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CACN – here for the future and moving forward


While the editorial team led by Peter Patilla has been creating this, Issue 88, of the Crich Area Community News, a new group of volunteers has come together to continue to edit and distribute a magazine that is truly part of the fabric of living, working and visiting our villages.

Earlier in the year the current committee decided it was time to “pass the baton” and first to join the relay was current webmaster, Andrew Auld who for several months has been encouraging members of the community to become involved in the next incarnation of CACN. With the clear desire and interest from the village to see the magazine continue, we are delighted to confirm that Issue 89 is already well advanced in preparation.

News and reports from associations, churches and schools will remain at the heart of the content but with new features to bring together an even greater cross-section of the community and raise the interest and anticipation for everyone in the area. The new committee is very fortunate to take over something so strong and highly regarded. Our challenge is to take CACN forward and increase its popularity and reach in both magazine and online format.

I am pleased to chair the next committee and to join Andrew as lead editor with a team of talented writers, reporters and other volunteers that is looking forward to serving our fabulous community.

We hope you will enjoy Issue 89!

Tony Mills