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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 1st December 2008, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-chair), Bateman, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Tromans AVBC Cllr. Taylor, Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 6 members of the public. Clerk in attendance


Cllrs. Birkin and Thorpe

08/295 Matters raised by members of the public

It was hoped that any developments at the Market Place, intended to improve safety, would not decrease parking space. Cllr. Harrison (Chair of Transport Committee) stated that it was the intention of the Council to increase parking facilities in the Market Place area.
It was reported that the Comrades Club is in danger of closing; if this is the case the Council expressed concern over the loss of a facility used by young people.
Stiles and gates on the footpath across the Tors are damaged and cause a problem for the farmer. This will be reported to DCC. However, it should be noted that these are actually a matter for the landowner not the Council.

08/296 Declarations of interest


08/297 Police matters

Chair welcomed PCSO Donna Shaw who explained that her role is mainly in crime prevention and community work (police work mainly in the area of dealing with crime which has been committed)..
She stated that the main problems in Crich are speeding and anti-social behaviour both of which have diminished of late as the result of Police responding to reported incidents.
The mobile police van visits the Market Place each Wednesday, in addition to this Donna will occasionally travel on the Library van.
Chair referred to damage at the Recreation Ground which had apparently not been reported to Police � once again it was emphasised that incidents must be reported directly to the police at the time

08/298 Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr. Jackson expanded on the written report he had provided.
Cllr. Fudge told him of flooding on the road at Chadwick Nick Lane.

08/299 Minutes of the meeting of 3rd November 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

08/300 Matters arising from the Minutes

Young people in the Parish are keen to have a voice and to attend a meeting (unfortunately, Parish Council meetings clash with pool matches at this time of year). However, Cllr. Bateman was able to report that they would like a multi-purpose court and a Wii console and games for use at the Glebe Field Centre.
Parish land and rents. Chair has studied the deeds held by the Council; these refer only to the Burial Ground and the bus stop site at the Market Place. Clerk was instructed to investigate the existence of other deeds and will initially contact his predecessor (Michael Coultas).
Parish notice boards � it was agreed that the situation is desperate. Clerk was instructed to inform the contractor that if the boards are not ready before Christmas the order will be placed elsewhere.
The Parish Walk (see report) was a very valuable exercise which revealed many areas in which the Parish Council can have a positive impact. . Related to this it was reported that the skip which has been outside the bakery for some time will be removed and that the damage to the farm buildings at The Cross does not constitute a danger.
Job description for BG and RG Caretaker. The tasks were identified and the Clerk was deputed to organise the work and liaise with the Caretaker.
Grit Bins � AVBC began the filling schedule some weeks ago. Members reported that the bins they had examined are full.
Market Place Bus shelter � DCC has placed an order for a replacement light which should be fixed in the next few months.
Safety checks on RG play equipment- AVBC has been asked to include Crich Parish RG play equipment on their schedule.
DCC Rights of Way have been asked about their strimming list and have been informed of various overgrown footpaths. Please email them on if you wish to report a footpath problem without waiting for a Parish meeting. A helpful reply has been received from Michelle Sergeant ROW Assistant who will be a good contact
Objections to planning applications AVA/2008/1169 and 1191 and 1193 have been sent to AVBC
Quiet Lanes and Greenways � Chair and Cllr. Tromans have attended a number of meetings and are working on a map showing proposed routes within the Parish. Details were placed before Council when their work is complete.
Problems related to Wheatsheaf Lane have been reported to DCC and an acknowledgement has been received. Cty Cllr. Jackson will also take up the case.
Footpath 22 (Hollins Farm) is scheduled for a replacement sign.
Car park proposals (land adjacent to Black Swan). Cllrs.Bateman and Harrison have held a preliminary meeting with Greene King Brewery (owners of the Black Swan). After a long discussion it was agreed to set up a �Major Projects Working Party � whose first task would be to commission a feasibility study, with costings, with a view to making a presentation at the February Council meeting. Cllrs. Bateman, Bown, Clark and Harrison volunteered to serve on this committee.
DCC is consulting residents over proposed Market Place bus stop clearway markings and signs.
Chair proposed that the Annual Parish Meeting be held in April � this was accepted..

08/301 Clerk�s Report

Letters of acknowledgement have been sent to Mr. Crowfoot and Mr. and Mrs. Hartshorne re their letters on planning matters at the Briars and the Tramway Museum
The gulley at Dimple Lane will be lowered to allow water to actually get in to it!
DCC are investigating the drainage problems associated with the Market Place build-out.
DCC report that bus stop clearway road markings will be applied at the Market Place
Cost of the Parish Christmas Tree - Following suggestions that the cost was high, Clerk questioned AVBC and was reassured by their explanation of the derivation of the price
Clerk is to meet advisor at Yorkshire Bank to discuss higher interest accounts
The latest report on Hilts Quarry from Rolls Royce shows no significant changes or cause for concern. Chair also felt reassured after attending the Rolls Royce liaison meeting with the Environment agency.
Cllrs. Lane and Bateman will accept the Chief Constable�s invitation to attend the Annual Parish Councils Evening at Police HQ on Wednesday 7th January

08/302 Planning decisions

AVA/2008/1169 Caravan Park at Tramway Museum WITHDRAWN
AVA/2008/1140 Conservatory at Crossways Coddington Lane PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1122 2 storey side extension and garage at Croft Cottage Park Head PERMITTED

08/303 Planning applications

AVA/2008/1227 Thorndale Cottage, The Dimple � double garage - NO OBJECTION
AVA/2008/1265 Land at Town End (Harrison) renewal of outline approval for residential development
(originally granted as AVA/2002/0715) � NO OBJECTION
AVA/2008/1292 3, The Cottages The Green Fritchley 2 storey extension - NO OBJECTION

08/304 Accounts

Report of Finance Committee meeting held on Monday 17th November
Report attached.
Cllr. Clark (Chair of Finance Committee) explained that the council currently holds a healthy surplus with a projected carry-over into 2009 -10 which could be as much as �36,000 � well in excess of the recommended maximum of 30% of precept (�10,000) In addition, Clerk produced figures which show that �every- day running costs� are likely to remain within the Councils means.
It as consequently agreed that the Precept for 2009-10 be set at the same level as the previous year i.e. �34,000.
It was noted that Council has embarked on a vigorous programme intended to identify projects which will enhance the Parish.
Full Council unanimously ratified the Finance Committee proposals for grants to parish organisations with the addition of a special donation of �250 to the Crich Branch of The Royal British Legion in acknowledgement of their work in the 90th year after the cessation of hostilities in the First World War.

Bank Accounts
Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 10.11.08 � 41,377.85
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C �947.02
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C� 128.78

Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest �61.67
Yorkshire Bank Charity A C interest� 0.08
Allotment rents �280.00
Burial Ground fees �440.35

C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary (�410.41) + expenses (�4.32)) �414.73 chq 307
Len Spencer (RG and BG work) �103.14 chq308
Glebe Trust (November 2008)� 546.00 chq 309
Plantscape (Planter maintenance) �846.00 chq 310
Keith Evans (topsoil for BG)� 50.00 chq311
Royal British Legion (Crich Branch) wreath �25.00 chq312
BT phone and Bband �112.14 chq313

08/305 Circulars and publications

Notice re.closure of Potters Lane on 7th January 2009
�On Board� magazine about Public Transport in Derbyshire
Citizens� Advice Bureau Newsletter
�Trusted Trader� Scheme
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership � Agenda for next meeting

08/306 Communications from parishioners

Andrea Daniel reported by email that there is a hole in the wall beside the footpath on the Tors about 100m from the Jubilee. This has been reported to DCC Rights of Way section which is responsible for footpaths.
Email regarding alleged �Unlawful residential developments�

08/307 Information from Councillors

08/306 Information from Councillors
Cllr. Bateman informed the meeting that there is a spare litter bin at The Cross where the Bus Stop used to be. He also enquired as to what action is to b e taken by AVBC over the �shed� at Wakebridge which did not receive planning permission.
Cllr.Steppings expressed concern over the lack of transparency by AVBC planners in the case of revised developments at Coddington Top Farm He was also concerned that an officer had been granted delegated powers and that DCC Highways do not apparently have an input despite the fact that road access was acknowledged to be a concern. Council will take this matter up with AVBC.
Chair reported that the Minister responsible for gravestone safety believes that Councils have been over-reacting. The Government will issue new guidelines.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.59 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 5th January 2009

Clive Ludlam
Parish Clerk
7th December 2008