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Fitness Fortnight Feedback


My wife Kate and I moved into Crich at the end of December last year – right in the middle of a series of chemotherapy that I was having for terminal cancer. So, until well into February we had to keep ourselves to ourselves, avoiding anyone with a potential infection that might interfere with the chemo. Once that was over we started to look around this lovely community to see how we could meet the people that live here...and then along came Fitness Fortnight!

I am doing my utmost to stay as healthy as possible to fight this flaming disease and this fortnight gave us the opportunity to taste a huge number of activities and to meet some great people along the way. So we signed up with gusto. We tried; Sarah’s Ultimate Body Workout, Tai Chi, Yoga (two different classes), Nordic Walking and Ballroom Dancing.

We’re still doing them all except for the Nordic Walking. The one that tests our fitness the most is Ballroom Dancing! We come out dripping. Kath is a brilliant teacher and the rest of the dancers are incredibly welcoming and very accommodating of our two left feet. We even met another Mr and Mrs Richmond! They moved into Crich just before we did – amazing.

All in all our introduction to some great classes – all of which are held in the Glebe – has led us to make some great friends and has given us the opportunity to stay as fit and healthy as we can. I have to admit to being a complete novice about all of the activities that we took part in but the best part was the welcome that we were given in every class. So if you are thinking of trying something new here in this wonderful village then jump straight in you will be made most welcome. Don’t forget to say “hello” if you see us in the village. You can’t miss me – I’m six feet six!


Alan Richmond (and his Boss, Kate)