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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 1st October 2012, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

The meeting was preceded by a presentation on "Localism"
by Cllr. Guy Martin of Chapel en le Frith Parish Council.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Baugh, Broom, Clark, Harwood, Slaney, Steppings Thorpe and Wells. AVBC Cllr. Gee and 6 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Part 1 Non � confidential items

12/834 Apologies:

Cllrs. Bateman, Bown and Brierton. Cty. Cllr. Jackson.

12/835 Declarations of Interest


12/836 Police matters

(Contact is:�
PCSO Walker reported that there had been 2 recent incidents of arson (hay and recycling bins) and that a planter had been stolen from outside the Black Swan. Any information would be welcomed by the police.

12/837 Matters raised by members of the public (10 minutes)

The overgrown state of verges and roadside hedges was reported.
Concern was expressed over the proposed development of Woodside Farm, The Common (the old slaughterhouse site.)� Residents were encouraged to express their concerns, in writing, to AVBC.

12/838 Reports from County and Borough Councillors

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe presented a written report.
AVBC Cllr Gee agreed to ask AVBC to remove the decision over the Woodside Farm site from "delegated powers" and to ask for a site meeting.

12/839 Minutes of the Meeting of September 3rd 2012

Minutes of the meeting of were confirmed and signed by Chair.

12/840 Matters arising from the meeting of September 3rd 2012

STW Reservoir Project �Chair and Cllr Broom will attend the opening meeting of the Liaison Group on Wednesday 26th September.

Members were issued with copies of Standing Orders and the Code of Conduct. Resolved: � a decision on the adoption of these to be taken at the next meeting

Public Toilets. Members felt that if feasible these should be kept open. Resolved: Cllr. Bown to look into the feasibility of the Parish Council assuming responsibility.

�Cllrs Broom and Wells presented a comprehensive written report on the Localism Course they had attended. Resolved: to invite Guy Martin to address members on this subject, to investigate improving and increasing the number of notice boards in the parish and to investigate organising an open meeting with a view to developing a Parish Plan.

Winter Service. -� Cllr. Wells produced a comprehensive written report. Resolved: Clerk to order grit and bins when WSWG has agreed a final "shopping list".

Parkhead well - �Clerk reported that no reply had been received from the Secretary of the Crich Heritage Partnership

Savings account - �5,000 has been deposited in a term account at Yorkshire Bank.

Notice boards � Resolved: a new "quality" notice board be purchased for Market Place with a suggested budget of �1,000. Market Place board to be relocated to Wheatcroft area.

Disabled access around the village AVBC Cllrs have referred this matter to DCC Highways.

Request from Fritchley under Fives (Cllr. Clark) Resolved: an "A" board may be placed on Fritchley Green for a trial period of 3 months when the club is in session

12/841 Report by the Parish Clerk:

Grants to local organisations � the availability has been publicised on the CACN website and on the notice boards. All previous recipients have been sent the application forms and information.
Recreation Ground development Resolved: this matter will not be addressed immediately but Council will keep it in mind in the medium term and will investigate costs and sources of funding.
Village map: Resolved: Clerk to investigate the provision of a display type map for the Market Place.

AVBC has quoted �3094.69 + vat for the Christmas tree � almost double last year�s price. Resolved: Clerk to seek a cheaper alternative.

12/842 Planning Decisions

The following applications were all PERMITTED:
AVA/2012/0309 land off Middle Lane, Whatstandwell � barn conversion (tourist accommodation).
AVA/2012/0655 Tramway Museum - �gazebo
AVA/2012/0639 Park Lodge, Bullbridge � various extensions including swimming pool
AVA/2012/0309 land off Middle Lane, Whatstandwell � conversion of barn to tourist accommodation

12/843 Planning Applications

AVA/2012/0860 land at Woodside Farm, The Common, Crich (former abattoir) � 14 detached dwellings. Objection � proposed dwellings overlook existing properties, the location is not 2suburban” as described, there is no affordable housing so that the proposal does not attempt to meet local need and �only part of the site is being developed suggesting that this is effectively “stage 1”.
AVA/2012/0853 Wyncot, Shaw’s Hill, Whatstandwell - dormer window No objection
AVA/2012/0886 5, Church St., Fritchley non-material amendment to AVA/2009/819 No objection.
AVA/2012/0863 Cliff Farm, Plaistow Green Rd. � farm pond No objection.

12/844 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at
10th September 2012���29,559.51

�5,000 has been transferred to a Savings account at Yorkshire Bank as agreed by Council. Signatories to the setting up of the account were Cllrs. Lane, Harwood and Thorpe.

Income as per bank statement:
10 August to 10 September :�200 (Burial ground) + �348.66 (Youth Club).


K Evans (topsoil) �65.00 chq 866
C H Ludlam (clerk�s salary) + expenses �519.53 chq 867
Glebe Field Trust �628.43 chq 868
BT internet �25.42 chq 869
BT phone �37.32 chq 870
H.C.Slingsby (grit bin) �222.00 chq 871
Viking Direct (stamps etc.) �108.75 chq 872
Grass Track �407.16 chq 873
L Spencer �179.44 chq 874

The Finance Committee will meet on November 21st.

12/845 Items for Information

AVBC Growth Strategy Document.
Rolls Royce Monitoring results show no cause for concern.
Chadwick Nick Lane will be closed from 15 October until 2 December.

12/846 Communications from Parishioners

Email suggesting that a map of Crich be displayed in the Market Place area.
Request for a skate park.

Part 2 Confidential items



NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday November *12th 2012

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
5th Octoberber 2012
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928