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Editorial Spring 2018


A new year begins in our ever-growing community. I am sure new residents will quickly assimilate and join in the organisations which support our parish.

Recently CACN has had some generous donations for which we are most appreciative. Without such support the magazine would eventually have to go out of production

The magazine is delivered free to about 1,650 households, thanks to our excellent delivery team, and no charge is levied so we have to raise funds to pay for its printing. One of our major fund raisers has been the sale of the CACN calendar. This year the sales have only totalled about 150 copies which means it is not a viable activity so with great disappointment I will not be producing one in the future. For those who purchased a copy (or multiple copies in some cases) thank you for your support and hope you understand the reason why this will be the last.

Talking with colleagues in other community organisations they too seem to have difficulty in getting support they hope for. It is the case that unless we support our local businesses, service providers and organisations then there is the danger of having no Glebe, Post Office, shops, clubs and societies – they very things which make our parish a vibrant place to live (even if it does create parking challenges!) The old adage of “use it or lose it” has never been truer.

Thank you to all our contributors, Lucy and I have enjoyed reading the articles and typesetting them into the magazine – please do continue letting us know news items of your organisations for us to share with our readers. You do not have to belong to an organisation to contribute – if you have an article you think might be of interest just let us have a copy; it does not have to of great length as we usually need several part-page fillers.


Overheard in the Loaf – “I find the first five days after the weekend are the hardest.”


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