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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 1 November 2004, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Goodhead (Chairman), Cllr Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Harwood, Smith, Thorpe, and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham, three members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Bendon and Salt.

7008 Resignation
A letter had been received from Cllr Hartshorne, resigning his seat on the Parish Council.
RESOLVED: to write to Cllr Hartshorne thanking him for his years of service to the parish.

7009 Matters raised by the Public
Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham reminded the meeting that the present Alport Ward is to be replaced by the Alport & Derwent Valley Division, losing Swanwick and gaining North Belper.
A resident gave background information on the refusal to grant a certificate of lawfulness for existing use for haulage business, Plaistow House Farm, Plaistow Green, including historic detail to support the continuation; these facts to be passed onto the Planning Authority.

7010 Minutes of the meeting of 4 October 2004
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman without amendment.

7011 Declarations of Interest
None. Updated information on Freemasonry was distributed.

7012 Matters arising from the Minutes
Minute 6095 Wendy Lawrence, Chief Executive Amber Valley Primary Care Trust, confirms there is continued support for the GP practice; discussions in Southern Derbyshire concerning possible premises funding should begin by the end of the year.
Minute 6096 the Housing profile for Crich includes Fritchley & Whatstandwell. Environment Agency (EA) confirms that Rolls-Royce is taking and analysing radiological samples; Cllr Bendon had commented on the correspondence.
RESOLVED: to request EA to initiate an independent testing procedure, copy letter to MP.
Light at Allen Lane is now functioning.
Minute 6097 Cllr Harris observed he had understood there would be an increased Police presence in the parish, this had not been apparent, other than the visit of the Mobile Police Station.
Minute 6098 Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham reported that he had explained to another local Parish Council that weight limits for lorries permit access to premises; DCC states no Crich Quarry traffic has been re-routed, if a change was proposed there would be consultation with all interested parties.
Minute 7000 Chairman had met Mr Price, of Beresfords Monumental Masons, to discuss the size of memorials.
RESOLVED: that Burial Ground Rule 12 should read one metre width.
Burial Ground Committee asked to consider amending Derby City Council regulations concerning work on memorials. Cllr Smith offered to act at representative at the Consecration of a new area, hopefully on 13 December. J C Balls could not guarantee to hold the price of road repair after 1 April 2005.
RESOLVED: Mr Hartshorne to be asked to continue to negotiate with Mr Sayles and his agent Mr Hollis regarding the ground to be used to widen the lower stretch of the road, failing this to provide notes of progress to date.
Minute 7001 AVBC to check with DCC regarding siting of grit bin at Kirkham Lane, Fritchley.
RESOLVED: Cllr Thorpe to inform them she has already carried out that task.
Minute 7002 DCC states Bennetts Lane and Chapel Lane are on the list for resurfacing and reconstruction for 2005/6, but will have to compete with similar sites. Judy Mallaber MP has contacted DCC, to ask about the programme of work. Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham had requested Mr Leigh report directly on the whereabouts of the Officer�s report to DCC Leader; Mr Orton had confirmed by phone that the report is in the process of being written.
Minute 7003 (b) Cllr Thorpe to investigate the continued closure of FP 72. (q) AVBC has informed Mrs Argyle that the bench at the Market Place cannot be removed on grounds of dilapidation.
Minute 7005 DCC considers the access road to 1 Tors Spring, Crich, will not be eligible for adoption, so the location of the fence is not a matter for the Highway Authority.
Minute 7007 DCC is investigating the ownership of pieces of land at Fritchley Green, before commenting on the parking problem. Cllr Smith agreed to join the Transport Committee.

7013 Police Matters: None

7014 Reports
Cllr Harris reported on the meeting of the Transport sub-committee, at which Cllr Lane had explained her researches into Quiet Lanes.
RESOLVED: Secretary of State for Transport to be asked when Government will publish revised criteria for speed limits in rural areas, with copy to Judy Mallaber MP. DCC to be asked for progress report on the subject, which was referred to in the Transport Progress summary 2002/3. Derbyshire Branch of CPRE to be asked for advice.
Cllr Harris reminded the meeting of the continued lack of progress by DCC to address the highway safety problems of the Market Place, he observed there were solutions to similar difficulties in other parts of the country. A letter setting out the details of the problem had recently been sent to the MP. Cllr Lane proposed similar information to be forwarded to the Government Office for the East Midlands.
Cllr Whitney reported on a meeting of the Crich Heritage Partnership, which he attended to consider a Crich Map.
RESOLVED: a grant would be considered by the Finance Committee, and it could be linked to the parish website.

7015 Amber Valley Crime & Disorder Audit, consideration of Cllr Smith�s report
The report was useful and constructive and the possibility of liaison between Amber Valley Partnership and the Licensing Committee may be a useful link in the future. The statistics, showing the level of various crimes in the Crich Ward, explain why there is little Police presence. Chairman referred to Inspector Lish explaining much crime is drug related.

7016 Derbyshire Police Authority, Policing Plan 2004/5, consideration of Cllr Smith�s report
The Parish Council is sceptical that the commitment on Beat Officers will be fulfilled. Reference was made to the increase in funding year on year, but locally no visible increase in Police presence, also the additional amounts spent on early retirement pensions.

7017 Correspondence from Parishioners: None

7018 Correspondence received
AVBC Free tree scheme information received, to Cllr Harris
AVBC Licensing Act 2003, draft statement of Licensing Policy
AVBC Minutes of Council and Committee meeting
Countryside Agency East Midlands Regional View
Crich & District Royal British Legion Invitation to Remembrance Sunday parade and service, 14 November
DALC Unadopted Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting and Minutes of 2004 AGM. Text of address from Chief Executive, East Midlands Regional Assembly, at AGM, to Cllr Smith
DCC Campaign to tackle domestic violence, leaflets and stickers
DCC Derbyshire fireworks hotline information
DCC Derbyshire Gold Card discount directory
Mentoring & Befriending East Midlands, December 2004 Launch invitation, to Cllr Smith
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister New Ethical Framework Regulations information
The Local Channel, website information, to Mr R Fletcher

7019 Decisions on Planning Applications
AVA/2004/0673 Proposed south & east boundary fence, Cheriton House, 5 Cromford Road, Crich; granted
AVA/2004/0910 Double garage, storeroom & workshop, Holly Cottage, Top lane, Whatstandwell; granted
AVA/2004/1093 Retrospective, boundary fence, 1 Tors Spring, Crich; granted
Notice of refusal of Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use for Haulage Business, Plaistow House Farm, Plaistow Green
TRE/2004/0105 Remove ash tree, 42 Main Road Whatstandwell; no TPO
TRE/2004/0104 Tree pruning/removal, Timber Tops, Stoneywood Drive, Whatstandwell; no TPO

7020 Planning Applications
Renewal of AVA/2001/0638 and AVA/2003/0257 Agricultural/engineering repairs, temporary permission. Plaistow House Farm, Plaistow Green; no comment
TRE/2004/0101 Crown reduction, horse chestnut tree, Cobblers Cottage, Roes Lane, Crich; to Tree Wardens
TRE/2004/0104 Tree pruning/removal, Timber Tops, Stoneywood Drive, Whatstandwell; to Tree Wardens
TRE/2004/0105 Remove ash tree, 42 Main Road, Whatstandwell; to Tree Wardens
AVA/2004/1229 Removal of conservatory, replacement with new, Beech Cottage, Potters Lane, Plaistow; no comment
AVA/2004/1236 New porch, internal alteration, addition roof lights, side windows, rear conservatory, Dimple Head Medical Centre, Dimple Lane, Crich; no comment

7021 Accounts
000375 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75
000376 Key Services �1,027.26
000377 AVBC, Parish Warden wage share �1,743.71
000378 Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000379 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary �86.67
000380 Parish Clerk, salary September 2004 �362.00
000381 Mr Else, footpath maintenance �205.00
000382 Glebe Field Trust, CRAMP �290.85
000383 Glebe Field Trust, copying �22.62

7022 Matters of Report
Cllr Whitney reported a hedge overgrowing the highway, foot of Sun Lane, DCC to be informed.
Cllr Thorpe reported flooding of Dimple Lane, from the Hat Factory to Ladybird Cottage, DCC do not accept there is a problem, there is also difficulty with water not running into a sough; member to continue to progress the matter with DCC and AVBC. Also sewage flowing down Lynam Road, Fritchley (this had been reported to DCC at request of Cllr Salt). Tree at rear of Drying Ground, Fritchley has been removed.
Cllr Harwood had provided numbers of non-functioning streetlights, to be reported.
Cllr Smith had suffered a fall on an unlit part of Jeffries Lane; there is an existing Blackspot Lighting list, but this has not always been closely followed. Cllr Lane to organise a tour of inspection by the Sub-Committee. Cllr Thorpe said a programme of upgrading could be considered. Concerns had been expressed to Cllr Smith on trees growing to obscure the view from Bowns Hill/Hillcrest; this had been shared with Cllr Bendon, Cllr Harris to be consulted. Cllr Smith had cut a ribbon to mark the re-opening of Crich Food Market.
Cllr Cooke requested the Centre Manager check the safety of the light covers in the Parish Room.
Cllr Harris noted an increase in water flowing across Dimple Lane since access to Hilts Quarry had been modified, he had discussed this with a worker. If the problem continues Rolls-Royce should be contacted.
Cllr Lane observed some signs, for work being carried out at Sandy Lane, were in a poor state; Cllr Goodhead to visit the site, where work is being carried out for Severn Trent, to speak to the foreman.
Cllr Goodhead reported that the Glebe Field Centre Manager had resigned, leaving in about two weeks.
Cllr Lane to contact South Wingfield Parish Council re Parish Warden.

The Chairman thanked members and the public for attending and closed the meeting at 9.40 pm