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I am trying to ensure that the new Roll of Honour we are creating to mark the centenary of the ending of WW1 is as complete as possible. We still have a few ‘gaps” which need filling. If anyone can provide information on the following please contact me.


George BROWN (1888–1959) born Fritchley employed at the wireworks


George Arnold BUNTING (1886–1939) brother of Walter; lived at Robin Hood


Walter Edward BUNTING (1888–1957) brother of George; lived at Robin Hood


Frederick CURZON (1875–1933) in 1923 went to Australia; son of John and Hannah


Samuel CURZON (1876–1935) married Mary Grace Hopson in the Durham area


Fred GREENHOUGH (1887–1956) moved to Leyburn; brother of John


Transcribing a WW1 army record for James Waller I discover that he (quote) –“ Became non-effective by reason of Death”. I suppose that is a good enough excuse :-)


Peter Patilla