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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 6 November 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Steppings, Tromans, Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and two members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Thorpe.

06/209 Public participation
Potholes on Causeway Lane and Plaistow Green Road near Ann Croft (Clerk to write to DCC).

06/210 Minutes of the meeting of 2 October 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair.

06/211 Matters arising from the Minutes
06/185 Cllr Harris asked why the Council�s licensing reply for Crich News had not been admitted by AVBC. Clerk said that the Council�s response had been entered on the latest day possible, 6 September, as the Council had only recently been reinstated as a licensing respondent, and the matter only discussed by the Council on 4 September. The reply was ruled too general by AVBC for consideration. Clerk and Cllr Smith had attended the Licensing Board�s hearing on the application and were satisfied that the Council�s views had been expressed by other admitted respondents. Council and Clerk would know better how to make admissible replies in future.

06/212 Declarations of interest
Chair declared an interest in planning application 2006/1237 and Cllr Tromans an interest in 2006/1317, both from residential proximity. Neither took part in any discussion or vote on the replies to these items.

06/213 Police matters
PC Haywood attended. Chair was concerned at a spate of car crime in Fritchley, namely theft from car, theft of car, and break-in to car. PC Haywood warned that satnav cradle and sucker marks could be noticed by thieves and advised that equipment not in use be removed from the vehicle. Cllr Whitney complained of a car being driven at inappropriate speed by the Comrades Club, School Lane. Cllr Bendon asked about mini-bikes on a highway. PC Haywood said they were illegal on a highway. Cllrs Salt and Tromans attended the Police Consultative Group on 1 November. Cllr Salt urged everyone to report incidents straightaway to the Police.

06/214 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson said that Safety Camera Partnerships were going to cover wider areas of road safety than just cameras from April 2007. They aimed to put more information onto their website but not until then. On New Road and Amber Hill, DCC once again replied that the roads were of sufficient width for emergency vehicle access. He had asked DCC about potholes by shops on Crich Market Place. He reminded members of the Call Derbyshire number 08456 058058 which gave advice on County Council services and to which problems could be reported. He had taken part in site meetings at Potters Lane on 4 November and Fritchley Church Street on 11 November (for both see below 06/222) and chaired the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee on 18 October (see below 06/228).

Borough Cllr Thorpe via the Chair reported cases of fly tipping. She commended the new AVBC division of Landscape Services under David Shaw who would attend to such instances as well as street cleaning and grit bins. AVBC Planning Board had again deferred a decision on The Briars (AVA/2006/0291) earlier in the evening.

Clerk�s report
06/215 Applications for Clerkship Six applicants had confirmed their interest after meeting with the Clerk. The Selection Committee would shortly meet to conduct interviews at a date to be arranged.
06/216 AV Housing AV Housing had applied anti-climb paint with two warning signs and fixed a No Ball Games sign at The Beeches garages. It could not fix the latter sign on a lamp post on New Road without DCC consent.
RESOLVED: Clerk to write to DCC again on a sign at New Road.
06/217 Briars meeting 7 October Chair expressed embarrassment at the meeting which only herself and Cllr Smith had attended. Fr Wheat had made refreshment provision for the whole Council.
RESOLVED: Clerk to write to Fr Wheat with an apology for the low attendance by Council members.
06/218 Christmas trees Crich Market Place/ Fritchley / Whatstandwell AVBC presented costs of �902 plus �250 for damage for the Christmas tree on Crich Market Place.
RESOLVED: to accept the costs provided the amount for damage was an extra limited to the actual damage caused.

The Council also had requests for grants for public Christmas trees at Fritchley and Whatstandwell.
RESOLVED: to consider these requests as part of the annual donations list to be drawn up by the Finance Committee in December and confirmed by Council in January; with the proviso that the two organizing groups be told that their requests would be viewed favourably.
06/219 DALC planning evening 4 October Chair with Cllrs Bendon and Smith attended this training event and said that it had been very useful and informative.
06/220 Dog bin request Council discussed a request for a bin at the junction of Top Hagg and Chadwick Nick Lanes.
RESOLVED: to approve purchase and maintenance costs of a green dog waste bin from AVBC.
06/221 Grit bin purchase for Dark Lane Clerk recommended that the decaying grit bin at entrance to Dark Lane be completely replaced rather than repaired as authorized by Council in October (see 06/189).
RESOLVED: to approve the purchase of a new grit bin from AVBC by Dark Lane.
06/222 Potters Lane and Fritchley site meetings 4 and 11 October with DCC Cllrs Bendon and Steppings with Cty Cllr Jackson met with DCC on 4 October at Potters Lane. Cllr Bendon said that the drains were not blocked but sometimes poorly positioned, and various other problems needed DCC investigation. Cllr Jackson would take up rural road repairs with the full County Council.
RESOLVED: Clerk to write to DCC Highways thanking them for work already done from Bank House to White Hart Inn and requesting a complete engineer�s assessment of Potter Lane.
Chair and Cllr Thorpe with Cty Cllr Jackson met with DCC on 11 October in the evening on Fritchley Lane and Church Street to examine parking problems. DCC agreed to paint a solid white line at the junction of the two streets.
06/223 Remembrance Sunday Clerk had received a wreath from Crich Royal British Legion. Chair confirmed that she would lay the wreath at 10.30 am on 12 November and requested other members to attend if possible.
RESOLVED: to pay RBL Poppy Appeal �25.
06/224 Wild Fowl warning sign request by Chase Cliff Farm DCC doubted that a wild fowl warning sign was appropriate at this site. Responsibility for preventing fowl wandering onto the highway was the owner�s.

06/225 Planning decisions
2006/0644 The Cottage, Sun Lane, Crich (Harrison): demolition of garage and formation of new access Refused
2006/0653 The End House, The Green, Fritchley (Philbin): 2 storey side extension Granted
2006/0836 Coddington Farm (Northcott): barn conversion to dependent relative (amended) Granted
2006/0837 Market Place (Hub3 Ltd): change of use antique shop to accountancy office Granted
2006/0892 Fairfield Farm, Fritchley (Treanor): outline application for one new dwelling Refused
2006/0908 Amberley, The Common, Crich (Jacob): 1st floor ext to bungalow Granted
2006/0940 Apple Tree Cottage, The Dimple, Fritchley (Slater): replacement conservatory Granted
2006/0985 Woodside Cottage, Whatstandwell (Beeston): replacement of windows (LB) Refused
2006/0999 Land at The Yews, The Common, Crich (Jerram): new dwelling Granted
2006/1030 10 Dale Close, Fritchley (Greenhough): extensions to bungalow + replacement garage Granted
2006/1050 The Yews, The Common, Crich (Jerram): 1 + 2 storey ext + alterations Granted
2006/1053 31 Coast Hill, Crich (Beresford): 2 storey rear ext + conservatory + porch Granted
2006/1134 7 The Common, Crich (Scotcher): loft conversion + dormer windows + flat roof Refused
2006/1192 10 Hill Crest, Crich (Jones): ext of caravan store. Received and Granted

06/226 Planning applications
2006/1206 Tors Cottage, Sun Lane (Allen): 1st floor ext + alterations. �No objection.�
2006/1237 Nuncott, The Dimple, Fritchley (Perry): ext to rear. �No objection.�
2006/1264 Cross Farm, Crich (J Smith & Son): demolition of livestock sheds + replacement with new. �No objection.�
2006/1266 37 Coasthill, Crich (Daniels): fencing to NW of property. �No objection.�
2006/1272 Land at Sandy Lane (Markeaton Construction): erection of new dwelling (amended 2005/0813). �No objection.�
2006/1296 Plaistow Grange Farm (Brown): new general purpose building (AgricPriorNotice). �No objection.�
2006/1301 Bank House, Dark Lane (Smith): Creation of trackway + erection of barn/garage. �Crich Parish Council has the following concerns about 2006/1301 Bank House. 1 The entrance gate was not set back sufficiently from the highway. 2 The track drains water, silt, and stones onto the highway. 3 The excavations weaken the hillside and may collapse. 4 The spoil on the top of the field changes the landscape dramatically as viewed from the highway. If these are addressed then the Council has no objection to the development.�
2006/1317 Beech Farm, Wheatcroft (Brown): modify condition 2 of 0489/446 to permit occupation of barn as holiday accommodation. �No objection provided that a material start had been made on the original permission within the permitted period.�

06/227 Blackspot lighting
Chair recommended the continued submission of requests based on the already established order of priority. The next two sites were at Bowmer Lane and Roe�s Lane.
RESOLVED: to submit these requests to DCC.
06/228 Crich Quarry Liaison Committee
Cllr Bendon said that the committee had looked at the landslip areas on 18 October before viewing a presentation by Bardon Aggregates� group geologist. DCC had called in the report for further investigation. FP 15 would continue to be closed in part until 26 April for safety reasons. Bardon Aggregates wished to apply for further permissions and continue activity up to the permitted latest date of 2042 at whatever level of extraction allowed (current permissions being for around another 660,000 tonnes, which at the current extraction rate would take two years).
RESOLVED: Clerk to ask DCC for clarification of the permitted latest extraction date.
RESOLVED: Clerk to inquire about the position of the Worcester and Sherwood Foresters Regiment.

06/229 Rolls Royce Liaison Committee
Chair had attended on 12 October. Hilts Quarry had again been broken into on 9 October and Rolls Royce were considering a stronger fence. Monitoring results for 2nd quarter 2006 had been received. Cllr Bendon was again concerned at a rise in water levels in the boreholes of up to 2 m although more time would be needed to establish a consistent sequence of results.

06/230 Balances 10 October Current �31088.09; Jubilee �945.50; Charity �116.80
06/231 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (30.9) �29.16
06/232 Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c interest (30.9) �00.11
06/233 Central Networks re: wayleaves (5.10) �49.95
06/234 E Cope & Son re: burial (26.10) �36.00
06/235 L Petts re: memorial (26.10) �72.00
06/236 Archway FS re: burial (26.10) �30.00
06/237 Midlands CS FS re: burial (3.11) �120.00
06/238 Mansfield Memorials Ltd re: memorial (3.11) �40.00
06/239 Archway FS re: burial (3.11) �30.00
06/240 A Wass re: burial (6.11) �30.00
06/241 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary October + exp. 069 �882.85
06/242 M MacArthur re: BG/PG caretaking October 070 �143.33
06/243 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: October contribution 071 �500.00
06/244 Keith Evans re: BG topsoil 072 �45.00
06/245 DCC re: Chatsworth Avenue lighting 073 �1662.54
06/246 Grass Track re: October maintenance 074 �337.81
06/247 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal re: S137 donation 075 �25.00

06/248 Circulars and publications
AVBC Arts Newsletter autumn/winter 2006/7
AVBC Minutes submitted 1 November
AVBC Parishes Liaison Committee Minutes 7 September
AVBC Parish Remuneration Panel: review of allowances
Clerks & Councils Direct issue 48
Crich Quarry Liaison Committee Minutes 20 April
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Minutes 27 September
Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site annual monitoring report 2005/6

06/249 Information
Cllr Bendon asked the Clerk to write to DCC about any traffic control costs that may be incurred from the Crich Market Place�s proposed build-out.
Cllr Goodhead noted that the doors to the public conveniences on Bowns Hill had been vandalized and repaired. He also asked the Clerk to try to have the war memorial cleaned by Remembrance Sunday.
Cllr Harwood reported that light 21721 by 27 Cromford Road was not working and gave apologies for not attending the next meeting.
Cllr Harris advised examination of the planning permission for what was being built at 55A The Common, Crich and if necessary Clerk to query with AVBC.
Clerk informed the Council of a request by Severn Trent Water to dig a short trench onto the Recreation Ground behind Holly Bank houses in order to find and repair a faulty drain. The work would be done in the next week.
Chair wanted members informed about the recent White Paper on local government reform. Clerk would send the document and NALC summary to members on email and the NALC summary alone to remaining members by post.

Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.15 pm