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Editorial Summer 2018


Changes will happen to Crich Area Community News in 2019 because, having reached the age when I only look at my watch to discover what day it is, I am stepping down as editor. This will occur after the December issue when other members of the committee also have decided to step down thinking that it is time new blood is needed if CACN is to continue into the future. There is more about this inside the magazine with a questionnaire on the last page. Please respond if you want CACN to continue beyond the current year. You can also respond to the questionnaire online at


We will be at a CACN stand at the Crich fête to answer any queries about what is involved in running the magazine: editing; delivery within the parish; managing the advertisers; developing the website. This should help anyone considering joining the steering and editorial committee to keep CACN alive. A response has some urgency.

Our community has recently lost four of its most supportive senior citizens. Inside are brief obituaries for Ken Heywood, Aileen Taylor, Madge Kneebone and Kathleen Blunt. They will be much missed.

There are still a few books available of “Crich Parish 1997–2017”. This is photographic record showing many of changes that have taken place during the last twenty years. The money from the sale of these books is donated to the Glebe to support its valuable contribution to our community. Available at £3.50 from the usual sources – Crich Post Office (thanks to Karen and Phil), the loaf (thanks to Andrew and Roger) and the Glebe (thanks to the staff
and management).


Overheard in the King’s Arms ...

I have a condition that prevents me from going on a diet.

What’s that?

I get hungry.


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☞ write: Editor, CACN, Glebe Field Centre, Crich DE4 5EU

☞ postbox: CACN Postbox, in The Loaf (courtesy of Roger and Andrew)