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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 2 October 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans, Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and three members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Harris.

06/177 Public participation
Poor condition of grit bin at entrance to Dark Lane.

06/178 Minutes of the meeting of 4 September 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair.

06/179 Matters arising from the Minutes
06/146 + 176 Clerk had reported noisy manhole cover by Snowdrop Valley and potholes at Crich Market Place shops to DCC.
06/151 Clerk had no reply yet from AVBC on New Road No Ball Games signs.
06/163 Clerk reported letter from DCC estimating Crich Market Place build-out costs at �2500 excluding lighting, costs of which to follow.

06/180 Police matters
No PC attended. Clerk reported burglary of strimmer from Burial Ground shed, crime no. 62364-06. Cllr Jackson had requested the Safety Camera Partnership to inform Parish Clerks of the date, time, and result of speed checks within their parishes. The annual Parish Councils Evening was on 15 November at 7 pm at Police HQ Butterley.
RESOLVED: Chair and Cllr Smith to attend Parish Councils Evening.

06/181 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson was to meet on site at Potters Lane with DCC Highways at 10 am on 4 October.
RESOLVED: Cllrs Smith and Steppings to attend.
Cllr Jackson had arranged to meet officers of DCC Highways on site at Fritchley at 7.30 pm on 11 October regarding parking and vehicular access problems.
RESOLVED: Chair and Cllr Thorpe to attend.
The restoration of the bus shelter promised by AVBC at The Common was still pending.

Borough Cllr Thorpe said that grass cuttings on Fritchley Green were now to be removed. She had arranged for a sweeper to visit Fritchley the previous week but was not satisfied at the results so one was also coming later this week. She was pleased to say that DCC agreed to place Horse and Rider signs on Potters Lane and Pit Lane. AVBC Planning Board had deferred decision on The Briars (2006/0291) for clarification on number of new parking spaces.

06/182 Clerk�s resignation
Clerk had announced his resignation in September due to moving from the area to the Chair and members. He would continue up to New Year or until any earlier appointment of a new Clerk. He had placed a free notice in DALC circular 35/2006 aimed at current Clerks. The Council discussed further measures.
RESOLVED: to place adverts in relevant local press and AVBC�s internal system.
RESOLVED: to appoint the Chair, Vice Chair, and Cllr Harwood to act as Clerk�s Selection Committee with full powers to set a deadline, examine applications, and select a new Clerk.

Clerk�s Report
06/183 AVBC reply on �built framework� of settlements AVBC planning officer Steve Walsh had written to clarify the definition of �built framework�. In particular he stated that �the fields between Crich and Fritchley are outside the built framework and the only development likely to be allowed would be connected with agriculture.�
06/184 Burial ground burglary from shed Clerk reported burglary of the strimmer above at 06/180. The Council discussed what to do with the old shed, noting that it contained asbestos, and also assessing the implications for the caretaker in storing required work equipment.
RESOLVED: to ask a qualified contractor to remove the present shed, without replacement of shed or strimmer.
06/185 Crich News licensing application AVBC had not admitted the Council�s reply of opposition due to lack of detail. Cllr Smith and the Clerk attended the AVBC hearing where the Clerk was allowed to explain the brevity of his reply, without it being admitted. The application was granted with conditions. Details were not yet known.
06/186 Crich Quarry: photos and letter Mr P Cooke had sent members a letter with photos relating to his concerns for the stability of part of the quarry face. Cllr Bendon said he was aware of the matter and would raise it at the Liaison Committee meeting on 18 October.
06/187 DALC training Clerk said that the DALC Planning evening at Ripley Town Hall on 4 October would start at 6.30 not 7 pm as advertised. Cllrs Bendon, Lane, and Smith could still attend. Cllr Goodhead regretted that he had to withdraw his attendance.
06/188 DCC temporary closure of FP 15 DCC had closed part of FP 15 from mid September until 6 October for geological examination in relation to Crich Quarry.
06/189 Grit bins Cty Cllr Jackson suggested a bin near Crich Surgery. He was however still arguing for the winter gritting of the stretch from the Surgery to Bulling Lane by DCC. Following public mention above (06/177) the Council discussed the state of the bin at Dark Lane.
RESOLVED: to ask Mr Fantom to restore the cover.
06/190 Potters Lane drainage This item was covered earlier by Cty Cllr Jackson (06/181).
06/191 Youth shelter / youth facilities provision Police had suggested to Clerk provision of a shelter to keep youths off the Market Place, possibly on the Recreation Ground. Clerk had inquired about some commercial prices. Cllr Smith widened the matter to suggest opening a discussion with local youth on their own wishes. Other members said it had been discussed some years before with no clear response.

06/192 Planning decisions
(For the deferral of The Briars application 2006/0291 see above 06/181)
2005/0698 Ann Croft, Plaistow (Williamson): erection of farmhouse Granted
2005/1455 Plaistow House Farm (Hartshorne): certificate of lawfulness for haulage business Refused
2006/0532 Market House, Crich (Sharpe): outline permission for one new dwelling Granted
2006/0684 (LB) /0685 I Main Road, Whatstandwell (Brassington): 2 storey rear ext +  new garage Granted

06/193 Planning applications
2006/1143 7 The Common, Crich (Scotcher): loft conversion + dormer windows + flat roof. �No objections.�


06/194 Balances 8 September Current �17275.91; Jubilee �945.39; Charity �116.80

06/195 Half year statement Clerk presented statement with cash flow of income and expenditure against budget.
RESOLVED: to approve the statement.

06/196 Yorkshire Bank curr a/c int 31/8   28.63
06/197 AVBC Precept 2nd half year 21/9   16500
06/198 Clerk�s salary Sept net 060 474.21
06/199 M MacArthur BG/PG caretaking Sept 061 108.33
06/200 Crich Glebe Field Trust Sept cont 062 500.00
06/201 Grass Track footpath weedkiller spray 063 52.88
06/202 Derwent Waste Management BG skip 064 76.38
06/203 BT office phone  065 130.78
06/204 Viking Direct re: paper + bin liners        066 53.37
06/205 Post Office (for IR) NIC + tax July�Sep 067 147.03
06/206 Grass Track September maintenance 068 337.81

06/207 Circulars and publications
Alfreton Police & Community Consultative Group Minutes 6 September
AVBC Annual Scrutiny Report 2005/6
Clerks & Councils Direct issue 47 Sep 2006
DALC Executive + AGM draft Minutes 9 September 2006
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Minutes 21 June 2006
EMRA Draft Regional Plan to 2026

06/208 Information
Cllr Bendon said 12 Wakebridge residents had objected to DCC over Crich Quarry�s proposals for further extraction.
Cllr Smith said that a damaged halt sign at Crich Market Place had been quickly remounted by DCC.
Cllr Goodhead asked the Clerk on response from the Warden at West Bank over support for a hand rail to help elderly residents over the drop to Bulling Lane. Clerk had no reply to his letter to the Warden. Cllr Thorpe advised contacting Andy Hadfield (AV Estates Officer) or Jane Hodges (Crich Area AV Housing).
Cllr Harwood reported street lamp 21723 was not working. Clerk would tell DCC.
Cllr Brierton reported that a hedge along The Common was growing out too far. Clerk would inspect.
Chair had attended DALC AGM with Clerk and AVBC Parishes Liaison with Cllr Goodhead and Clerk.

Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9.15 pm