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Crich Parish Well Dressings – Donations


The 2018 Crich Parish Well Dressings raised £540 through public donations, sponsorship and the sale of trail maps. This year, our monetary support will help children in early years education at Crich C of E Infant School, Crich Carr C of E Primary School, Fritchley C of E Primary School and Crich Pre–School. Each year, the schools participate in making a well dressing where all children have the opportunity to experience planning and drawing a picture, finding flowers and materials, using clay and getting messy, working as part of a team and individually, joining in discussions and making choices when dressing the clay.

On Monday 8th October the well dressing team visited the schools to present each of them with a cheque for £135. Below, you can read how the children and staff differed when asked what they might buy with the money.

The children at Crich infant school enjoy having new things in school and were keen to show us the beautiful new wooden sculptures in their outdoor learning area. Some children mentioned having new books which we agreed would be a good link to the sculptures. In the main, children couldn’t think what to buy but teaching staff said the children love to use the play kitchen and as it’s seen better days they have plans to start replacing it.

At Crich Carr Primary school, we were taken upstairs to join the early years children and a class of junior pupils in a short collective worship. The children sang the school song which told a very informative story. At this point, the well dressing team linked the school song to next year’s theme – Book Titles / Story or Book Characters. Children eagerly told us which their favourite books were and they thought it would be great to dress up as book characters.

We were later informed the donated money would probably buy new ‘dressing up’ clothes.

At least they agreed !

When we asked pre-school and reception aged children at Fritchley school what they would like to buy with their donation, chocolate and cake was top of the list. So it looks like the children are off out for a slap up meal ! The children maybe a little disappointed as the teacher has different ideas. Instead of chocolate and cake they will probably get light boxes, garden spades and other resources to fit into their already exciting learning environment.

Crich pre-school children were a little shy when asked what they would like. The staff had some ideas on how the money would be used but they want to consult and include parents in the decision. Whatever the schools decide to buy we know the money will be spent for the benefit of the children’s learning.