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Sadly we lost four local residents in recent months. Their lives are remembered here.


Ken Heywood 1934–2018


{Dennis Hooton’s funeral tribute to Ken}

Ken HeywoodI want to say on behalf of all of Ken and Mary’s nieces and nephews how much Ken will be missed. The people I refer to are not from Ken and Mary’s family tree, but all of those who have called Ken and Mary, uncle and aunty. In referring to them when talking to my children I have, as long as I can remember, called them Uncle Ken and Aunty Mary. My children have always called them Uncle Ken and Aunty Mary. I believe there are many more here who have referred to them as Uncle Ken and Aunty Mary. HANDS UP! Now my daughter Dawn is referred to as Aunty Dawn by Ken and Mary’s grandchildren – what comes around goes around. Uncle Ken, also known as Santa, and Mary have left a legacy of caring and love – and we should be very grateful.”

For me Ken has always been around at St Mary’s Church, in the village, the community and in some of my sports – table tennis, cricket and he had a knowledge of rugby. Ken was a man who loved sport, loved people, encouraged young people, loved his family and loved his God.

Dennis Hooton


Aileen Taylor 1925–2018


Aileen TaylorAileen died a few days after her 93rd birthday in “Holybank” after a short illness. She had been a very active member of our community over many years being heavily involved with Whatstandwell WI, Crich Guides and St Mary’s Church choir. During the second world war she worked in the small factory on Hindersitch Lane making barrage balloons. Later she went to work for British Rail.







Kathleen Blunt 1918–2018


Kathleen BluntKatheen died shortly before her 100th birthday and was active in community events right up to the end. A packed St Mary’s church memorial service heard tributes from the Fritchley Pensioner Group, Muddlealong, the Mothers’ Union and the Fritchley Congregational Church. Before retirement Kathleen was postmistress at Fritchley and continued her active participation in village actives beyond that. She will be much missed.







Madge Kneebone 1917–2017


Madge KneeboneMadge died two months before her hundredth birthday in December and had clearly expressed that she did not want to be a hundred. She wanted to join her twin sister, Mary Wagstaff, who had died two and a half years earlier. She had an excellent memory about Crich and its residents. Madge outlived her three siblings, Joseph, Mary and Betty and leaves three sons, Ian, Keith and Colin.

Hazel Pilgrim