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Threat to Daycare at The Glebe


Crich Glebe Field Centre has been providing Daycare for the elderly and socially isolated for almost twenty years.

Originally, the service was provided on two days a week; this has risen to four, with only one minor rise in funding during that time. Users are referred to Daycare by healthcare professionals or social services, either because they identify a benefit for the user, or carers need respite. The Centre provides its clients with companionship, a hot meal, an assisted shower if needed, and access to other vital services provided at the Glebe. It provides carers with much needed time for themselves.

Twenty-nine people currently use Daycare, attending between one and four sessions a week. The nearest alternative provider to Crich is in Heanor. To get to Heanor by public transport (while we still have buses) takes almost two hours, and three buses, with walks between each leg – not feasible for the majority of Daycare clients.

The costs of running the Daycare Centre have been mostly met by external funding from Derbyshire County Council (DCC), and the Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and its predecessors.

In the spring, both funders required The Glebe to apply for support beyond the end of September 2016. This appears to have been a paper exercise, with no-one from the CCG actually visiting the Glebe to evaluate the excellent service it provides. On Thursday 22nd September, the major funder, the CCG, told the Glebe that funding would stop at the end of the month – giving the management only eight days to find replacement funding!

The Glebe provides a huge range of services and activities for people of all ages, and many of these are inter-linked, so this reduction in funding could impact on other services.

The 2011 Census shows there are more than 150 people aged sixty-five and over and more than 140 people aged under sixty-five living alone in the Crich Ward. The figures are similar in the Wingfield Ward which covers Fritchley. Over 500 people are living alone.

The Glebe is a vital and integral hub of the community. In the recent Neighbourhood Plan survey, nearly 50% of the respondents said they use the Glebe more than once a month – only the shops and post office were visited more.

At the time of writing, in early October, the Management Committee is working tirelessly, both to appeal and overturn the decision of the CCG, but also to find alternative and sustainable sources of funding; to protect the service for the long term, and to secure the jobs of the committed and dedicated staff. There are no imminent plans to close Daycare. While we look for long-term funding, we are also seeking short-term support to keep the service going.

You will have received a pamphlet through your door in October. There is an electronic version at

We have set up a Facebook page @crichglebedaycare which we would ask you to “like”. We will be setting up a website and other social media streams soon.

If you haven’t already done so, we would ask that you volunteer your skills to help us redress the position, and to raise funds to keep Daycare going in the meantime. We need everybody to get involved!

You can do this by emailing your contact details to:
or signing up at

There are paper forms in the Glebe if you prefer non-electronic methods.

This is a vital community asset that the community should work to protect.

Among services available at the Glebe are:

Personal care – including Daycare, the Luncheon Club, Hairdresser, Chiropodist, Optician, & Hearing Clinic.

For Children – including Baby Clinic, Pre-school, and Toy Library

For Leisure – including Yoga, Serenity Yoga, Line Dancing, Ballroom/Latin/Sequence Dancing, Indoor Bowls, Table Tennis, Live & Local live performances, Private Parties, and Dances.

For Meetings – including Crich Parish Council, Crich Heritage Partnership, Slimming World, St Mary’s Mothers Union, Trefoil Guild, and Fritchley with Crich WI.

For Hire – including Conferences, Meetings, Away Days, Training Days, Fund-raising events, Weddings and Parties.