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Tony Lester 1932–2017


Tony Lester


On September 15th the funeral took place at St Mary’s Church of well-known and respected Crich and Fritchley resident Tony Lester.

Aged fourteen he joined Crich Brass Band and played with them for many years. He also played with Stanton, Heage and Newhall bands. His love of brass band music stayed with him for the rest of his life as testified by his extensive collection of brass band music.

In his youth he was a gifted sportsman, playing cricket for both Crich and Whatstandwell as well as football for Crich and Holloway.

During 1953–56 he was called up to do his National Service and was accepted to serve with the RAF. He was posted to Germany, a period of his life which he thoroughly enjoyed and never forgot. Most of his working life was spent as a joiner before he became a gardener.

Tony was a keen collector of miscellaneous items such as bottles, tapes, CDs, stamps, videos, vinyl discs and books. From 1983 he kept a daily diary which he turned to good use, writing a whole series of popular articles for the Derby Eventing Telegraph Bygones section on a variety of remembrances such as old pubs in Crich, mischief making in the Crich quarry, National Service and others. Some of these have been reproduced on the site. For relaxation he loved a good crossword.

On his retirement he would be seen on his daily walk around the area, always having the time to stop and exchange a few words.

Both Tony and his wife Joyce have been generous supporters of Crich Area Community News since it first started in 1997. He will be much missed.