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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 5 November 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair),Cllrs. Brierton (v-chair) Bateman, Birkin, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Smith, Tromans. Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 2 members of the public.

Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: AVBC Cllr. Taylor. Cllrs. Steppings and Thorpe.

07/138 Matters raised by members of the public

A resident of Whatstandwell raised concerns over abuses of the speed limit and the 7.5 tonne limit in the village and on Main Rd. in particular. Cty. Cllr. Jackson agreed to send reminders to the Police and to Trading Standards, but explained that: (a) successful policing of the A6 has driven traffic problems on to some B roads and that police are aware. More speed activated signs are being deployed (b) HGV�s can enter restricted zones to deliver and pick-up and if their depot is in the zone Cllr. Brierton believes that the problem is being exacerbated, in the short term, by the closing of Stevenson�s Dye Works and the removal of heavy machines. Cllr Smith reminded the meeting that 30mph signs cannot be repeated within the zone. .

07/139 Police matters

The meeting was informed that articles in local papers regarding drivers passing horse riders in a deliberately dangerous manner are unfounded and malicious, the source of these innuendos is known to the Police. The Council expressed it�s concern that such printed accusations should not taint the relationship between responsible motorists and horse riders.

Cllr. Brierton reported problems with �boy-racers� who seem to use a circuit in the village. Witnesses should inform the Police with as much information as possible.

Cllr. Harrison said that there had been fly-tipping on Dimple Lane but that it had been cleared on the same day. Chair said that AVBC are keen to deal with such problems.

Cllr. Bateman reported concerns over parking on Jefferies Lane and around the Beeches area. Cty. Cllr. Jackson explained that the Police do not regard such matters as a priority unless a formal complaint is made by an offended party. They will provide leaflets to place on badly parked vehicles. However , concern was expressed over the effect this would have on neighbourly relationships.

07/140 Local Authority Councillors Cty. Cllr. Jackson reported that:

Quiet Lanes group met on November 1st. Cllr. Tromans attended. It was a good first meeting at which it was decided to invite other interested groups to be represented at future gatherings.

He is pursuing the ownership and condition of School Lane.

The Warden of Crich Stand is getting regular visits from the Police and the vandalism and nuisance problem has subsided since Cty. Cllr. Jackson�s intervention.

A �cul de sac� sign will be erected at Hillcrest in the hope of deterring vehicles using it under the misapprehension that it is a through road.

He is involved with the dispute over a high �hedge� in Fritchley. A site meeting is planned for November !9th. (time not yet known).

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe reported in writing that:

She is involved with the high �hedge� dispute in Fritchley.

She has arranged for leaves to be cleared from Allen Lane and for mud to be swept from Dimple Lane, Lynam Rd. and Plaistow.

07/141 Minutes of the meeting of 8th. October 2007

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

07/142 Matters arising from the Minutes

AVBC have indicated that they will not revert to the paper method of consultation on Planning applications. A further consultation will take place in the New Year. In the meantime Clerk will inform members of the Planning Committee of new applications as they appear on the web-site. All members have the necessary information to allow them to access the site and to obtain information if it is there and if the site is actually working. The PC continues to express it�s total dissatisfaction with the system and awaits a further reply from Brian Twigg (Development Services Manager at AVBC). Members reported various instances of failed attempts to access the website and were encouraged by Chair to log all future experiences of this type. A letter has been sent to Judy Mallaber MP informing her of PC concerns over Planning Application system.

A reply has been received from the Chaplain to the 3rd letter sent to Bishop of Nottingham re. The Briars. He has referred the matter to Rev. John Guest, Vicar General for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and Trustee of The Briars.

DCC have indicated that they own land on either side of part of School Lane, but that the lane is not owned by the Council! School Lane has the status of �Private Street� over which runs a public footpath and is therefore maintained to public footpath standard only. The fact remains that the most popular pedestrian access to the school is in poor condition, Clerk will contact the school, DCC (Public Rights of Way) and DCC (Education) to enquire as to whether or not improvements can be made.

Confirmation was received from Cty. Cllr. Jackson that can be used to report problems regarding roads, footpaths etc

Parish Christmas tree has been ordered from AVBC

Replacement litterbin has been ordered for RG and is now in place.

Keith Bendon�s comments on the 1st and 2nd quarter inspections at Hilt�s Quarry were discussed along with a re-assuring letter from Colin Hardman (Nuclear Regulator for the Environment Agency). It was decided that it would not be appropriate to require Colin Hardman or Rolls Royce to attend a meeting. However, Clerk will ask Keith Bendon to expand on the concerns he expressed in his last report.

A letter has been sent to JC Balls re flaws in BG drive. This letter confirms their telephone explanation as to why it would not be effective to patch the drive as requested. Plants impeding pedestrians on pavements and footpaths will in future be reported to DCC, whose responsibility this is, by the Clerk provided he is given details of the address, name of owner (if possible) and nature of problem. N.B. bushes to right of bus shelter on Market Place have been cut back. Clerk has written to 3 parishioners on this matter and will refer any unresolved problems to DCC.

Cllr. Tromans reported that she had attended a meeting re. Parish Greenways and was in contact with Linda McCormick (Parish Clerk at S.Wingfield). The main thrust is to encourage DCC to cut hedges and verges to allow access by horse riders, walkers and cyclists.

Cllr. Brierton reported on the meeting of the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee. After a short tour of the quarry, members were shown how slippage near the public footpath is measured by monitoring the movement of steel pins concreted into the rock � these currently show the face to be stable. About 0.5 million tonnes of useable stone is left. The quarry owners are hoping to get planning permission to extract stone from the stockyard area, which is near the tram-track, this is likely to meet opposition. Quarry representatives were unable to put any timescales on the future of the quarry.

AVBC have been asked to fill the Grit bins. Members were asked to inspect bins in their ward and report to the Clerk on their condition and on how full they are.

Replacement of Parish noticeboards. It was agreed that all the boards are in poor condition. Clerk informed the Council of the high cost of replacement and it was resolved to explore the possibility of sponsorship and of seeking the help of the CDT Dept. of a local secondary school (Council would provide the materials).

Members were urged to register as cheque signatories. Clerk will visit the bank to formalise the changeover to the new list.

Photographs and pen-pictures of members are needed to update the web site

07/143 Declarations of Interest


07/144 Clerk�s report

PC need to arrange Finance Committee meeting to set Precept 2008/9. It was agreed that the Finance Committee will meet on Monday 10th. December at 6.00pm in the Glebe.

Dates for monthly meetings 2008.

The proposed list was circulated and agreed, meetings will take place at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month except where this is a Bank Holiday

The purchase of the allotment ground is going ahead, the potential new owner is drawing up an agreement for the PC to continue to use this ground. There seems every reason to believe that this agreement will be satisfactory to members who will be given a copy as soon as one exists. (A letter from the solicitor at AVBC states that they can be of no help to us in the matter of the allotments � we now hope that this does not matter!) DALC has informed us of the subscription

2008/9 Grant applications have been received from:

Crich Brass Fritchley

Christmas Tree

Crich Evergreen Club

Fritchley OAP Assoc.

Crich Luncheon Club

Derbyshire Children�s Holiday Centre

Whatstandwell Social Club

Clerk would appreciate all members ensuring that he has their current email address Members received invitations to attend the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee Meeting on 17th. October

AVBC is carrying out a programme of inspections in it�s own cemeteries this includes action to make safe any dangerous gravestones. PC will ask them to carry out a survey of the BG on their behalf.

Emailed apology received from AVBC re. forgetting to send out the second instalment of the precept payment

Currently only one contractor has put in an estimate for the RG fence work. Clerk will pursue this matter.

Mr. MacArthur has requested a replacement shed at the BG

07/145 Planning decisions

07/146 Planning applications

07/147 Accounts Balances at 10th. October:

Current A/C 24376.06

Jubilee A/C 945.98

Charity A/C 123.43

Income �

Yorkshire Bank Current A/C interest 55.21

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C interest 0.15

JE Nicholson (Dawes-Hamp) 120.00

Archway FS (Moody) 40.00

Hoults Mems. (White) 40.00

Beresford (Moodie) 20.00

Expenditure � Cheque Number

C.H. Ludlam Clerk�s salary and expenses �397.68 + �28.97 426.65 177

M. MacArthur BG and RG caretaking 9O/T+exp 170.60 178

Glebe Field Trust (October) 525.00 179

Derwent Waste Management (paid to Belper Skip Hire) 94.00 180

Audit Commission (audit 2006/7) 334.88 181

Grass Track (Sept maint.) 364.84 182

AVBC (new litter bin at RG) 66.25 183

Post Office (Tax and NI 2nd qtr.) 406.68 184

DCC Market Place build-out and lighting 5490.09 185

Grass track (Oct grounds maint.) 364.84 186

M.MacArthur O/T Market Place trough tidying 16.86 187

07/148 Circulars and publications

DCC Community Response Plan Amber Valley News �latest edition now being delivered to homes in the Borough

DALC Minutes of AGM

What�s on in Amber Valley November 2007

07/149 Information

Cllr. Fudge found the training course she attended to be of great value to new councillors

Cllr. Brierton was pleased with the planting of the flower beds which he had requested at the last meeting.

Cllr. Smith reported that the telephone box at New Rd. is inoperative and that the Transport Committee should be convened -she will contact members.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.


Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk 19th. November 2007