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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 3rd November 2008, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-chair), Bateman, Birkin, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans AVBC Cllr. Taylor and 6 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cty Cllr Jackson and PC Wilbourneor

08/281 Matters raised by members of the public

Mr Goodhead reported that there seems to be a problem with ownership of a footpath between Dowie Way and Cromford Rd. Chair reported that Cty. Cllr. Jackson had taken up the issue with DCC.
There is an overgrown footpath off Stoney Lane and there is a missing handrail on the steps between Bent Hill Farm and Top Lane . These matters will be reported to DCC Rights of Way. On the topic of footpaths, Cllr. Tromans informed the meeting that she has met the newly appointed footpaths officer and that DCC has a �Strimming List� � Clerk will find out more about getting Parish footpaths on the list.

08/282 Declarations of interest

Cllr.Fudge � Briars Planning Application (personal)
Cllr. Brierton

08/283 Police matters

PC Wilbourne was unable to attend due to other duties.
Chair corrected the impression given at the last meeting that the Police had checked on young people at the Recreation Ground � it was in fact at the Market Place.
Having attended a meeting of the �Safer Neighbourhood Panel� Chair was pleased to be able to report that anti-social behaviour in Crich is to be given priority treatment by the Police.
Chair had a copy of a poster advertising a �Police Surgery� to be held at The Glebe Field Centre, Clerk was instructed to place copies on Parish notice boards and Cllr Bateman offered to distribute them to businesses in the Parish..

08/284Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr Jackson.
Please see attached report.
With reference to the report the drainage problems near Leashaw Farm have been resolved by an agreement between DCC and the land owner. Further, the problem at Plaistow Green is still not resolved despite the fact that the Hartshorne family have excavated and exposed the cause of the problem in an attempt to assist DCC.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe

Please see attached report

AVBC Cllr. Taylor reported that she is in regular contact with PCSO Donna Shaw regarding policing issues in the Parish

08/285 Minutes of the meeting of 6th October 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

08/286 Matters arising from the Minutes

Clerk reminded members that the Parish Council owns land for which it charges rent. � part of the quarry off Bennets Lane (2 tenants).and the field below the Burial Ground which is rented out for hay thus saving the Council the cost of mowing. It was noted that the Council must not concede ownership of the land and that it has a duty to charge a fair rent. The sites will be visited by Councillors on their �Parish walk� and rents will be reviewed when more information is available.
Councillors are invited to walk around the area in order to identify ways in which the Parish Council could bring about improvements. This event will take place on Sunday 16th. November commencing at 11.00am. (meet at the Market Place).

Clerk has contacted AVBC re. the locking and cleaning of the public toilets near the Market Place. However, Councillors report that they are not locked and that they are cleaned.
AVBC are considering the provision of signs designed to discourage bad behaviour by young people at the RG.
Clerk has written to AVBC urging them to ensure that developments at The Briars comply with the detail of the planning permission granted to them.
A contractor has been asked to deal with moles at the Burial Ground
Top soil has been ordered for the Burial Ground � this is mainly used to fill in depressions caused by graves sinking.
Bank Accounts � advice has been sought from Yorkshire Bank. A �Business Term Deposit� would earn more interest. A minimum of �5,000 would need to be deposited for at least 3 months. Interest rates vary on a daily basis but are currently 4.65% (30 day notice) 5.3% (6 month notice) etc. It was agreed to put �10,000 in a 30 day notice account.
Parish notice boards � Cllr. Harrison believes their arrival to be imminent.
Overgrown hedges at Hollies Lane / Wild Lane were reported to DCC Highways and have now been cut back.
With reference to the Planning Application at Woodside Farm, Chair reported that the latest one only concerned detail of the Section 106 conditions, it was not a matter of revisiting the permission and therefore no action was necessary.
Cllr. Bateman was asked to liaise with Fr. Wheat at The Briars with a view to setting up a joint Council/Briars meeting. He agreed to do this but felt that the demands of the Christmas season would probably mean the meeting would be in the New Year.

08/287 Clerk�s Report

The letter from Mr. Bostock has been seen by all members.
Meeting dates 2009 � Clerk issued a list. Meetings take place on the first Monday of each month or if this is a Bank Holiday the second Monday. Meetings commence at 7.30pm at the Glebe Field Centre. n. b the Annual Parish Meeting starting at 7.00pm precedes the normal May meeting
It was resolved to order the Market Place Christmas Tree for 2008 from AVBC
Caretaking at Burial Ground and Recreation Ground - Mr. Len Spencer is currently undertaking these duties under the direction of the Clerk.
Inspection and maintenance of the playground equipment � Clerk was instructed to seek the advice of Simon Gladwin at AVBC.
Applications for donations have been received from: Fritchley Christmas Tree Association, Fritchley OAP Association, Crich Evergreen Club, Crich Brass, Sims Charity, Crich Scouts, Whatstandwell Social Club, Crich Fete Committee and Crich Luncheon Club. These will be considered at a meeting of the Finance Committee on Monday 17th November.
Members are advised that the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils website ( contains information useful to Councillors including details of training opportunities.
The wall at Jubilee Ground has been repaired
Course �Being a Good Councillor� next Saturday at Hulland Ward � there are a few places left. Please see Clerk.

08/288 Transport Committee

Cllr. Harrison (Chair) presented a written report.
Further to this, Cllr. Steppings suggested the construction of a �pinch point� on The Common to reduce speeding and Cllr Bateman informed members of a site meeting to be held at The Black Swan at 2.30pm on the 11th November. This will consider the proposal to develop a car park on land above The Black Swan for the joint use of patrons and the public

08/289 Planning decisions

TRE/2008/0330 The Glebe - reduction of sycamore and beech tree PRMITTED
AVA/2008/1097 4 Fairview Rise Crich - extension and conservatory PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1039 43 The Common- first floor bedroom extension PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1046 Coddington Hall Farm - extensions, alterations and refurbishment PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1085 6 The Common replacement - gates WITHDRAWN for modification
AVA/2008/1030 Greenacres Chadwick Nick Lane � decking and a window PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1084 17, Hindersitch Lane W�standwell � garage PERMITTED
AVA/2008/0902 18 Bowns Hill � side extension PERMITTED

08/290 Planning applications

AVA/2008/1193 The Briars - regularisation of works to access road OBJECTION � original permission was based on a carefully considered plan and should be adhered to. The new proposals disadvantage disabled people and would encourage the misuse of the car park where the playing of ball games causes nuisance to neighbours.
AVA/2008/1191 Dukes Quarry W�standwell (request by DCC for Parish Council observations on a request to vary conditions 3 and 10 of previous permission AVA/388/310) OBJECTION � the permission sought is very long term and open-ended. Access road is a narrow country lane and the junction with main road is awkward and dangerous.
AVA/2008/1169 National Tramway Museum � change of use of field for use of caravans OBJECTION The number of caravans is too great, there are road safety issues, there are no proposals for drainage or for dealing with sewage and waste and there are no plans to reduce the visual impact. The concept is inappropriate at this location.
AVA/2008/1140 Crossways Coddington Lane � conservatory NO OBJECTION
TRE/2008/0348 3 Kirkham Lane Fritchley � fell one tree NO OBJECTION
AVA/2008/1122 Croft Cottage Parkhead � 2 storey side extension NO OBJECTION

08/291 Accounts

Bank Accounts
Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.10.08 � 44566.84
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C� 946.94
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C� 128.78

Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest � 56.32
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C interest� 0.08


C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary (�410.41) + expenses (�11.54)) �422.05(chq 295)
Len Spencer (RG and BG work)� 63.03 (chq 296)
Glebe Trust (October 2008)� 546.00(chq 297)
Grass Track (September maintenance) �364.84 (chq 298)
Mercian Regiment (donation for memorial) �100.00 (chq 299)
Viking Direct (stamps and ink) �78.11 (chq 300)
BT phone and Bband �109.90 (chq 301)
Emery Landscaping (pruning trees at RG) �364.25 (chq 302)
Tax and NI 2nd qtr. Paid to �Post Office�� 360.45(chq 303)
Paul Beasley (rebuild of Jubilee Ground Wall)� 1145.00 (chq 304)
Grass Track (October maintenance at BG and RG)� 364.84(chq 305)
Viking Direct �34.39 (chq 306)

08/292 Circulars and publications

Ploughing and Cropping of Public Rights of Way
East Midlands Regional Plan
Local Community Forums
Invitation for Chair to attend the AVBC Annual Civic Service on Sunday 7 December at 3.00pm in Ripley Parish Church

08/293 Communications from parishioners

Letter from Paul Gibbons re verge cutting and the Market Place telephone box
Letter and email from Allan and Anona Bush re mobile phone masts
*Letter from Mr Crowfoot re building and Planning Applications at The Briars
Email from Martin Warboys re. various BG issues.
*Copy of letter to AVBC from Mr. and Mrs G Hartshorne re their objection to Planning Application AVA/2008/1169
* Considered under Planning Applications

08/294 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Bateman expressed disappointment at the fact that litterbin provision at the Market Place remains inadequate. However, he was pleased to report that the replacement of the bin at Bulling Lane had effected an improvement. The Market Place Bus Stop light is still inoperative and car parking near The Beeches is damaging the verge and causing an obstruction.
Cllr. Harwood reported untidy land above the Jovial Dutchman and plant growth on the roadside wall (between The Cross and the Church) which narrows the carriageway.
Cllr. Clark will attend a meeting of the Citizens Panel and Derbyshire Police to discuss budgets.
Cllr. Brierton had attended a meeting of the Quarry Liaison Committee on 7th. October and was required to take the Chair! No problems came to light. There are 18 months of work left after this the spoil will be screened for usable stone and the site will then be tidied.
Chair will lay a wreath at the Remembrance Day service in Crich.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.06 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 1st December 2008

Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk
7th November 2008