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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 3 October 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Cooke, Goodhead, Harwood, Salt, Smith, and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and 5 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Harris, Thorpe, and Tromans.

05/194 Minutes of the meeting of 5 September 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair after two minor amendments.

05/195 Matters arising from the Minutes
Cllr Cooke reported that Parkwood conservation group had cleared Torrs Steps and the footpaths adjacent to the Recreation Ground and Crich Stand in September and would tackle paths at Plaistow Green and elsewhere in October.

05/196 Declarations of interest
Cllr Smith declared an interest in planning application AVA/2005/1106 and Cllr Goodhead in AVA/2005/1162 and left the room during discussion on these items.

05/197 Police Matters
No PC attended. Acting Inspector Clark had been asked by Inspector Lish to investigate the recent events at Wheatcroft. Police reaction to the criminal damage to the Parish notice board on Coasthill had been low level despite the Clerk having a certain amount of evidence from a member of the public. Clerk had written to the Police, DCC, and Mr Flood about recurrent obstruction to a footpath (FP 78) at Bowmer Lane, Fritchley. DCC had replied that as this was not being caused by the landowner it was a Police matter. Cllr Harwood said that a member of the public was talking about using CCTV at Crich Market Place. Cllr Salt reminded the Council that private filming of the public could be legally actionable.

05/198 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson reported: (a) Chapel Lane Crich, resurfacing was now going ahead; (b) hand held speed camera � to be taken to the joint transport meeting (see f below); (c) Fritchley Lane, he asked for copies of the Council�s yellow lines correspondence with the Police and DCC; (d) New Road Crich, he asked for a copy of Fire Service�s reply to the Council on emergency access; (e) the bus shelter on The Common appeared to have been removed by AVBC; and (f) he was keen to hold the joint transport meeting with neighbouring parishes as soon as possible.

Clerk�s Report
05/199 AVBC Christmas Tree costs 2005 The costs from AVBC would be �970.00 (damage extra).
RESOLVED: to accept AVBC�s costs; and to add this item to the website.
05/200 AVBC Code of Conduct/Parish Council Matters Forum 25 October (Ripley) Chair would attend.
05/201 AVBC Village Cleansing Crich would be cleansed on Mondays in addition to current Thursdays.
05/202 DALC AGM 17 September Chair and Clerk attended. Cllr Mrs M Dyson was re-elected President for 2005/6 and Cllrs Mr D Adams and Mrs T Critchlow were elected Vice Presidents. Brian Wood was re-elected Secretary.
05/203 Fritchley School/Sports Club Clerk had renewed the notice on the school entrance gate regarding use of the Playing Area which is run by the Parish Council. Chair attended the opening of Fritchley Sports Club�s new pavilion on 24 September. She was satisfied with the condition of the refuse bin. Dr Wright for the Sports Club accepted that under the terms of the lease agreement with DCC the Parish Council was obliged to erect and maintain the wooden fence and that its removal by the Parish Council would no longer be requested.
05/204 Monthly Press release The first monthly press release for September had been sent to: Derbyshire Times, Matlock Mercury, and Ripley & Heanor news, successfully.
RESOLVED: to add Belper News to the press release list.
05/205 Playground Clerk asked the Council to appoint a caretaker for one hour a week to conduct visual inspection of equipment and clear up litter. Burial ground caretaker Mr Macarthur was willing to undertake such duties.
RESOLVED: to appoint Mr Macarthur playground caretaker; and to ask AVBC for advice on the vetting of a post-holder likely to be in contact with children.
05/206 Recreation Ground: Charity Commission application Clerk had received advice from the Commission that individual councillors need not sign as Trustees and it was sufficient for the Clerk to sign for the Council.
05/207 Recreation Ground: cycle barrier A resident had asked the Council to erect a cycle barrier on the edge of the Ground where it joined the access path. However, a series of issues had arisen including the resident�s part surfacing of the access path with gravel, the disrepair and ownership of a wall adjoining the Ground, and the exact terms of a 1954 footpath Order believed to have been made by the Minister of Transport.
RESOLVED: not to erect a cycle barrier until the various problems could be linked and resolved together.
05/208 Woodside Farm Chair recommended asking AVBC about the precise terms of low cost housing so as to ensure Crich Parish residents had as good a claim as possible; and asking DCC for traffic measures on The Common and traffic lights at Bullbridge.
RESOLVED: to accept Chair�s recommendations.
Cllr Bendon referred members to passages on Woodside Farm in AVBC�s new Local Plan Review volumes (Inspector�s Report File 1, sections 2.8.23 and 3.26.45�7). The Inspector�s view was that the site should not be allocated for housing in the Local Plan but he added �it is for the Council to determine whether the benefits of the proposed development outweigh the considerations which have led to my conclusion.�

05/209 Planning decisions
AVA/2005/0488 106 The Common, Crich: 2 storey rear extension to existing dwelling. Granted

05/210 Planning applications
AVA/2005/1103 Land at The Yews, The Common, Crich (Jerram): erection of detached building (outline). �The Council while not in principle objecting to outline permission is concerned at arrangements for access to this site.�
AVA/2005/1106 2 Hill Crest, Crich (Cheevers & Reynolds): 2 storey extension + garden room. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/1110 27 The Common, Crich (Hartshorne): demolition of garage and 2 storey extension. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/1143 100 The Common, Crich (Ashton): 2 storey rear extension. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/1162 18 Amber Hill, Crich (Loxley): part demolition of garage and construction of enlarged garage. �No objection.�

Burial Ground
05/211 Burial ground access purchase Clerk said completion took place on 23 September. A cheque for �500 (Minute 05/182) had not been received in August by the solicitors. Settlement had therefore been made in the sum of �810.75 which included the cancelled �500. Cllr Goodhead (with Clerk�s apologies for absence) had met Ian Bunting of J C Balls on site to go over the resurfacing specification. It appeared that the original estimate had omitted the extra land purchase area. The new quotation added �1339 to the tender price with �2400 extra for resurfacing the car parking area at the burial ground.
RESOLVED: to accept the new quotation and also to resurface the car parking area at the same time.
05/212 Burial ground memorial inspection results Clerk had now published the results in shortened form on the burial ground hut and on the website, and would also place them on the Crich bakery Parish Council board.

05/213 Transport
Cllr Bendon said that the Committee would meet on 10 October. The Crich Market Place questionnaire had 206 replies to date and was proving very informative. The Committee would present an analysis at the next Council meeting. He suggested that a grant be sought from DALG (Aggregates Levy Fund) for Market Place improvements and that the Committee arrange a direct meeting with DCC shortly.
RESOLVED: that the Committee talk directly with DCC on DALG and connected matters.
Chair read a letter from DCC on the Church Lane Fritchley double yellow lines request. She noted that they had not taken in the question of emergency vehicle access.
RESOLVED: Clerk with Chair to write to Cty Cllr Jackson, emergency services, and Police on this matter.

05/214 Key Services
Cllr Bendon said that work was still necessary on effective communication between Council/Clerk and Key Services. However there was very little extra-contract work currently to be offered Key Services as Parkwood conservation group had taken over clearing footpaths for the time being.

05/215 Website
Members again considered the present and future content of the website. Cllr Brierton said that meeting information was still not up to date. Clerk promised to make it as up to date as possible although Minutes had to wait for Council approval at the next meeting and it was unlikely to be practicable to post up Agendas in time. Cllr Salt recommended adding an item on the powers of the Council. Chair asked for more links to local groups.
RESOLVED: Clerk to discuss processes and costs of website with Ross Fletcher and bring back to next meeting.

05/216 Balances 10 September Current �28317.71; Jubilee �944.97; Charity �115.91
05/217 Six-month Financial Statement Clerk presented the six-month actual and six-month projected income and expenditure analysis. Cllr Whitney suggested certain amendments.
RESOLVED: to receive the Statement after amendment.

05/218 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (31.8)   38.68
05/219 AVBC re: Precept 2nd half year (15.9) 19000.00
05/220 Archway FS re: interment (29.9)   24.00
05/221 Mandale Memorials re: memorial   36.00
05/222 Flint Bishop Barnett re: purchase of access land (14.09) 959 810.75
05/223 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary September (less tax) 960 518.59
05/224 M Macarthur re: BG caretaking September 961 86.67
05/225 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: September contribution 962 440.00
05/226 BT re: office phone 963 103.76
05/227 Viking Direct re: BG black bags 964 24.55
05/228 Post Office Ltd (for Inland Revenue) re: NI and tax (Council/Clerk 965 123.42

05/229 Circulars and publications from other authorities
Clerks & Councils Direct issue 41
Derbyshire Police Authority Annual report 2004/5
Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Annual Monitoring Report 2004/5
Mid-Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau Annual Report 2004/5

05/230 Information
Cllr Goodhead noted ivy overhanging along part of Bulling Lane (Clerk to contact owner).
Cllr Smith was concerned at lack of hand washing facilities at AVBC�s Bowns Hill public conveniences (Clerk with Cllr Smith to write to AVBC).
Cllr Harwood asked for drop pavements at or near 22 The Tors to help elderly residents (Clerk to write to DCC).
Cllr Bendon would attend the Crich Quarry Liaison meeting on 20 October.
Cllr Cooke noted lorries mounting the Cromford Road pavement.
Chair had attended the AVBC Civic Service on 11 September. She noted a letter from Friends of Derwent Valley Line and recommended support for their work.
Cllr Thorpe (via the Chair) said she had notified AVBC about agricultural mess on the roads around Plaistow Green.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.15 pm.