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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 4 December 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

(These minutes replace those issued on 2nd. Jan 2007)

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Salt, Smith, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans, Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, Clive Ludlam (newly appointed Parish Clerk) and one member of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Harwood.

06/249 Public participation
Water draining onto The Common and especially into The Sycamores after recent resurfacing at Chapel Lane (Clerk to write to DCC).

06/250 Minutes of the meeting of 6 November 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair after amendment of 06/228 by addition of �apply for further permissions and� after opening of third sentence �Bardon Aggregates wished to�.

06/251 Matters arising from the Minutes
Potters Lane: DCC had written saying that no money was currently available for extensive works. Clerk would copy the letter to Cty Cllr Jackson.

06/252 Declarations of interest
Cllr Goodhead declared an interest in planning application 2006/1386 and took no part in any discussion or vote on the reply to this item.

06/253 Police matters
Sgt Lomas attended. Chair and Cllr Smith attended the Police Parishes Evening on 15 November and reported on setting up of Neighbourhood Policing Teams though said that one team may cover more than one neighbourhood. PC Walker was the existing Area Beat Officer. She had recently started attending at The Glebe Centre at specified times. These times were posted up at The Glebe Centre. It was hoped that she could also use CACN, church magazines, and other means of publicity. Sgt Lomas said that mini-bikes were not legal on a public right of way but may be legal on private rights of way and private land. He also said that the minimum Police response time in urgent cases was 12 minutes. It was agreed to send a letter to Judy Mallaber MP stating the Parish Council�s support for fairer funding for Derbyshire Police. Chair proposed to move the Police item to the start of a normal Agenda to save Police time.
RESOLVED: to move the Police item to the start of a normal Agenda after Apologies.

06/254 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson reported on action to create a short new public footpath from Town End to the vehicular entrance to Crich Stand to avoid pedestrians having to use the highway.
RESOLVED: the Council expressed its favour of this course of action.
New Government guidelines on rural speed limits were being introduced. Recommendations for altering current limits on stretches of highway could be made to Cty Cllr Brian Lucas (DCC cabinet member for transport).
RESOLVED: the Council requested members to present suggestions to the next meeting.
Crich Market Place�s highway surface by the shops had been repaired. Cllr Jackson had looked at the entrance to West Bank Avenue with Cllr Goodhead with a view to recommending a handrail for a short length of steeper pavement there. Clerk had already written to DCC with photographs and would pass a copy to Cllr Jackson.
Cllr Jackson finally raised the matter of parking at The Beeches. It may be possible to increase the number of posts to prevent parking on the verge or on the Recreation Ground.

Borough Cllr Thorpe asked Cllr Jackson about potholes on Allen Lane, Fritchley. Some members thought that these had now been filled. Cllr Thorpe referred to the Clerk a query on grit bin siting on Cowper Lane by Mr Grosse of AVBC. Cllr Thorpe referred to forthcoming major alterations to AV Housing Ltd�s stock and suggested that Crich needed a Tenants Association.

06/255 Clerk�s selection
The selection interviews took place on 21 November at The Glebe Centre. All candidates were able to attend and Mr. Clive Ludlam was appointed to succeed Mr M. Coultas
RESOLVED: to thank the Clerk for his work over the past two years.

Clerk�s report
06/256 Allotments update Whatstandwell Allotments Garden Association was being formally reconstituted in time for the 90th anniversary in 2007 of the establishment of the allotments there. All usable lots were taken.
06/257 Belper Town Council Civic Service 28 January Chair had been invited to attend.
06/258 Blackspot lighting: assessment of Bowmer Lane listing Chair said that post 318 did exist near Tollgate Cottage. A request to DCC would therefore proceed on the basis of the current listing.
06/259 Crich Market Place build-out (traffic management/lighting costs) DCC had written to say that there were no traffic management costs. They had not yet commented on need for extra lighting and associated costs.
06/260 EM Regional Plan to 2026 Chair and Cllr Smith had looked over the document. While of some interest e.g. Housing Vacancy rates, it was of too general a nature to allow for much detailed comment in their view.Coun. Smith offered to draft a brief response. This offer was accepted and Chair responded by e-mail.
06/261 Finance Committee (to fix date for Precept/Donation meeting) Clerk offered dates for a December meeting.
RESOLVED: Finance Committee to meet at 7 pm on Monday 18 December at The Glebe Centre.
06/262 O2 UK proposed mobile mast etc at land off Carr Lane Clerk had received a letter with contradictory information on a proposed mobile mast site. The Council agreed that the site was next to the reservoir off FP 58 next to an existing mast.
RESOLVED: the Council had no objection to a second mast at the reservoir site but asked why the mast could not be disguised in a more effective manner than the plans appeared to show.
06/263 Town End, Crich: proposed extension to 30 mph limit DCC gave notice of a short extension of the limit beyond the Cliff Inn and asked for comments.
RESOLVED: the Council agreed with the proposal.
06/264 Website future Chair said that CACN had now set up a website designed for parish news and information. She would speak to CACN about this and report to the next meeting.
06/265 White Paper on local government reform (comments) Members asked if there would be a DALC meeting or advice on this. Chair said that there was to be a DALC meeting and that she and Coun. Thorpe would attend. Members also raised the issue of Quality Status: Cllr Thorpe said she would ask John Marshall (Chairman of South Wingfield Parish Council) about this.

06/266 Planning decisions
Appeal dismissed Coddington Top Farm, Whatstandwell (Burnett/Billyeald): appeal against AVBC enforcement notice issued 25 May 2006
Granted 2006/0905 1 Roes Court, Crich (Gorbould): detached garage + ext to provide porch
Granted 2006/1206 Tors Cottage, Sun Lane (Allen): 1st floor ext + alterations.
Granted 2006/1264 Cross Farm, Crich (J Smith & Son): demolition of livestock sheds + replacement with new.
Granted 2006/1296 Plaistow Grange Farm (Brown): new general purpose building (Agricultural Prior Notice).
Granted 2006/1301 Bank House, Dark Lane (Smith): Creation of trackway + erection of barn/garage.

06/267 Planning applications
2006/1365 Allen Lane (Fritchley School): non-illuminated sign to Fritchley School. �No objection.�
2006/1366 16 Chapel Lane, Crich (Ottewell): ext to bungalow to create 2 storey dwelling. �No objection.�
2006/1386 7 Amber Hill, Crich (Chorley): dormer extension to bedroom and bathroom. �No objection.�
2006/1398 35 Weaver Close, Crich (Shepley): erection of wind turbine. �No objection.�
RESOLVED: to ask AVBC separately on need for planning permission for erection of wind turbines.
2006/1411 Bennahie, Kirkham Lane, Fritchley (Bussell): kitchen + en suite extension. �No objection.�
2006/1422 38 Hindersitch Lane, Whatstandwell (Morley): 2 storey side ext. �No objection.�
2006/1437 Land at The Yews, The Common, Crich (Jerram): outline for detached dwelling.
RESOLVED: to go to planning committee first then assessment at next meeting.
2006/1450 Victoria House, The Common, Crich (Fletcher): change of use from storage to gents hairdresser. �No objection.�

06/268 Balances 10 November Current �29370.33; Jubilee �945.50; Charity �116.80
06/269 S Hallam & Son re: burial (10.11) �40.00
06/270 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary November + exp. 076 �584.10
06/271 M MacArthur re: BG/PG caretaking November 077 �108.33
06/272 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: November contribution 078 �500.00
06/273 Grass Track re: November maintenance 079 �337.81
06/274 Derwent Waste Management re: BG skips 080 �152.76

06/275 Circulars and publications
Alfreton Police & Community Consultative Group Minutes 1 November
Derbyshire Constabulary: final merger consultation report
DRCC Annual Review 2005/6

06/276 Information
Cllr Thorpe would ask AVBC on extra sweeping of autumn leaves.
Cllr Goodhead said that 55A The Common had planning consent for garages.
Cllr Brierton said that wind turbines might not be very effective in urban areas. On New Years� Eve weather permitting he would light the beacon at 10.30 pm with a volunteer to assist.
Cllr Salt suggested the Chair reply to a letter on parking at Crich Market Place in the latest edition of CACN.
Cllr Steppings expressed disappointment at DCC over Potters Lane matters.
Cllr Bendon would ask DCC about an animal crossing sign near Cliff House Farm.
Clerk noted that the next meeting would be Monday 8 January as the 1st was a public holiday.
Chair said that Rolls Royce were likely to pay for redecoration of the Parish Room at The Glebe Centre.
Chair reported that a resident of Dimple Lane had enquired about numbering houses. There was not a lot of support for this which is in any case not a Parish matter.

Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.30 pm