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Newsletter Crich Parish Council August 2010

In the absence of a meeting in August 2010, this document will be filed with the Parish Council minutes.

Balance of current Account at 9th July 2010 = �36997.98
Cheques to be signed in August
C.Ludlam (Clerks salary) �454.96 Chq. no. 555
Glebe Field Trust �570.00 Chq. no. 556
L.Spencer (BG and RG work) �202.92 Chq. no. 557
D.Lane (Youth Club) �32.96 Chq. no. 558
Viking Direct (Stamps and inks) �68.45 Chq. no. 559
Audit Commission �334.88 Chq. no.560
BT phone �30.29 Chq. no. 561
Plantscape (maintenance) �1280.75 Chq. no. 562
Grass Track (July maintenance) �375.79 Chq. no. 563
Please note that the BT Internet Account is currently in credit (�23.50) as the result of payment /billing overlap as explained at the last meeting.

The only application received is AVA/2010/0665 for a single storey extension at Bowmer Rough Farm on Chadwick Nick Lane. The Planning Committee raised no objections.
The application for affordable homes to the rear of 27, Coast Hill has been withdrawn and the application by The Briars to regularise the car park surface will be heard by AVBC Planning Committee on 9th August.

Other Matters

  • Please bring requests for extra bins refills and replacements to the September meeting
  • Speed warning sign provision seems to be a matter for the Police and DCC rather than Parish Councils
  • FP 56 (Dowie Way to Cromford Rd,) is partially blocked � this has been referred to DCC Rights of Way ref 196682
  • Derwent Valley Mills Partnership will meet next on Monday 27th September
  • The latest report from Rolls Royce on Hilts Quarry gives no cause for concern
  • Clerk continues to press AVBC to do the remedial work at the RG which they identified!
  • DCC proposes to set a 40 mph speed limit on Leashaw Rd. (Crich to Holloway).

Clive Ludlam (Parish Clerk)

31 July 2010


NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday Sept 6th 2010
Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
15 July 2010
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928