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Family Fitness fortnight


Rachel Jennings and Trish Howard receiving a cheque for £250 from Severn Trent.


Rachel Jennings and Trish Howard receiving a cheque for £250 from Severn Trent.


Get ready for new Summer Events on the Rec


This is a new group, started by Trish Howard and Rachel Jennings to create a fortnight of healthy, fun activities for all the communities of Crich Parish. Some funding has been awarded by Severn Trent.

Our aim is to create more awareness of the great well-being opportunities already existing in the village, and facilitate new events that local people want to make happen.

Did you know there are currently three yoga classes in Crich? As well as three types of dancing? What about Tai Chi, the Cliff cycling group, walking for health, bowls, table tennis, indoor and outdoor fitness classes?

What activities or events have you always wanted there to be held here in Crich?

To celebrate the launch on Sunday 1 July, get ready to try Tag Rugby on the Rec. Also planned is a quick cricket match and BBQ, local walks and we’re hoping to have a fun run open to all ages at the Crich Fête this year.

On the final day, Sunday 15th, the day after the fête, there will be a programme of free classes by local teachers to experience including Yoga, Meditation, Introduction to fitness and perhaps another chance to play tag rugby.

Keep up to date with what’s on with posters, posts on the Crich Family Fitness Fortnight page on Facebook, or @CrichFFF on Twitter. Many of the volunteers are health and fitness enthusiasts/professionals and ex teachers, and we really welcome your involvement, ideas and help in making it a success. If you’d like to join in, please contact Rachel on 07877 320723 or email Trish on