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Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 6 December 2004, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Goodhead (Chairman), Cllr Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Thorpe, and Whitney, Acting Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham, six members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Cooke.

7022 Matters raised by the public
(a) No report from the Glebe Centre management committee.
(b) FP 72 Fritchley Field off Chapel Lane, condition of surface.
(c) Mr D Boot presented a detailed opposition to application AVA/2004/1343.
(d) Blue bags on the loose were causing a nuisance.

7023 Notification of vacancy
The Acting Clerk had posted notice of vacancy following the resignation of Cllr Hartshorne. The period was due to end on 7 December. If no request for an election had been received the Council could co-opt.

7024 Minutes of the meeting of 1 November 2004
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman without amendment.

7025 Minutes of the extraordinary meeting of 24 November 2004
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman without amendment.

7026 Declarations of interest
Cllr Harris declared a personal interest in planning application DCC/CW6/1104/158. Cllr Goodhead declared a personal interest in planning application AVA/2004/1306.

7027 Matters arising from the Minutes
Minute 6096 Cllr Lane asked if the Environment Agency had replied about sample testing, Hilts Quarry.

Minute 7007 Cllr Lane asked if DCC had replied about Fritchley Village Green land ownership.
In both cases the answer was no.

7028 Clerk�s report
AVBC fly tipping stickers Sandy Lane Stickers had been placed by AVBC.

Bennett�s Lane DCC will consider the scheme for inclusion in the Resurfacing and Reconstruction programme for the financial year 2005/6.

RBL Poppy Appeal S137 donation for wreath Chairman had laid the Remembrance Day wreath.

RESOLVED: to donate �25 to Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal under S137.

7029 Burial ground
Burial fees: to consider adopting C of E fees Clerk asked the Council to adopt Church of England fees.
RESOLVED: to refer this to the finance committee and burial committee.

Consecration of new ground The date was still unconfirmed but would probably be 13 January.

Memorial safety This item was carried over.

Purchase of land to widen access Chairman and Dis Cllr Hartshorne were to meet the agent of Mr Sayles.

7030 DCC Highways
The Council discussed the impasse with DCC Highways. Cllr Harris said it was up to DCC, as the report to the Leader from Peter Leigh had still not appeared. Cllr Lane suggested that it may be a matter for the local ombudsman.

RESOLVED: to ask Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham to act as intermediary for a further month.

7031 Police Matters
Cllr Salt had attended a police consultative meeting. Derbyshire Constabulary would be employing CSOs for an initial period of two years mainly funded by central government. The Police once again urged people to report incidents as otherwise they did not necessarily know of local problems.

7032 Planning decisions
TPO 314/2004 Horse chestnut at 2 Roes Lane. Confirmed
TRE/2004/1008 Remove conifer hedge, 17 Church Street, Fritchley. No TPO
TRE/2004/0118 Remove conifer hedge. No TPO
TRE/2004/0119 Prune willow, maple, ash trees at Masson House, Market Place. No TPO
AVA/2004/1229 Beech Cottage, Potters Lane: replacement of existing conservatory. Granted

7033 Planning applications
DCC: CW6/1104/158 Sewage treatment works off Dimple Lane (Severn Trent Water). No comment
AVA/2004/1280 16 Hindersitch Lane (Butt): vehicle hard standing + 2 storey extension. No comment
AVA/2004/1281 Yews Cottage, The Common (Jerrom): alterations + extensions. No comment
AVA/2004/1282 Orchard House, Coast Hill (Parkin): extension over garage. No comment
AVA/2004/1300 Holly Cottage, Top Lane (Procter): extension of raised parking area into field + access. Opposed �The Council objects to this in a conservation area.�
AVA/2004/1301 Alma House, Wheatcroft Lane (Cox): front conservatory. No comment
AVA/2004/1306 42 Main Road, Whatstandwell (Barnet): domestic greenhouse. Opposed �The Council objects to this in a conservation area.�
AVA/2004/1310 Red Lion Fritchley: advertisements. No comment
AVA/2004/1343 Land by Nether Nook, Chapel Lane (Johnson): 2 new dwellings + 2 double garages. Asked for site meeting
AVA/2004/1363 Land at Woodside Farm (Taylor Woodrow): 24 new dwellings + associated works. Opposed �The Council opposes this application for the same reasons given by AVBC in refusing AVA/2002/1204 as signed by C A Whysall 18 May 2004. We note that the site is now wholly brownfield which modifies your reason no. 1 but we regard this as having no weight against the whole body of reasons for rejection.�

7034 Accounts
Balances 9 November:
Current a/c �3954.71
Savings a/c �27529.17

Co-op Funeral Services re: burial (30.11) �24.00
E Cope & Son re: memorial (30.11) �36.00

384 Mrs Turville re: October + November salary �724.00
385 Glebe Field Trust re: CRAMP �83.10
386 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal �25.00
387 Derek Harwood re: BG caretaking November salary �86.67
388 Glebe Field Trust re: November payment �440.00
Finance Committee The committee would meet at 7.30 pm on 16 December to discuss the Precept.
Bank signatories Clerk would obtain a new mandate form.

7035 Correspondence from other authorities
AVBC Annual Scrutiny Report 2003/4
AVBC Arts Newsletter winter 2004
AVBC events December 2004
DCC Road Accidents in Derbyshire 2003
DCC Waste Local Plan proposed modifications
DCC winter gritting routes
Derbyshire Constabulary Annual Report 2003/4
Department for Transport letter on speed policy
Standards Board for England: guidance for monitoring officers on local investigations
Standards Board for England: lobby groups and dual-hatted members

7036 Information
Cllr Brierton expressed concern that the website was not being updated. Clerk said he had given Ross Fletcher several months of Minutes to post up.
Cllr Brierton was hoping the optician would pay for the gas to light the beacon on New Year�s Eve.
Cllr Lane reported from the Rolls Royce local liaison committee that clearance had been finished at the Hilts Quarry site and planting would begin in March/April. Rolls Royce and the Environment Agency had offered to attend a Parish Council meeting to explain their proposed monitoring regimes, and check these have the approval of the Parish Council (meeting to be arranged).

7037 Parish Warden
The Council excluded the public for this item under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 section 2 by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.
The future of the Parish Warden was discussed. No decision was taken.

The Chairman thanked members and the public for attending and closed the meeting at 10.55 pm