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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 8 October 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair),Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Smith . Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 5 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: AVBC Cllr. Taylor. Cllrs. Brierton, Clark, Steppings, Thorpe and Tromans

07/125 Matters raised by members of the public

Mr. Goodhead thanked Cty. Cllr. Jackson for his work in providing the bus shelter on The Common. Unfortunately, it was damaged almost immediately after erection (reversing lorry � driver admitted liability). Fortunately the damage has been speedily repaired. Mr. Goodhead also reported that the new lamp standard has now been installed on New Rd. but is not yet connected.

07/126 Police matters

No police were present at the meeting but it was reported that there has been some nuisance at The Stand and that the Warden has been caused some distress. Cty Cllr Jackson offered to visit the Warden to offer support and to encourage him to report incidents to the Police with full details. There was some discussion regarding malicious allegations against neighbours being made by a resident of Wheatcroft. While the Parish Council expresses concern about any activities which reduce the quality of life for Parishioners it was noted that this is a matter for the Police who are already fully involved with the case.

07/127 Minutes of the meeting of 3rd. September 2007

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

07/128 Matters arising from the Minutes

Members are allocated to wards as follows: Crich- Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Brierton, Harwood, Smith, Steppings and Tromans Fritchley �Cllrs. Fudge, Lane and Thorpe Whatstandwell � Cllrs. Clark and Harrison.

Trees on Bown�s Hill have been trimmed.

JC Balls recommend that any remedial action on the BG drive would spoil it�s appearance and would not have any beneficial effect on the structural integrity of the surface. The clerk was instructed to write to them acknowledging their comments so that they will be on our record should future reference need to be made to them.

Missing footpath signs at Fritchley Fields, Coast Hill Fields and Hollins Lane have been reported to DCC.

Flood damage reports have been made to Brian Shore at AVBC.

The verges at Dimple Lane have been cut following our request.

Cllr. Bateman said that, having spoken to Alan Gibson at AVBC, a new litterbin would be provided at Bulling Lane. It was agreed to purchase a replacement litter bin for the one damaged by fire at the RG The new light for New Rd. has been ordered.

The first quarter monitoring report on Hilt�s Quarry along with Mr. Bendon�s comments have been sent to The Environment Agency. It was agreed to send the latest (2nd. quarter) report to Mr. Bendon with copies to members.

Councillors discussed an offer from representatives of Rolls Royce to make a short presentation to the Council on the current safety status of Hilt�s Quarry. It was agreed that the offer would be considered at the next meeting when it is known whether Councillors have any questions arising out of the 2nd. quarter report.

The Bishop of Nottingham has not replied to our second letter of complaint regarding the Briars, it was resolved that the Clerk should write again.

Only Cllrs Smith and Harrison have signed up to be on the new list of cheque signatories. It would be much appreciated if other members would call in at the Yorkshire Bank in Ripley with their two forms of ID.

Chair reported that there appears to be every chance that the Allotment worries would soon be settled in a satisfactory way.

Chair appealed to members to provide photographs and �pen-pictures� for the website.

Cllr. Smith reported that Roe�s Lane now has �cat�s-eyes� but that the part near the Cross remains unfinished.

07/129 Declarations of Interest


07/130 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson reported that:

He was pleased that the bus shelter on The Common was now in place.

DCC had agreed to provide some handrails on West Bank Avenue (Cty.Cllr. Jackson has worked assiduously to get the above improvements).

DCC remain unhelpful over the matter of improving or even helping the residents to improve the surface of the unadopted roadway in Wheatcroft. However, he will continue to pursue DCC over this matter.

A � Flood Defence Fair� has been publicised. It will take place at the agricultural Business Centre in Bakewell on 14th. October 10.00am to 8.00pm.

A funding scheme for village shops is to be put in place.

He will continue to seek a reply from DCC concerning Mr. Pegg�s offer of providing a piece of land to form a footpath at Leashaw on the Crich to Wakebridge road.

The �Quiet Lanes� group will meet on November 1st. 2007.

He would report Cllr. Bateman�s concerns over the state of the surface of the Coast Hill bridleway.

He noted the comments made by Cllr. Bateman over the state of School Lane (the ownership of which is a matter of some doubt-DCC or Amber Valley?) can be used to report road and footpath surface problems.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe reported in writing that:

Work has been scheduled to deal with the blocked drains at Fritchley.

She has arranged to get the grass verge, on the A6 at Whatstsandwell, cut at the request of Mrs. Donald of Cupola Park who uses the Trans Peak bus stop.

She has arranged for the verges, trees and bushes on Dimple Lane Fritchley to be cut back.

07/131 Clerk�s report

AVBC informed the PC that the cost of the Christmas tree could be up to �1000 (less if there is no vandalism and there are no technical problems) It was agreed that a tree should be ordered on this basis.

Clerk distributed a letter outlining the workings of Parish finances, this was not a formal financial statement but was designed to inform debates which will need to be held to set the Precept for 2008-9.

There was a unanimous expression of dissatisfaction over the newly introduced �paperless� system of informing Parish councils of planning applications. It was felt that as a �statutory consultee� the Parish Council was not being given a reasonable and accessible opportunity to view the applications, share their observations with the full council and make appropriate comments to AVBC. It was noted that some applications had already been granted without the appropriate opportunity for consultation being given and that in consequence such decisions were made improperly. It was resolved that the Clerk in consultation with Chair would write to AVBC expressing deep concern over the new system (this letter to be copied to Judy Mallaber MP).

In the absence of Cllr. Tromans it was resolved to defer discussion of �Greenways� until the next meeting. A copy of the email from Linda McCormick (Clerk to S.Wingfield PC) on this subject to be sent to Cllrs. Harrison, Tromans and Steppings.

Chair reported on a Housing Needs Survey which is to be carried out and which will assist in an application for the provision of affordable housing in Crich. Having recently attended a seminar on �Affordable Housing� Chair was able to explain how the scheme works. The Parish Council would be involved in identifying eligible tenants or buyers/tenants for such properties which are kept within the scheme i.e. protected from profiteering by regulations which prevent tenants from buying the property or part-owners buying more than a certain share of the property.

The basic wage has been increased to �5.62 per hour and will apply to the BG and RG caretaker.

The Audit Commission has formally approved the Parish accounts for 2006-7.

Crich Evergreen Club has submitted a bid for a Parish grant in the next round.

A DVD �The Code of Conduct Uncovered� has been received from AVBC Chair will view and report.

The monitoring results for Hilts quarry (2nd. quarter) have been received and will be passed to ex-councillor Keith Bendon for comment.

DCC and Derby City Council have released more information on their Waste Sites Development Plan. None of their sites is within the parish but equally the proposals will not make the facilities for local residents any more convenient than those provided at Loscoe.

07/132 Planning decisions

The Parish Council application for a fence at the RG has been granted. Estimates will now be sought AVA/2007/1020 erection of dwelling house at South Field Fritchley (Clark) Refused.

Councillors reported that the application for Coddington Top Farm had been refused.

07/133 Planning applications

One paper application was received as the web site was down AVA/2007/1201 land adj. to 9 Surgery Lane (Baker)Change of use from garage/w�shop to residential. No formal objection was made but congestion in that area was noted.

n.b. all planning and tree work applications received by AVBC may be viewed on

07/134 Accounts

Balances at 07 September:

Current A/C 24776.39

Charity A/C 123.43

Jubilee A/C 945.83


Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest 60.21

E-on 51.13

Archway FS (E. Grice) 120.00

Hoults Memorials (Start and Hall) 60.00

Co-op FS (Hay) 60.00

Co-op FS (Franklin) 40.00


C.H. Ludlam Clerk�s salary and expenses

�397.68 + �40.17 = 437.85 chq168

M. MacArthur BG and RG caretaking 115.92 chq169

Mrs. J.Hawksley (allotment rent) 70.00 chq170

DALC (Course for Cllr. Fudge) 20.00 chq171

Glebe Field Centre (PATS Testing) 33.60 chq172

Belper Skip Hire (BG Skip) 94.00 chq173

Grass Track 364.80 chq174

BT Phone Bill 115.20 chq175

Glebe Field Trust (July and September*) 1050.00 chq176

*the July cheque 155 was not presented � a letter from the payee confirms this.

07/136 Circulars and publications

Derbyshire Young Achievers Award 2007

Mid-Derbyshire Citizen�s Advice Bureau Annual Report

World Heritage Discovery Days

What�s on in Amber Valley 2007

Mobile Police Office Parish Rota

07/137 Information

Cllr. Brierton asked that the flower beds at Bennet�s Lane and at the top of Bown�s Hill be tidied and planted.

Cllr. Smith � the future of Crich Post Office seems to be secure.

Darley Birth Centre is now open.

Cllr.Harwood � a hedge at The Beeches, The Common is overhanging the pavement.

Cllr. Bateman � the nameplate at Wheatsheaf Lane is missing.

AVBC will replace the glass in the Market Place bus shelter.

AVBC will improve their weed-spraying programme next year.

Parish notice boards are in a poor state.

AVBC will need to be informed regarding which grit bins need to be filled.

Seating in the Market Place is overgrown by a bush.

Cllr. Birkin � the road sign at Parkhead has been defaced Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.


Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk

19th. October 2007