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Editorial Spring 2017


The start of our twentieth year of producing Crich Area Community News, and what a lot of changes we have seen over that time.

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of our fundraising calendar for 2017 (particularly those who purchased several copies as Christmas gifts). We are also grateful to Karen and Phil in the Post Office, Roger and Andrew at the Loaf, and Sue and Marie at the Glebe who always support us so well by advertising and selling the calendars. Personally, I get a little deflated over the challenge of selling 200 calendars when we deliver 1650 free copies of the CACN magazine to the community. It works out that only about 10% of households support the production of our calendar.

We get fantastic support from our advertisers who continue to use the magazine to promote their businesses and by so doing help keep it in production. Similarly, we are very appreciative of Esme at the Kings Arms, along with her staff and customers, who have recently raised £175.50 for CACN funds.

There is lots in this edition about issues affecting us all, from the danger of losing our Post Office and some of the services at the Glebe to updates on the Neighbourhood Plan, the Place Project and many of the clubs, societies and organisations we are fortunate enough to have access to.

In the Kings Arms I was recently tackled by a friendly resident as to why I allowed so many acronyms and abbreviations in the magazine as he did not understand what they all meant. I said D.A.M.I.K.B.A.

My NewYear’s resolutions:
1. I am going to bed early.
2. I am not leaving the house.
3. I am not going to parties.
My childhood punishments have become adult goals.