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Wirksworth Music Centre


Wirksworth Music Centre is a social and educational organisation for children from reception to year 13. It is staffed by professionally qualified musicians and teachers. In addition, it is supported and monitored by Derby and Derbyshire Music Partnership. Although based in Wirksworth, the Music Centre attracts students from Matlock, Ashbourne, Crich and many local villages.

Wirksworth Music Centre has been supporting and teaching young musicians for almost twenty years. The staff and students meet for group music-making on Saturday mornings at Anthony Gell School. Anyone of school age who is learning an instrument is welcome to join us. The wide scope of the Music Centre provides opportunities for the students to play music together in groups suited to their abilities. Our members range from young beginners to very skilled players of string and wind instruments. We give children the opportunity to perform in groups for parents and the wider community at Christmas, Easter and at the end of the school year.

We also have beginner groups for younger children who are not yet learning an instrument: a music and movement class and a group which introduces children gently to the recorder. These beginner groups inspire many of the children to start learning an orchestral instrument.

At present we have 120 children attending every Saturday morning during two sessions between 9.00am and 12 noon. In total, there are twelve groups (six per session) with many children attending two sessions (and groups) per morning. Subscription fees of £27.50 per child per term are collected – but these do not increase if children attend two sessions. In addition, the fees do not apply to more than two children per family.

Most importantly, Wirksworth Music Centre is a social environment for children to make lifelong friends and have fun whilst improving their musical skills which will benefit them for life. If you want to know more about what Wirksworth Music Centre can offer, please visit our website at


children learn a wide range of instruments at the Wirksworth music centre including the flute .... and the violin and oboe