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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 2nd November 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton, Bateman, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Tromans, AVBC Cllr.Taylor and five members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cllrs Birkin and Thorpe. Cty Cllr. Jackson

09/440 Matters raised by members of the public

Robin Harvey expressed concern at the apparent damage done to a boundary wall at the allotments; Clerk explained that Mr. Briddon (the landlord) had the matter in hand. Clerk took the opportunity of thanking Mr Harvey for his kind offer to liaise between the allotment holders and the Council. Clerk also acknowledged the major contribution Mr Harvey had made in the past as allotment liaison officer.
Mrs Hartshorne asked when the new grit boxes would appear. Clerk said that the matter was being pursued vigorously.
It was reported that plants over-growing the footpath at Hodder Close had been cut back but that AVBC, as land owner, had not yet responded to a request to cut back trees overhanging Wheatsheaf Lane.

09/441 Declarations of interest


09/442 Police matters

PC Wilbourne was present and reported that a charity box had been stolen and a wing mirror damaged in the last month. He also welcomed the opening of the Youth Club.
Cllr. Bateman reported that Chair and he had attended the recent Safe Neighbourhood Planning Meeting. Local priorities are
Car crime prevention
Anti-social behaviour.
Chair said that she would follow up the matter of deploying a mobile speed restriction sign. Related to this, Cllr. Clark informed the meeting that once again, a car had hit the wall at Bullbridge. Cllr. Steppings raised concerns about police response to reported crime in general and response times in particular. Chair said that she had raised this matter at the meeting with the Police
PC Wilbourne said that any grievance with the Police should be reported directly at the time by telephoning the non-emergency number 03451233333.

09/443 Local Authority Councillors

telephoning the non-emergency number 03451233333.
09/443 Local Authority Councillors.
Cty. Cllr. Jackson was unable to attend.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe presented a written report.
AVBC Cllr Taylor reported that she had pursued the matter of drain clearing in the area in order to reduce the possibility of localised flooding. She has raised the matter of the use of a horse field at Dimple Lane with AVBC as there are related traffic problems and a possible �change of use� issue. Cllr. Tromans referred Cllr Taylor to the HGV problem around Wheatcroft and Cllr Bateman informed her of the continuing litter problem in the village and of vandalism to the Market Place bus shelter.

09/444 Minutes of the meeting of 5th October 2009

The minutes were approved and signed by Chair.

09/445 Matters arising from the Minutes

Parish Councils Liaison Meeting � Cllr. Bateman had attended and reported that it was a valuable exercise which will be repeated on a six monthly basis. DCC were well represented. Mike Ashwoth (Head of Environmental Services) referred to the purchase of a special vehicle which can identify road surfaces in need of repair and to the �Report it and we�ll sort it �campaign both of which are intended to expedite road repairs. He listed the priorities for his department as:-
Improving Road Safety
Improving roads
Increasing bus passenger services
Improving access
Reducing landfill by increasing recycling and composting
Well dressing � no members of the public attended to express an interest or willingness to set up a programme and while expressing support for the idea the Council did not feel it appropriate to initiate a well-dressing itself. Chair felt that it was a matter which required the public to come forward with a firm proposal
Grit bins � as reported at the last meeting the bins have been ordered by DCC. Mr. Wells of Hollins Lane is pursuing DCC for a timescale and is liaising with the Clerk.
Refurbishment of the War Memorial - further communications had been received from our contractors and The Royal British Legion. After careful consideration it was agreed by 8 votes to 1 that it would be inappropriate for the Council to pay for work commissioned by The Royal British Legion without the knowledge of the council. There was general agreement however, that the Council has great respect for the work done by the Royal British Legion and that it would continue to offer financial aid via the appropriate channels.
RG fence - following a site meeting between Cllr. Steppings and Mr. Bill Ward of Ward Fencing, rubber insulators have been placed between the wire panels and the posts. Cllr. Steppings, to whom great thanks are due, considers that they have created a massive reduction in vibration noise. Further, we now have a key to tighten the fittings if they come loose. Chair read a letter from Brian Hutchins who lives near to the fence thanking council for solving the problem of noise.
Emergency Response Plan � Chair and Cllr. Clark will consider this further

09/446 Clerk�s Report

A Christmas tree has been ordered for Market Place. AVBC will charge �972 for this (broadly in line with last year).
Christmas Trees for local shops/businesses - Cllr. Clark thanked Cllr. Bown for the work he had done on this initiative and reported a very favourable response from local businesses. A wall bracket, tree and light will cost �60 (�40 from the Council and �20 from the trader) Arrangements are in hand.
Ken Briddon the allotment ground owner has asked the Council to undertake certain clearing and groundwork. Clerk gave some idea of cost and the matter will be discussed at a meeting of the Finance Committee to be held on November 13th.
Ken Briddon has suggested the idea of using an area of his woodland adjacent to allotment ground as a community amenity � seats, woodland walk, bluebell wood etc. This was welcomes by members but will be regarded as a long term project
Meeting dates 2010 were agreed. The �normal date� will be the first Monday of each month except August when there will be no meeting. There will be variations from this pattern as follows: January 11th, March 15th. April 12th. and May 10th
DCC will clean Bilberry wood via Operation Relentless
Donations/grants to local organisations � closing date for applications was November 1st. These will be considered by the Finance Committee at a meeting on November 13th.
Reply sent to Mr Froggett re his proposals for the Old Engine Shed at The Dimple
Kings Arms FC have provided an up-dated fixture list
Estimate for Wheatsheaf Lane light is �1600 this was agreed in principle but will be finalised at the next meeting of the Finance Committee.

09/447 Finance Committee (Written report)

Cllr. Clark (Chair of Finance) amplified the written report. It was agreed that �6000 should be allocated to the Scouts for improvements to the Scout Hut dependant on establishing the detail of the lease.
It was agreed to accept a request from Chair for more funds to purchase games for the Youth Club.

09/448 Planning decisions


09/449 Planning applications

AVA/2009/0938 Bakers Cottage, The Common � change of bake house to residential (one s/c flat per floor) NO OBJECTION
TRE/2009/0491 prune plum and yew tree at The New Vicarage, Coast Hill

09/450 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.10.09 is �50754.16
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C �130.14


C. H. Ludlam salary + expenses �494.06 chque: 417
Glebe Field Trust �570.00 chque: 418
L Spencer �134.66 chque: 419
HMRC Tax and NI �417.48 chque: 420
AVBC (new goalposts and work at RG) �1448.88 chque: 422
Audit Commission �327.75 chque: 423
Belper Skip Hire �80.50 chque: 424
BT Internet Bband �22.98 chque: 425
Grass Track (strimming/spraying at RG) �51.75 chque: 426
M. Lane Tuck Shop stock �110.22 chque: 427
C. Ludlam Travel exp. �14.44 chque: 428
L. Spencer paint and brush �8.96 chque: 429
M.Lane equip for Youth Club �147.79 chque: 430
Royal British legion (wreath) �30.00 chque: 431

09/451 Circulars and publications

Rolls Royce monitoring results for Hilts Quarry show no cause for concern.
Next Amber Valley Housing WALKABOUT WEDNESDAY will take place on 4/11/2009 meeting at The Tors at 11.00 am.
Report of Cromford Canal liaison meeting.
Invitation to Greater Alfreton Area Local Community Forum Monday 23rd. November 7.00 until 8.30 at the Christian Centre, Alfreton.
Minutes of the meeting of the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee attended by Cllr. Brierton.

09/452 Communications from members of the public

Mrs. Parry �Wood of Whatstandwell has asked Cllr. Harrison for help over problem parking and obstruction around the entrance to Glen Road.
Request from David Hardie of Weaver Close for an allotment plot.
DRCC Annual Review
Email from CACN thanking the Parish Council for the flower displays.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10. 35 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday December 7th. 2009
Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk (15th November 2009)
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928