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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 1st November 2010, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-Chair) Bateman, Birkin, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans and 3 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.



10/578 Matters raised by members of the public

The DCC Portakabin on the Market Place is causing an obstruction
The stop tap cover in the road near the entrance of the Tramway Museum is missing. This should be reported to Severn Trent
The water leak on the Market Place has been reported to Severn Trent and DCC (Call Derbyshire)

10/579 Declarations of interest


10/580 Police matters

No police present. Chair reported that she was aware of burglaries at The Stand and at Sawmills

10/581 Local Authority Councillors

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe provided a written report; she also brought some leaflets regarding a �Handy van� service and grants to improve home heating.

Cty Cllr. Jackson attended the meeting with Mike Ashworth of DCC.

The County Council plans for dealing with highway problems in winter are well advanced, extra grit has been ordered and storage facilities have been improved, more cash has been earmarked for grit bins and rural schools will receive extra help to keep open. The position of the public in connection with snow clearing has been made simpler by the Government � there is no liability provided you do not make the situation worse!
Other issues included:
Public have a chance to have their say on public transport which is both vital and very heavily subsidised (see DCC website)
On and off- street parking is under review
Road Safety, which remains a priority, is promoted by Road Safety Partnerships, use of speed cameras, education and the use of training courses for offending motorists as an alternative to punishment.
The creation of a Rights of Way Charter
Selective turning off of street lamps between midnight and 5.30 am � this subject is under committee scrutiny and any decision will be made by Cabinet,
All new street lights will be energy efficient LEDs
The success of hand held speed cameras used by members of the public has been mixed. Training by the police is essential and there must be an appreciation of Health and Safety issues. Any council considering these cameras should contact Community Speed Watch and the local Police Inspector.

10/582 Minutes of the meeting of Oct 5th 2010

These were signed by Chair.

10/583 Matters arising from the Minutes

Youth Club � Chair and her husband have spent a great deal of time and effort in setting up the club and running it on a week by week basis. Members were asked if they would be willing to share this task and Cllr Clark volunteered. After a lengthy discussion which included a clear statement of appreciation for the commitment of Chair and her husband it was agreed that it would always be difficult if the running of the club relied entirely on volunteers as this can place an unfair burden on them. Meeting decided to look into the possibility of employing appropriately trained staff, Chair agreed to investigate costs and the matter will be discussed at the next meeting of the Finance Committee.

Village games � Heather Palfreyman works with AVBC on this project which is intended to encourage people in rural villages to become more active. She explained that the aim is to get 20,000 people in 30 villages involved in activities in 3 years. Crich has been selected as one of the priority villages in the first year. The spectrum of activities is very broad and could range from welly-wanging to historical walks via netball and tug o� war. Members of the community who are interested in setting up an activity can seek advice and support from the team. It was acknowledged that publicity as to the existence of this service would be crucial to its success

Emergency Response Plan. - Cllr Clark has worked hard on trying to guide the Parish Council towards a reasonable response to this request from DCC. However, members decided unanimously that the concept of building a �good neighbour network� was laudable but was not feasible in this format.

Scout hut � again, Cllr Clark has worked hard to secure the information and documentation from the Scouts which would enable the Parish Council to release the �6000 grant originally offered last December. A sight of the lease is now required before the next meeting before a final decision can be made

Grit-bins � these have been ordered from DCC. In the light of information given by Cty. Cllr Jackson (see above) it is hoped that supplies will be more forthcoming than they were last winter. Crich Parish Council has made a clear financial commitment to the provision of grit but cannot be held responsible for supply problems (DCC has to prioritise during harsh weather) and cannot legislate for people stealing grit and bins intended to benefit and protect the community

Burial Ground � fees will be reviewed at a meeting of the Finance Committee to be held on Monday 15th November

Parish and Town Council Liaison Meeting - Chair and Cllr Bateman attended. Matters discussed included Winter service; the appointment of police officers dedicated to supporting Persons Susceptible to Harm (PSH), the role of the Youth Service in combating anti-social behaviour and the use of a boxing based project (Ozbox) to get young people fit and keep them out of trouble.

Police and Parishes Liaison Meeting - Chair and Cllr Bateman attended. There has been an overall
reduction in crime over the last 7 years. Discussions included:-the need for the police authority to save
�9m next year and �95m over the next 5 years, dealing with anti-social behaviour, the deployment of 13 dedicated officers to looking after Persons Susceptible to Harm (PSH) and the work of Operation Relentless which is aimed at anti-social and alcohol related misbehaviour. They were informed that in 2012 the Police Authority will be replaced by an elected person.

Cllr. Brierton that the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee had folded and that the owners hope to sell the quarry

Chair reminded the meeting that two parishioners had asked about using a hand held speed gun � this matter will be placed on the December agenda.


10/584 Clerk�s Report

Town/Parish Council Winter Service 2010 � Council agreed that it could not help with the provision of a �Snow Warden� or with the provision of secure storage for grit.
Meeting dates 2011 � meetings will be held according to usual pattern viz: first Monday of each month at 7.30 pm in the Glebe Field Centre except were that Monday is a Bank Holiday when the meeting will be held on the second Monday. There will be no meeting in August.
Election costs � these could amount to about �4000 in 2011 if an election is required in each of the 3 wards (Crich, Fritchley, and Whatstandwell).
Rolls-Royce report on Hilts Quarry � no cause for concern
Grant applications � these have now closed and have been passed to Cllr Clark and the Finance Committee.
Allotment Insurance � the Council policy with Zurich Insurance has been amended.
Local Transport Plan for Derbyshire � anyone wishing to comment on this may do so by visiting the DCC website.
Christmas Trees � it was agreed to purchase the main Market Place tree from AVBC in the usual way. Cllrs. Bown and Clark are once again taking on the task of organising the wall mounted trees, the cost to the Council will be lower than last year as it already owns the brackets. 

10/585 Planning decisions

AVA/2010/0820 � extension to memorial at Crich Stand PERMITTED
AVA/2010/0795 � new steel frame building at Cottage Farm, Plaistow Green Road PERMITTED
AVA/2010/0824 � various extensions at 42 Coast Hill PERMITTED
AVA/2010/0934 � barn at Mooredge Farm WITHDRAWN

10/586 Planning applications

AVA/2010/0912 � change of existing facia sign at Windsor House, Market Place
AVA/2010/0968 � 2-storey extension with garden room, bedroom and detached garage at 14 Amber View Road, Fritchley
AVA//2010/1007 proposed Health Centre - minor changes to site plan and ext. works
AVA/2010/1000 pharmacy at proposed Health Centre � air conditioning condenser

10/587 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 08.10.10 - �44795

C. Ludlam (Clerk) Salary + expenses �454.76 Chq 578
Glebe Field Trust �570.00 Chq 579
Glebe Field Trust Youth Club rent �23.30 Chq 580
Grass Track �375.79 Chq 581
BT �Phone �3.55 Chq 582
BT Internet �23.48 Chq 583
VOID - Chq 584
M Lane �22.65 Chq 585
K Evans (topsoil) �60.00 Chq 586
Viking Direct (stamps and inks) �71.34 Chq 587
L Spencer �142.32 Chq 588

We have received a refund of �58.35 from AVBC in respect of an overpayment of business rates for the Burial Ground! This is the result of a change in legislation.

10/588 Information received

Minutes of the meeting of the Derwent Valley Mills Partnership held on 27th September, 2010

10/589 Communications from members of the public


Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm Monday Dec 6th 2010
Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
15 September 2010
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928