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Whatstandwell allotments celebrates its 100th birthday this year!

Part of the government’s requirement at the time (1917) was to provide enough food for the country during World War I. The need arose for the people to provide as much food for themselves as they could, under their own steam, and a scheme was put to the people to grow their own vegetables. This was repeated in World War II under the heading of ‘Dig for Victory’.

It was this that prompted someone to open up the land we now know as the Whatstandwell allotments, but then it was a much bigger area taking up part of the field above the plots and going down on to the land below the footpath, which is now overgrown.

The above information was passed on to me by another allotment holder. If you know any more about the history of the plots it would be nice to to be able to make a record for future reference.

You can send me the information via email at

At present we just have two full plots and one half plot available for next year. Anyone interested should contact the Crich Parish Council at the Glebe, phone 01773 853928 or email or phone me on 01629 824812


Robin Harvey