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The public meeting in February attracted a pleasing level of support with over sixty people attending, including Parish Councillors and people from outside the village. A lot of strong feeling and ideas emerged, and some new faces volunteered for the group. Also, a number of people proposed the formation of a new congregation and have approached the Congregational Federation to consider this, so far without a positive response.

The group has also been successful in obtaining Asset of Community Value status for the whole site which gives us some clout in any planning applications, and also six months to raise a bid if it’s put up for sale. We also wrote to each trustee of the Federation who own the building individually to put our case.

By the time you read this, the trustees may well have decided the building’s fate at their meeting on 21/22nd April. Given the charity’s financial state, it’s highly likely they will decide to put it up for sale, but who knows, maybe they will consider other more generous or innovative options. If they do try to sell it, we will have to consider if we have the energy, resolve and community support to raise sufficient cash for a bid to compete with a developer who might try and buy it, and also whether the hall has a financially viable future as a community venue.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support. Please email any ideas, information or comments to

You can join/like/share our Facebook group “Save Fritchley Community Hall”,

follow us on Twitter – @fritchley_hall for updates on the decision and next steps, and express your support to anyone who will listen!