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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 5th October 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton, Bateman, Birkin, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harwood, Steppings, Tromans, Thorpe and five members of the public. Clerk in attendance.



Special Presentations:

Amber valley Housing (Nick Wilder Amber Valley Housing Ltd.).

Mr. Wilder and the architect responsible for the project presented plans and drawings and explained the proposal to build affordable homes for local people* to the rear of the Glebe (no planning application has yet been submitted). Any such properties must �meet the local need in perpetuity�. The project depends on the building of the new Medical Centre as access would be shared. Members asked about access, traffic, parking, and the provision of community facilities e.g. play areas and school places (these matters are determined by DCC and the Planning Authority according to regulations). Chair insisted that the mechanism by which the houses are allocated is of the utmost importance in order to preserve the rights of local people - the Parish Council will expect to have appropriate input into this process when the time comes.
*current resident for last 10 years/strong local connections e.g. has lived in the area for 10 out of the past 20 years/there is an essential functional need such as performing a particular job in the area.

Well dressing (Joanne Brown AVBC)

Joanne explained the history of Well Dressing and the current situation in Amber Valley. She also referred to the practicalities and the dependence of the activity on a group of dedicated local people who have the time and energy to see the project through.
Cllr. Bateman said that he was aware of a number of groups and individuals within the community who were keen to see a Crich well dressing. He also suggested that it could be linked to a Church Flower Festival or the Village Fete.
There was general support for the idea of a Crich well dressing but there was an equally strong feeling that it was not appropriate for the Parish Council to run it. Cllr. Bateman was asked to bring interested parties to the November Council meeting and to help to identify an organiser to be responsible for the project before any firm decisions can be made.

09/427 Matters raised by members of the public

In answer to a question about the provision of new grit bins, Clerk explained that they had been ordered and that if individual parishioners wished to make suggestions about the exact location of bins they should share their local knowledge with DCC Highways.
The water tap at the side of the Church gate is loose. Clerk will ask Mr. Spencer to investigate.
An area of land on Roes Lane below Hillcrest Drive is particularly untidy; this land belongs to DCC to whom the problem will be referred.

09/428 Declarations of interest


09/429 Police matters

No police were present..

09/430 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson is giving additional powers to Parking Enforcement Officers enabling them to deal with vehicles obstructing disabled access. Planning permission has been granted for the development of a playing field at Crich Carr School. Further, the school is now able to use the old school house. Funds will be made available for repair and security at Fritchley Community Sports club. �Report it and Sort it� - this project is designed to encourage members of the public to report highway problems in order to speed up repairs.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe presented a written report and described how she had witnessed a vehicle demolish a traffic sign at The Green at Fritchley.

09/431 Minutes of the meeting of 7th September 2009

The minutes were approved and signed by Chair after a small amendment.

09/432 Matters arising from the Minutes

The� Information from Members� item has been formally removed from future agendas and adopted as a change to Standing Orders.
Council grants and donations � applications are coming in - the deadline is November 1st.
The Recreation Ground goalposts are now in place.
A reply has been sent to The Mercian Regiment in response to their unveiling of the new memorial � no member of the Council is able to attend...
Replies have been received from MPs regarding concerns over delays to development of the new Medical Centre.
Burial Ground safety � it has been possible to contact some families regarding unstable headstones. Further efforts will be made including a feature in the Crich Area Community News. After a reasonable time Clerk will arrange to have any unsafe stones laid flat.
Youth Club insurance is now in place. Chair has met with two of the volunteers and it is hoped that the Club will open on November 3rd. Cllrs. Birkin and Fudge offered to join Chair in being CRB checked in order that they may help out in an emergency. Chair will visit a �Cash and Carry� store to obtain provisions for the Tuck Shop
AVBC have again been asked to carry out the remedial work identified by the Recreation Ground equipment inspection and again there has been no response. Cllr. Thorpe who is also a member of Amber Valley Borough Council offered to take the matter up and to enlist the help of AVBC Cllr. Taylor
The Recreation Ground fence continues to cause a significant noise nuisance. Clerk was instructed to seek a site meeting with Ward Fencing at which Council will be represented by Cllr. Steppings. Further, Cllr.Thorpe offered to pursue AVBC to ask them to support the Parish Council over this problem on the grounds that they approved the Planning Application, specified the materials used and paid for the project with section 106 monies.
Clerk had contacted DCC regarding problems with HGVs on country lanes. They responded that:

1. Crich is already within a 7.5.tonne limit area and provision of extra signage would only be considered in response to requests from residents

2. Research carried out on the alleged problem in the Crich area by the Highways Department at DCC has not revealed a problem

Mr. Ward has been contacted and thanked for caring for the area around the well at Parkhead. Clerk�s telephone call will be backed up in writing.
The state of Footpaths 23 and 24 have been referred to DCC Rights of Way with a request that they provide an estimate for remedial work. The Rights of Way Minor Maintenance Grant could be used to partly fund this.
The future of the redundant telephone kiosks has been referred to the Crich Heritage Partnership.
AVBC have been asked to clean the gutters at Cromford Road and Town End.
DCC have been reminded that the signs for Dark Lane and Pit Lane are missing and, further, that these lanes are overgrown.

09/433 Clerk�s Report

A request has been received from Crich Carr School that Parish Council shares some of the cost of clearing the access from the allotment land to the proposed playing field. (Permission has been granted for this development). Details are awaited.
A letter has been received from Royal British Legion regarding the cleaning of the War Memorial (copy enclosed). Clerk will investigate further the work done by the Parish Council contractors and that done by those employed by the Royal British Legion.
Cty. Cllr. Jackson provided information about the Scout Hut � it is leased from DCC therefore the Parish Council would need to know the long term future of the lease before contributing to capital investment in the premises.
Clerk has met the lighting officer from DCC, on site at Wheatsheaf Lane, to discuss the provision of an extra light. An estimate is awaited. Clerk has asked AVBC (land owner of the nature reserve) to cut back the trees overhanging the lane and adjacent footpath.
A formal request to remove ashes from Burial Ground has been received and was approved by Council.
The shed at Butts Cottage, Wakebridge � the owners have been instructed by AVBC to remove it but have now appealed against this decision..

09/434 Special Projects Group

Current projects include:
Christmas trees and decorations around the parish.
Signage at the entry points to the Parish
Improvement of the Scout Hut (this will depend on conditions of the lease).

09/435 Planning decisions

All the following applications are PERMITTED:
AVA/2009/0666: Two-storey extension at 136 The Common, Crich.
AVA/2009/0690: Two-storey rear extension, conservatory and porch at 3 Front Street, Fritchley.
AVA/2009/0680: Shed at 9 Amber Hill, Crich.
TRE/2009/0465: Crown lifting of a wych elm at 6 Glen Road, Whatstandwell

09/436 Planning applications

AVA/2009/0819: Detached garage to replace dilapidated prefabricated garage; new drive; access and turning. Change of use of part of field to domestic curtilage at 5 Church Street, Fritchley NO OBJECTION

09/437 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.09.09 � 35543.56
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C at 18.09.09 � 130.14

C. H. Ludlam (Clerk) salary + expenses� 450.22 Chq 408
BT telephone and Broadband �36.48 Chq 409
BT telephone and Broadband �71.98 Chq 410
BT telephone and Broadband �29.44 Chq 411
N.B.Three BT invoices paid this month result from a dispute with BT which has caused recent invoice dates to be �out of step� with the dates on which the Parish Council signs cheques.
Glebe Field Trust � 570.00 Chq 412
Grass Track �367.79 Chq 413
Viking Direct (stationery) �58.03 Chq 414
L.Spencer (work at RG and BG) �137.52 Chq 415
Grass Track (September) � 367.79 Chq 416

09/438 Circulars and publications

Guide to the Derwent Valley Line
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Focus Group meeting � Monday 19th October, 2009, at 6.15 p.m. at Alfreton Fire Station, Turnpike Business Park, DE55 7AD. (�10 one-off payment for out-of-pocket expenses for attending.)

09/439 Communications from members of the public

Letter from owner of the Old Engine House. The Dimple regarding his plans for the building � Clerk was instructed to write to the owner on behalf of Chair and the Council explaining that all Planning Applications are dealt with in an approved and appropriate manner.
Email regarding fly tipping at Bilberry Wood- this has been referred to DCC Rights of Way.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10. 35 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm Monday November 2nd. 2009
Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk (15th October 2009)
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928