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Mavis Nightingale



Mavis Nightingale


Mave the Rave as known by her regulars, owner of The Kings Arms, has unfortunately danced her last dance.

Mavis Nightingale, our lovely mum, first entered into the licensing trade as landlady of the Johnson and Nephew wire works social club. Many happy hours were spent as a popular bartender, having a smile for everyone and loving a laugh.

From there onto The Robin Hood in Alfreton, then to The Derwent Hotel at Whatstandwell before purchasing The Kings Arms in 1984. The pub life suited Mave and Ken down to the ground. Over the years friends from all over have loved our mum and this is reflected by the number of cards, flowers and tears that we have seen since her passing. Thank you very much to everyone xx.


Es,Phil,Jan and families.