts Lane, and was now reluctant to leave her home there; DCC had been informed, and Chair had discussed this informally with MP. There is continued disquiet at some lack of response from DCC, there has been no material progress on potentially dangerous traffic matters; Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham to be requested to enquire as to whereabouts of Officer Report to DCC Leader, on traffic matters in Crich, following meeting on 1 April 2004. Proposed by Cllr. Harris & seconded by Cllr. Salt that the problems be set down in letters to the MP, and Local Government Ombudsman, with copies to DCC representative.

7003 Correspondence from Other Authorities:
(a) DCC lamp on private land, footpath 42, Whatstandwell, problem continues, DCC is to seek advice from specialist contractor
(b) DCC temporary closure, footpath 72, off Dimple Lane, continues as contractor is on sick leave
(c) DCC nominations for Young Achiever of the Year requested
(d) AVBC Bed & Breakfast accommodation, one unit of accommodation may not constitute change of use, each application is separately determined
(e) AVBC site meetings for application 2004/0072 stables at Lindway Lane, Brackenfield & 2004/0749 extension to 4 Springfield Close, Crich had been attended by the Chair
(f) AVBC to be informed the retention of Leisure Centre facilities in as many locations as possible was favoured
(g) AVBC notification of meeting of Standards Committee received
(h) St. Mary�s Church PCC had requested information concerning car-parking at Dowie Way, a copy of the appeal hearing result had been forwarded
(i) Cllr. Whitney hopes to be able to represent the Parish Council at a public meeting planned by Crich Heritage Partnership, to explore the possibility of producing a parish map
(j) DRCC Rural Matters, summer 2004 received
(k) Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, draft risk management plan received
(l) DEFRA, Clean Neighbourhoods, draft document received; to Cllr. Lane (m) Mid-Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau, invitation to AGM had been circulated, and apologies tendered (n) Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, Minutes of September meeting received
(o) DALC general circulars received
(p) Carers Federation had offered to present information on Patient & Public Involvement Forums, but this had been dealt with by Ms Purdue (AVPCT)
(q) Mrs Argyle requested permission to remove the Market Place bench; this was considered to provide a facility for parishioners of all ages, and should stay in place. Noise nuisance and litter problems were not condoned, Police should be advised of public order breaches
( r) Matlock Bath PC newsletter received
(s) AVBC had requested information about management of local allotment plots, in order to provide leaflets about nuisance from fires
(t) Resolved to contract AVBC to provide Christmas Tree for Market Place, anticipated cost in the region of �850.00

7004 Decisions on Planning Applications:
(a) AVA/2004/1001 Construction of garage & 2 storey extension, Books Cottage, Kirkham Lane, Fritchley; granted
(b) TRE/2004/0070 Fell birch & maple trees, Riverside Cottage, Chapel Street, Fritchley; no Tree Preservation Order
(c) TRE/2004/0072 Remove rowan & oak tree, Cheriton House, Thurlow Booth; no Tree Preservation Order (d) TRE/2004/0081 Fell ash tree, Moon Cottage, Thurlow Booth; no Tree Preservation Order (e) TRE/2004/0082 Fell silver birch, Spring Cottage, Thurlow Booth; no Tree Preservation Order (f) TRE/2004/314 Horse chestnut, 2 Roes Lane, Crich; provisional Tree Preservation Order (g) AVA/2004/0718 Single storey extension, Crich Hair Studio; granted (h) AVA/2004/0749 Single storey extension, 4 Springfield Close, Crich; granted (i) AVA/2004/0772 Erection of stables, land at Lindway Lane, Brackenfield; granted
(j) AVA/2004/0849 Replace existing metal windows with wooden, The Mount, 1 Bowns Hill, Crich; granted (k) TRE/2004/0088 Remove ash & remove bough from ash (not laburnum) 4 Hilltop, Fritchley; no Tree Preservation Order

7005 Planning Applications:
(a) LB-AVA/2004/1091 Extension for conservatory, 4 Amber View Road, Fritchley; no comment
(b) LB-AVA/2004/1093 Retrospective boundary fence to garden, 1 Tors Spring; comment about possibility of encroachment onto highway, this to also be checked with DCC
(c) TRE/2004/0081 Fell ash tree, Moon Cottage, Thurlow Booth; to Tree Wardens (d) TRE/2004/0082 Fell silver birch tree, Spring Cottage, Thurlow Booth; to Tree Wardens
(e) TRE/2004/0088 Remove laburnum tree & bough from laburnum tree, 4 Hilltop, Fritchley (should be ash trees); to Tree Wardens
(f) RTH/2004/2004/1139 Erection of stable block & outdoor m�nage, Plaistow Hall Farm, Potters Lane, Plaistow, no comment

7006 Accounts:
000365 AVBC, uncontested parish by-election �82.00
000366 BT, telephone account �108.46
000367 Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000368 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary �86.67
000369 Parish Clerk, salary, August 2004 �362.00
000370 Glebe Field Trust, CRAMP �457.05
000371 Glebe Field Trust, photocopying �23.94
000372 P & A Skips, Burial Ground soil �120.00
000373 Zurich Municipal, premium for Cross �104.82
000374 Mr Harwood, grass seed, Burial Ground �4.78

7007 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Whitney reported that the Governing Body of Crich Infant School were concerned at the misinterpretation of the report in the Crich Area Community News (CACN), when in fact the school budget would have to be used to provide an entrance barrier.

Cllr. Smith had received representation about the long-term future of the Parish Warden. There was agreement to a request to act as a �silent observer� at the forthcoming Finance Committee meeting.

Cllr. Harwood reported that the Burial Ground Caretaker had been threatened, and verbally abused, when requesting a visitor to the Burial Ground kept his dog under control.

Cllr. Bendon reported a long- standing problem of building material on a verge at Park Head, DCC to be informed. He had informed AVBC of fly tipping on Cowper Lane. The Member had been called out to the vicinity of the Briars, and had heard the noise, which has caused residents disquiet.

Cllr. Salt reported that vehicles were being parked on The Green at Fritchley, DCC to be requested to provide �No Parking� notices.

Cllr. Lane invited Cllr. Smith to join a Committee, information about Committee structure to be forwarded to Cllr. Smith for her consideration.

Residents of Dowie Way, where there is a restrictive covenant regarding residents� parking, are being very inconvenienced by people attending Church Services parking on their road, obstructing driveways and access to Hodder Close. Inspector Lish to be informed of this, and requested to take action; residents were advised to contact the Church.

Cllr. Lane suggested the Parish Council should consider if action should be taken to address the problems of continued sick leave of the Parish Warden.

The meeting closed at 10.35pm.