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May I Have This Dance?


Dancing at Masson Mills


In years gone by, regular dances were held in what is now the bottom of the multi level car park of Masson Mills. Nowadays there are a choice of two main dances per month along with some smaller events in another room within the Mills complex.

First begun six years ago, the swing dances at Masson Mills continue to attract many enthusiasts, from a wide area – from relative beginners to the more experienced to those who simply come to enjoy the music.




On the first Friday in each month, but with two dances in December.
They have “in house” and guest vocalists, play an excellent mix of waltzes, quicksteps, tangos, and foxtrots. Also, Gay Gordons, Barn Dances, St. Bernard Waltz, Palais Glide etc. all to music by Glen Miller and many others.

The traditional finale is the Charleston Stroll, (to the sound of “Sing Sing Sing”, a well known piece from the Benny Goodman era) followed by The Last Waltz.

Held at the bottom of the sales area, over two floors.

Dressing to follow a dance theme is entirely optional –

1st June – Spring Ball,

6th July – Stars & Stripes Dance,

3rd August – Summer Ball,

7th September – 1940s/50s dance,

5th October – Autumn Ball,

2nd November – Poppy Ball,

7th December – Christmas Dance,

21st December – Masquerade Ball.




Dancers can enjoy music from another live band, together with songs from their lady vocalists. A varied music programme featuring Rock & Roll, Jump, Jive and Swing together with some of the oldies such as barn dances and waltzes.

22nd June

20th July

17th August

21st September

19th October

16th November.

Dances begin at 7.30pm and finish at 10.00pm

Admission by pre booked ticket to any dance, either band, is £6 per person. These may be ordered by phone and collected on the night at the store’s main entrance. If desired a chip supper can be ordered on dance night for collection during the interval..

Hot drinks and soft drinks available. Masson Mills has an alcohol licence so beers and wine
are available. Free parking. Further details – Masson Mills 01629 760208. [click on “the experience” then “events” ] [click on ”events” for Stewart Fields “Ambassadors of Swing”