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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 7 November 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Cooke, Harris, Harwood, Smith, Tromans, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and 3 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Goodhead, Salt, Thorpe, and Whitney.

05/231 Public Participation
Members of the public spoke on the following matters:
(a) Water on Ten Acre Lane (Clerk to inform DCC).
(b) Overgrown path from Sandy Lane to Sun Lane (Cllr Cooke to add to list for FP clearance).
(c) Gangs of children especially on Bowmer Lane throwing glass and eggs (Clerk to write to Supt Sherwood of A Division and Judy Mallaber MP). Cty Cllr Jackson proposed a meeting between Police and parish council chairs in his ward to discuss rural policing in general.

05/232 Minutes of the meeting of 3 October 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair after two minor amendments.

05/233 Matters arising from the Minutes

05/234 Declarations of interest

05/235 Police Matters
No PC attended. Cllr Tromans reported on the Parish Councils evening at Police HQ on 3 November and a meeting of Wheatcroft residents with Acting Inspector Clark. The Clerk said that Police had made local inquiries about the damage to the Coasthill notice board. He was satisfied that no more could be done.

05/236 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson reported: (a) Press release on Joint Transport Forum meeting of 18 October; (b) no reply to date from Police on training with hand held speed cameras; (c) the bus shelter on The Common had definitely been removed by AVBC and he would see them in person; (d) Chapel Lane, Fritchley, access matters; and (e) Crich Royal British Legion requested cleaning of the War Memorial at St Mary�s Church.

Clerk�s Report
05/237 AVBC Code of Conduct/Parish Council Forum 25 October (Ripley) Chair and Cllr Smith reported on their attendance at this meeting.
05/238 AVBC Parish/Borough Liaison Committee 30 November Clerk informed the Council of this newly instituted method for parish consultation with AVBC. Clerk and Cllr Harris would attend if possible.
05/239 AV Leisure PFI Project (Alfreton, Heanor, Ripley Leisure Centres) Clerk presented latest information.
RESOLVED: to write to AVBC in support of the project.
05/240 Derbyshire Greenwatch Awards 2006 Clerk outlined the purpose of and eligibility for this award.
RESOLVED: to recommend Parkwood Conservation Group for an award.
05/241 Trafalgar Day beacon lighting Cllr Salt and Clerk had lit the beacon on 21 October after instruction by Cllr Brierton. Despite the very poor conditions a small group of onlookers also attended.

05/242 Planning decisions
Woodhay Baulk Barn, Wakebridge. Enforcement order
AVA/2005/0651 The Briars Youth Centre, Crich: improved vehicular access + parking Withdrawn
AVA/2005/0947 Melkridge House, Fritchley (Taylor): conversion of outbuildings + extension + creation of 1 storey garden room. Granted
AVA/2005/0980 192 Crich Common, Fritchley (Turton): extensions + alterations. Granted
AVA/2005/0990 19 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley (Rankin): alterations to roof. Granted
AVA/2005/0998 3 Bowmer Lane, Fritchley (Pell): porch + pitched roof to replace flat roof. Granted
AVA/2005/1001 Land at Town End, Crich (Harrison): renewal of outline permission 2002/715 Granted
AVA/2005/1106 2 Hill Crest, Crich (Cheevers/Reynolds): 2 storey extension + garden room. Granted

05/243 Planning applications
AVA/2005/1224 The Barn, 1 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley (Spencer): erection of detached dwelling. �We are concerned at the access sightline to the west.�
AVA/2005/1301 The Cottages, Sun Lane (Harrison): demolition of garage and new access + drive. �We are concerned at increasing access for yet more traffic onto Sandy Lane at this point, to which we have drawn your attention in the past e.g. 2005/0813. We request you at least to inspect the site rather than rely on plans alone.�
AVA/2005/1306 Mill Farm, Brook Lane, Fritchley (King): alterations + extensions to building. �No objections.�
AVA/2005/1339 Fairfield Farm, Fritchley (Treanor): agricultural building for livestock/equipment. �No objections.�
AVA/2005/1342 Bank House, Wheatcroft (Smith): 1st storey balcony to east side. �No objections in principle but we think the materials are out of keeping with the surroundings.�

Burial Ground
05/244 Access resurfacing Clerk said that resurfacing of access and car park had already begun and should be completed over 10/11 November, weather permitting.
05/245 Memorial repair Clerk was concerned that out of 160 memorials marked as faulty in the July inspection, only 15 owners had so far replied. The Council discussed possible outcomes and members noted that Christmas was a popular time for graveyard visits.
RESOLVED: Clerk to assess for the Finance Committee�s December meeting costs of Council involvement in future memorial repair, but to wait until New Year for any further decision on publicity or action on faulty memorials.

05/246 Key Services contract 2006
The item was deferred to the next meeting.

05/247 Lighting
Schemes were assessed for (a) Allen Lane, (b) New Road to Chapel Lane footway, and (c) Chatsworth Avenue.
RESOLVED: to discontinue (a) and to proceed with (b) and (c) after consultation with residents and confirmation of AVBC matched funding.

05/248 Quarry Liaison
Cllr Bendon attended the liaison committee on 20 October. There had been two more landslips. Cllr Bendon asked that experts attend the next meeting to discuss the long term stability of the quarry walls. About 1 million tons of workable material was left under current permissions, enough to last for three years if current demand of about 30,000 loads per year is sustained. Milltown Quarry had closed permanently, therefore demand should remain high. Aggregate Industries wished to extend the current permission to about another 1 million tons. DCC said they would oppose this unless Aggregate Industries presented a compelling case, which Aggregate Industries said they would.  DCC would consider routing HGVs. Plans for restoration of Crich Quarry were available from Cllr Bendon.
RESOLVED: Cllr Bendon compose a letter requesting that a direct link to a major A road be constructed as part of any compelling argument.

05/249 Transport
Cllr Bendon said that the Transport Committee had met with DCC to discuss Crich Market Place and the recent questionnaire. DCC were concerned that any reshaping of the area should not affect bus services which turned round there. Cllr Bendon had then established that only Doyles bus service did that and Doyles would reroute the bus if instructed by DCC. The Council discussed engaging a traffic consultant. The Chair offered to make inquiries. Cllr Bendon pointed out that the Council only had until 6 January to apply for funds from the Derbyshire Aggregates Levy Grant for Market Place improvements. Aggregate Industries had offered to fund a consultant.
RESOLVED: Cllr Bendon to progress an application to DALG without accepting any offer for funding from Aggregate Industries.

05/250 Website
Clerk said that Ross Fletcher offered to update the site for �20 a month. Clerk would add to the site new items of interest as suggested by members. The Council discussed ways of website training for the Clerk.
RESOLVED: to accept Ross Fletcher�s offer until further notice.

05/251 Balances 10 October Current �42431.40; Jubilee �945.06; Charity �115.91
05/252 Audit Commission approval Clerk presented Audit Commission approval of 2004/5 accounts.

05/253 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest 30/9 42.25
05/254 Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c interest 30/9 0.09
05/255 Central Networks re: wayleave 11/10 48.81
05/256 Mandale memorials re: memorial 21/10 36.00
05/257 L Petts re: memorial 31/10 36.00
05/258 Archway FS re: interment 31/10 100.00
05/259 M D A Coultas: Clerk�s salary October 966 529.55
05/260 M Macarthur: caretaking/FP work October 967 123.33
05/261 Crich Glebe Field Trust: Sept contribution 968 440.00
05/262 Derwent Waste Management re: BG skip 969 70.50

05/263 Circulars and publications from other authorities
AVBC Local Plan Review (4 volumes) and AVBC Scrutiny Annual Report 2004/5 DALC AGM and Executive Committee Minutes 17 September 2005 East Midlands Regional Assembly Regional Plan to 2026: options for change

05/264 Information
Cllr Harwood said DCC had done a good job resurfacing Chapel Lane.
Cllr Bendon had attended a meeting at The Briars. Noise by residents was now to end by 9.30 pm. He asked Clerk to tell AVBC about the Crich Road sign and to request Sandy Lane bottle bank area be cleaned on Mondays and Thursdays at the same time as Crich Market Place. He also reported that he had asked Cllr Cooke to add two footpaths in the Whatstandwell area, and one at the bottom of Sandy Lane behind the Chapel, to his list of footpaths needing trimming.
Cllr Cooke said that Bullbridge Lane was overgrown and asked Clerk to inform Ripley Town Council.
Chair would pass a letter from Dr Wright on traffic issues in Fritchley to the Transport Committee.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.05 pm.