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A spectacular stone star map on our doorstep


Never heard of StarDisc? Well if you or your kids are interested in astronomy, or you just want a different and peaceful place to contemplate amazing views you should pay it a visit. StarDisc was created in 2011 by local artist Aidan Shingler. It’s located only five miles from Crich on a hilltop at Stoney Wood, Wirksworth with a virtually 360 degree view of the countryside. There’s a fair chance you will bump into Aidan up there walking his dog or tidying up!

Spanning 12 metres (40 ft) and comprised of 169 stone sections set in the ground, the star chart engraved in the black granite floor mirrors the northern hemisphere’s night sky showing named stars and constellations. Contrasting with the star chart is a perimeter of silver granite on which twelve polished stone seats are positioned. At night low emission lights installed in the seating and powered by our nearest star, the Sun, cast gentle light across the StarDisc, making it a magical place to be after dark.


the stardisc above Wirksworth


Stardisc is free to visit and open 24 hours a day. It is used for everything from yoga sessions, music, drama performances and meteor watching to school visits, community events and even weddings. Some people just like to stop off there for a few minutes’ peace and reflection during a walk.

If you’ve never visited Stardisc now’s a great time to go. The Stardisc Trust charity has just launched a series of Stardisc Activity sheets suitable for children to use when they visit Stardisc or afterwards. They are a combination of educational and fun activities, puzzles and games relating to astronomy and space. You can download them for free from the charity’s website, by clicking on “Families and Schools”. There is much more information about StarDisc on the website, and useful links to other places, resources and sources of information relating to space and the universe, and you can find Stardisc news and share it with your friends on our Facebook page.


Steve Wood – Trustee, Stardisc Trust